Gratitude Everyday – Day 3

With so much to be grateful for, everyday is a struggle on where to begin with!


Day 3

After your partner and parents, the next support system is the extended family. The relatives, cousins who are closer than siblings and aunts who are sometimes an exact reflection of your mother. Today I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my family – near, close or extended. His family, my family everyone. I have cousins whom I am closer to and even more comfy talking to than my own sibling. I have aunts who have showered me with love and care like my own mother. My grandparents who have taught me righteousness and being good with stories weaved around heroes, princes and mythology. All of them have been a strong support system from whom I have learnt quite some things about how life is and what to expect. ┬áToday my dear Universe, I’d like to thank you for this immediate support system my big beautiful caring family. I thank you for every member, their well being and everything they’ve showered/taught me. Thank you Family.