Gratitude Everyday – Day 5

It is overwhelming for me to note that even though I am not propagating my blog on any social media sites, there are people out there liking my gratitude posts. Which to me reiterates my point yesterday – the Universe is showering me with love and blessings already.


Day 5

Today I had a dentist appointment, and trust me nothing is more scary than sitting on that low chair, with your mouth open and having all pointy items being poked into your teeth and gums!! Although this being my 3rd regular cleaning appointment with him, I have now come to accept how those pointy things work and sometimes even ask the lady (whose face is almost inside my mouth) – “what is that for?”; I still feel pretty darned scared on every visit. Which is also the case that happens when I have my eye examination (hides face). The only place that does not scare me wrt. medical is a Gynec appointment and a general examination. I am often pretty cool with them. And with that long digressing recollection of my experiences (fear experience more like it) I’m sure you know where I am going with this. Yes, Health! I am not a health addict, I am not someone who is even moderately interested in being healthy (at least my actions speaketh that), it’s just that I haven’t paid much attention to being healthy or stay healthy and strong. I am probably just blessed with a decent knowledge and aptitude to sometimes make the right choices (kindly note – not always!) But as I was returning from my appointment I realized, I am healthy –  in a very vague generalized way – yes I am. And I am fortunate (than many) to be able to use the medical insurance and avail of so many services (I have someone dedicated for my teeth, my eyes, my lady parts and even general well being), of course I am fortunate and blessed. So today, I would like to thank the Universe for my health and well being. I can walk, I can manage to jog/run, I can dance, I can bowl, I can play, I breathe well, my internal organs work fine like a well oiled machine! What more can one ask for? (well I would have preferred if I even had a great bod like a model *sighs*,  but hey that’s a choice I probably made – being lazy!) So my Dear Universe, Thank you for this wonderful body that enables me to perform all my daily activities (voluntary or involuntary) and good health. I thank all my doctors too, for doing their job and keeping me well! Thank you!!


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