Gratitude Everyday – Day 8

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who are are, it solely relies on what you think”


Day  8

The above statement is so true! I generally come across as a very happy person, sometimes even when am not happy with the state of things around me but am surrounded by people I usually smile and pretend to be happy, the consequence of which is that I end up feeling much happier than I was initially. I used to always feel that its basically because I am around happy people but later upon a deeper introspection I realized I govern my own happiness, it is me who decides whether I want to be/stay happy! Happiness is nothing but a state of the mind – if you want to be happy and tranquil/calm even during periods of trials you have pretty much mastered control of mind. So today, I want to take this moment to thank the Universe for giving me the power to be happy, to attract happiness and always find (even the minutest) reasons to be happy! I have had my own share of depression and grief, but today I want to forget them, any memory if there is (of grief) I want to remember them as just stories or movies /episodes that happened and want to remember all the happy thoughts and revel in them. The moments I spend with my parents talking, discussing or just teasing each other. The fun times I have with my friends laughing, giggling, teasing, even simple pleasures such as watching movies together (& commenting too), shopping, having dinner or even lazying around the house. The more exhilarating yet tranquil experiences of visiting travelling, exploring new places and experiencing new food and even feeling a sense of deep spiritual bliss when staring at the vastness and/or the breathtaking beauty nature. The rush of adrenaline felt when experiencing my deepest fears – be it drowning in water while I try to learn swimming or white river rafting, trying to conquer my fear of height while I do bungee jumping and the euphoria of realizing “its over!”, I have just about faced what I feared most. I want to recollect all those moments when I have smiled (like right now while penning the post), laughed out loud (whole heartedly) , giggled silently (or muffledly when I have just set a trap/played a prank on someone), or even smirked with a wry smile (esp. when I prove my idea/thought right in front of others) and thank the universe for such lovely moments. I have just had the realization that I am indeed blessed cos while I pen this post I have had the most amazing recollection of all the happy moments so far in my life!! I feel happy, I feel blessed I am a special child of this Universe!! Thank you my Dear Universe for giving me such wonderful moments of Happiness and many many more to come!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

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PS – To end this post – here’s a HAPPY SONG

Gratitude Everyday – Day 6

There is an old song in Hindi (which was even remixed) that went –
“Na Biwi Na Baccha Na Baap Bada Na Maiiyaa, The whole thing is that ke bhaiyya Sabse Bada Rupaiyya”

Loosely translated it means (well in a nutshell) – Neither spouse, nor kids, nor parents matter, but Money matters the most and even makes the world dance to its tunes!!


Yes Day 6

Money! I do not advocate the above song nor the lines (although the remixed tune is pretty catchy) but yes sometimes it does make me think – money makes the world. People are money/power hungry and even when they have lots they just want some more. And then there are those, who hardly have any to even buy them a single decent meal. I for one am one of those few fortunate beings who have always managed to have enough! I was raised in a middle class family, my father worked a couple of jobs to keep us decent, my mom was the typical conservative Indian home maker – saving for the family and supporting dad in all the ways she could. If you recall my second gratitude post you’d remember I said I was a very difficult unruly rebellious wild child and to put up with me and at the same time ensuring they saved and gave me a good life (I know now) would have been difficult. But somehow I never had to worry about having money or the lack of it. I have grown up understanding the value of money, thereby saving as much as I could and at the same time ensured I was enjoying my good life and not just worrying about making and saving money. Today am married and kinda sorta a home maker (for now) but my partner has ensured that Money is never an issue for us. We save some we spend some and yes, we even help others with some. So today I would like to thank the Universe for always blessing with abundance (or subsistence) of money! I for one, have been one of those fortunate people who dont have worry about having money to live my life comfortably. Infact, the Universe has been extra generous to sometimes let me enjoy even the luxuries of life and let me experience Mother Nature in a commercial form  travel & tourism! I take this opportunity today, to thank my Dear Universe for always blessing me with abundance of money, for always ensuring I have enough no matter what day of the month it is and whether or not I earn my own living. Thank you Dear Universe for blessing me as your special child and bestowing me with the riches of life!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Gratitude Every Day – Day 1

I realized I haven’t really blogged much since the April A-Z posts. Its not that I haven’t tried but my muse seems to have vanished into thin air, doesn’t want to inspire or help me even a wee wee bit. Meanie Muse.

Meanwhile, I have realized I am struggling in certain areas of my life and that is drawing me down to the darkness of frustration, depression and the likes. After being a victim of depression in the past and as it slowly starts to show its ugly head again, I for one do not want to get pulled down in to that deep dark abyss again. And as a resolution I have decided to compose one post a day paying gratitude and thankfulness for everything I actually have in life – beginning today. So here goes, Gratitude Everyday is my way of keeping myself from being sucked in to the dark abyss that I promised myself never to be in again.


Day 1

The very first thing I am really Thankful for is My partner – He is my pillar of strength, my partner in crime, my “aal izz well”, my Knight In Shining Armour, my miracle, my love and everything good in life. I am thankful to the Universe for bestowing me with the Best Partner ever – he understands me, tolerates my tantrums and even manages to calm and pacify me when am raging with madness. He knows – m crazy, silly, weird and set in my own ways and yet everyday he gives me such immense happiness that I have only dreamed of in the past. He is a true blessing from the Universe, the blessing I have probably waited almost all my life and will always feel most thankful for. I can never thank you enough and I know I have to be your really special child to receive such a wonderful blessing in life.  So my dear Universe – Thank you so much for the best partner ever.

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