Deeply immersed in work..

She sits at her desk in thought..

A teeny noise begins to lurk..

Why it came she knows naught..

Someone’s remembering her..

Says the old superstition..

Slowly she begins to stir..

As she embarks on the mission..

Taking everyone’s name..

People who might think..

Playing the age old game..

But yet it came in sync ..

For an hour almost she went on…

Wondering who it is..

Almost all the names had gone..

And yet it seemed a quiz..

Atlast God knows wat struck..

She took HIS name, shivering..

The hiccups stopped she was in luck..

But how on earth she’s wondering…

A superstar He was, afterall..

But moment his name passed her lips..

At once her hiccups did stall..

While she blushed from toe to tips..

He must’ve murmured in his thoughts..

Whose she who loved him most..

And hence her hiccups never stopped..

Till his name came as riposte..

Unknown they were to each other..

Living in worlds so distinct

And yet it happened He thought of her..

FATE was her first instinct ..

It seemed that’s its her destiny ..

Her sweet sublime story yet to be told..

That she in HIS thoughts and in hers, HE..



I was having a severe bout of Hiccups today…!! and I ended up taking each and every person whose name I knew.. and who knows me..

But sigh..!! no relief..!!! 😐

drank water..!! no relief..!! 😕

and then it struck me… I took his name… and yep.. the next millisecond it stoppped.. 😉

I kissed my stars a biiiggg thank you for this..!! 😛

Oh!! if u are wondering who it is..?? here take a look at my darling, who missed me so much that he gave me hiccups 😀