Gratitude Everyday – Day 8

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who are are, it solely relies on what you think”


Day  8

The above statement is so true! I generally come across as a very happy person, sometimes even when am not happy with the state of things around me but am surrounded by people I usually smile and pretend to be happy, the consequence of which is that I end up feeling much happier than I was initially. I used to always feel that its basically because I am around happy people but later upon a deeper introspection I realized I govern my own happiness, it is me who decides whether I want to be/stay happy! Happiness is nothing but a state of the mind – if you want to be happy and tranquil/calm even during periods of trials you have pretty much mastered control of mind. So today, I want to take this moment to thank the Universe for giving me the power to be happy, to attract happiness and always find (even the minutest) reasons to be happy! I have had my own share of depression and grief, but today I want to forget them, any memory if there is (of grief) I want to remember them as just stories or movies /episodes that happened and want to remember all the happy thoughts and revel in them. The moments I spend with my parents talking, discussing or just teasing each other. The fun times I have with my friends laughing, giggling, teasing, even simple pleasures such as watching movies together (& commenting too), shopping, having dinner or even lazying around the house. The more exhilarating yet tranquil experiences of visiting travelling, exploring new places and experiencing new food and even feeling a sense of deep spiritual bliss when staring at the vastness and/or the breathtaking beauty nature. The rush of adrenaline felt when experiencing my deepest fears – be it drowning in water while I try to learn swimming or white river rafting, trying to conquer my fear of height while I do bungee jumping and the euphoria of realizing “its over!”, I have just about faced what I feared most. I want to recollect all those moments when I have smiled (like right now while penning the post), laughed out loud (whole heartedly) , giggled silently (or muffledly when I have just set a trap/played a prank on someone), or even smirked with a wry smile (esp. when I prove my idea/thought right in front of others) and thank the universe for such lovely moments. I have just had the realization that I am indeed blessed cos while I pen this post I have had the most amazing recollection of all the happy moments so far in my life!! I feel happy, I feel blessed I am a special child of this Universe!! Thank you my Dear Universe for giving me such wonderful moments of Happiness and many many more to come!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

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PS – To end this post – here’s a HAPPY SONG