~::~ Unkahi Pyar ~::~

~::~ Unkahi Pyar ~::~

Sharam se nazre jhuki thi

Barf si pighalti lajjat..

Saanse madham aur ruki thi

Darti khadi rahi, na rahi himmat


Kankhiyo se hi dekha un aankho ne

Najane kya tha uske mann mein

Lena chaha tha unhe in baahon me

Najane thi wo kis sann mein


Aarzoo ek thi bas ek meri

Lelete apni aagosh mein

Zindagi hi jaise tehri thi

Nahi thi apne hosh mein


Kaise kehta apne dil ki baat

Zubaan par aake lafz ruk jaate hai

Chahiye zindagi bhar bas unka saath

Lekin unko dekh kadam dagamagate hai


Nahi hota ab aur intezaar

Keh bhi do, isharo mein hi sahi

Ab toh kar lo ye izhaar

Na rehne do koi baat unkahi


Samaj bhi lo in isharo ko

Kuch nahi keh paata hoon main

Bujho zara mere in sannato ko

Tumse be-inteha pyar karta hoon main…


~::~ Befikr ~::~ CareFree ~::~

yess.. yess.. back again 😀

with a pure hindi poem with translation ofcourse 😀

common pic i made it as a collage 😀


~::~ Befikr ~::~

Befikr thi main…

Bahut khush thi main…


Jab shaam dhalta thaa

Dil mera machalta tha

Waqt hua tha khelne ka

Saheliyo ke sangg tehelne ka

Katthai us aasma taley

Hamari anginat baatein

Befikr thi main

Bahut khush thi main


Baarish mein bheegna

Pedo ki tehniyo se paani cheetna

Ek doosre par paani uchaalna

Bahane banakar school taalna

Geeli mitti ke khilone banana

Ma se chupakar ghar le aana

Befikr thi main…

Bahut khush thi main…


Lukka chuppi khelna

Ek doosre ko dhakelna

Pedo par chadna

Ammiya todna

Jhoole ke liye ladna

Zor zor se chillana


Jhagadkar fir manaana

Har mausam mein saath rehna

Haaledil bina jhijhak kehna

Kitni befikr thi main

Kitni khush thi main


~::~ CareFree ~::~

So carefree I was

So happy I was


When evening neared

In joy my heart whooped

It was time to play

Roam with my friends

Under deep brown sky

Our infinite talks

So carefree I was

So happy I was


Enjoying the rainy spells

Shaking droplets from trees

Splashing water on each other

Framing excuses, evading school

Making toys of wet clay

Getting them home, hidden from mom

So carefree I was

So happy I was


Playing hide n seek

Pushing & pulling each other

Climbing the trees

Plucking mangoes

Tussling over swing

Shouting at the top of our voices

Throwing tantrums & fighting

Later even pacifying

Be together in all seasons

Express emotions without inhibitions

How carefree I was

How happy I was


Do lemme know your thoughts on this…

 Thats it from Megzone for now..!!!

Keep Smiling..! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheerios..!!   :mrgreen:

Kaante ~ Thorns..!!

awright… Another Set of poems…

hindi with translation…

the hindi one follows a rhyme-scheme of abcb whereas due to translation the english version lacks any..

so do pardon me for that 🙂



Jal rahi hoon bekasi mein

Kass rahi hai tanhaaiya

Lipta dil ghamo ki bebasi mein

Chup gayi meri parchaiya

Vaadiyo ki tamanna thi

Ek zarra bhi na mila

Is dil ke bageeche mein

Ek phool bhi na khila

Goonj raha dil mein

Shor karte sannate

Banjar reh gayi dil ki zameen

Mile bhi tho bas sirf kaante


now for the english translations



Burning in destitution

Loneliness constricts me

Wrapped in helplessness

My shadows hide away

I dreamt of  valleys

Couldn’t even find a grain

In this garden of my heart

Not even a flower blossomed

Echoes in my heart

A cacophony of silence

In this heart’s barren terra firma

All I got are thorns


I hope you guys liked this.. do let me know..

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking…!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios…!! :mrgreen:

Tumhare…. ~ In Your..!!

Another Hindi poem.. ofcourse complete with its translation 🙂



Tumhare aahat se..

Kaliya khil gayi hai..

Tumhare hasi se..

Khushiyaa mil gayi hai..

Tumhare baaton mein..

Dil kho gaya hai..

Tumhare khwabon mein..

Aasra mil gaya hai..

Tumhare ehsaas ne..

Manzil dikha diya hai..

Tumhare ishq ne..

Mujhe apna bana liya hai..


And now for the English Translation….


In Your…!!

In your presence…

Many flowers have bloomed..

In your smiles..

I have found happiness..

In Your talks..

My heart is drowned..

In your dreams..

I have found shelter..

In your emotions..

I have found destination..

Your love..

Has made me yours…


Hayyeeee…!! this ones specially for my swweetypie cutiieepiieee daarlinggg Shahid…!!!

Shahid ki adao pe main vaari vaari… 😛

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

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Ok this was an instant poetry that hit my head…

One of my colleagues and very close friend is as of now in Zurich on an official assignment..

Since the days of YashRaj movies I have been fascinated by Swiss.. I simply love the snow.. the valleys everything…

albeit all i knw of the place is what i have seen on tv and movies…

So since he was there.. i have been bugging him to send me pics.. and well.. finally he did yield and send me some,..

the moment  i laid my eyes on this particular pic it triggered an inspiration to write a poetry..

and tadaaaaaa…. the following is the result of 10mins… 😛



Bereft of colors

Bereft of leaves

Bereft of feelings

Nothing relieves


Bereft of love

Bereft of passion

Bereft of ardor

And even compassion


Bereft are my barks

Bereft of even insects

Bereft are these branches

My affliction reflects


Bereft is my life

Where nothing exists

Bereft of everything

Resembling deep abyss


Survived all odds

Yet all that’s left

Is a flickering hope

Whilst I stand bereft


I hope you guys liked this… and I hope I was able to do justice to that lovely tree there 🙂

Do lemme know your thoughts..

Thats it from Megzone for now..!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!!! :mrgreen:

Pyar Tho Hona Hi Tha ~ This Love Had To Happen..!!

After a loong hiatus.. or so I feel.. 😛

I am back with my poems…

And this time its Hindi POem with English Translation..

Been quite sometime since I wrote in Hindi……. 😀

So lets start… and I sincerely hope you guys like it……. 🙂


Pyar tho hona tha…

Sard nashili raat…

Koyle sa gehra thaa…

Abr ke odhon par…

Chand ka pehra tha..

Chandni si chamakti…

Uska jism sona tha…

Bijli si kadakti …

Aaz  ka jaadu tona tha…

Labon  pe muskaan…

Kaliyo ka khilna tha…

Unke kaamuk ko dekh…

Hoton ko silna thaa…

Baahon mein baahein…

Kshitij sa anjuman tha…

Tishnagi bhari aahein…

Jazbaaton ka chilman tha…

Dekhe wo jab kankhiyo se…

Machalta dil ka har kona thaa…

Maftoon huye unke lau mein…

Yeh pyaar tho hona hi tha..


Now for the translation in English… 🙂


Love had to happen

Cold intoxicating night

Coal-like darkness

In the cloudy folds

Moon lay vigilant

Glistening like moonlight

Her body, as if gold

Crackling like lightening

Ardor sparked like magic

Smile on her lips

Blossoming of buds

Witnessing her sensuality

I was left tongue-tied

Embracing arms

Union at horizon

Pining with sighs..

Drapery of emotions..

She glimpsed askance

Lit up every corner of my heart

Enamored in her flame

This love had to happen..


psssttt….. guys you are not flicking this poem for your gals… 😛

I remember the last time I wrote from a guy’s point of view.. people bombarded me with requests for taking it… 😛

this time strictly no no… 😀

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

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Banjar ~ Barren…!!

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This time its a Hindi Poem…

Ofcourse I have indeed provided the translation (this time no rhymes just literal translations 😉 ) to all my non-hindi readers…

Please do let me know your thoughts..



Banjar hai saari raahein…

Nahi kisi ka saath……

Banjar hai meri baahein……

Banjar hai mere haath……


Sannate goonjte hai dil mein..

Jaise ho raha hai koi shor..

Nahi koi is mehfil mein..

Banjar hai, chaaro or..


Wahi galiyaa lag rahi anjan..

Chamakta nahi koi aab bhi..

Nazrein  ho gayi sunsaan..

Banjar hai mere khwab bhi..


Cheekh rahi dil ki zameen..

Tanhaai ka manzar hai..

Baras rahi ashko se nami..

Banjar hai sab banjar hai……!!!


Now the translation of the above lines for my lovely audience 😀



Barren are all roads..

Isolation’s only company..

Barren are these arms..

Barren are my hands..


Silence echoes in heart..

As if a cackling pandemonium..

No one in this environ..

Barren are all directions..


Stranger, the old streets..

Bereft even of shining moon..

Desolateness in these eyes..

Barren, even my dreams..


Wails my heart’s terrain..

Loneliness encapsulates me..

Drenched in drizzling tears..

Barren, everything‘s barren……..


I hope you guys liked this..

Do lemme know your thoughts cos they act as the blood for my heart.. 😉

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

ShaSha-Shayari ~ Happy Birthday Shahid..!!

oiiiii… Its my darling….sweetypie… Cutiepiee… Shahid’s birthday..

The Ruler of my Heart…

The King of my Dreams…

The Charmer of my Desires

And my Knight Supreme…..!!! 😀


Here are some lines for you…. 🙂


Mere jame huye ehsaas ek barf si pighalne lagi..

Aaj main tere baaho mein aake ek shama se jalne lagi..

Tere pyar bhare nigahon ne mera saara dard pee liye..

Main aaj ek naye armano ke jazbat se mehekne lagi..

Chu liya jab tune mere badan ko garm saanso se..

Mere dil mein tujhe pane ki chahat se jagne lagi..

Chandni bhi aaj lehek ke chand ke daaman se lipat gayi..

Mere labo ki pyaas aaj tere labo ki saaye mein pighalne lagi..

Ho gaya poora har armaan meri chahat ka..

Meri rooh bhi tutke tujhe pyar karneko machalne lagi..

Khamosh ho gya ye dekhke saara sama..

Meri preet jo tere aagosh mein simatne lagi..



Choom lungi tere aankho ko chupkese..

Tere saare sapne apna bana lungi..

Tere labo pe hai jo ankahi baatei..

Unhe apne labo se aaj chura loongi..

Kho jayega jab tu meri zulfo tale..

Ek meheka sa saawan barsa doongi..

Teri tez hoti in saanson mein sanam..

Main apni saanson ki sargam mila doongi..

Kar dungi tere kaano me kuch aisi sargoshiya…

Tere dil ki dhadkano ko main aaj badda doongi..

Kass lega jab tu apni baaho ke  ghere mein ..

Apne daaman se main bhi tujhko lipta loongi..



Teri aankho mein nazar aayi hai wo jannat mujhe..

Meri jannat teri aankho ke siwa kahi nahi..

Chahti hoo behena in aankho ke meikhaane mein..

Jo nasha hai teri aankho mein wo sharab mein bhi nahi..

Gulabi in labo pe tere dil mera bhi aaya hai..

Nazakat aur khusbu aisi tho gulab mein bhi nahi..

Bheegi barsaat mein yu tera mujhe dekhna ..

Jo kashish hai in nigaho mein badlo mein bhi nahi..

Tadpane aur tarsane ki ye ada kaha se sikhe tumne..

Ye teri jo hai shokiya wo tho chand mein bhi nahi..


Happy happy happy Birthday to my Dearest Sweetest Darling Shahid 😀

Love you lots.. muaah muaah muaah…

[V-Day Carnival] Teri Sada

Phew..!! V-Day Came and went…. I hope you all enjoyed it….. and had fun.. 😛

The doubles with their beloved… and the singles enjoyin their independence 😉

yeaa… prefer independence day over lonely hearts club rite…??? 😀

Sigh..!! I know V-Day’s over…but does that stop us from Loving 😉

or spreading LOVE….??? Or more still…. Writing about LOVE 😛

naaahhh….right 😉

Well….. I plan to continue my V-Day Carnival till the end of this month..

With as much of LOVE and thoughts of LOVE as I can 😀

so here we go again… This Time its HINDI so pardon me O Ye Non-Hindi Peepls 😥


Teri Sada

Agosh mein panaah de

Chahe tho meri jaan le

Par hoon main teri sada

Bas teri rahungi sada


Dil se tere dil tak

Ka faasla ye kab talak

Na reh paaoongi tujse juda

Bas teri rahungi sada

Hai yeh meri dastaan

Chahti hoon tujhe jaanejaan

Ke tu hi meri ada

Bas teri rahungi sada


Aa muje choo le

Mere labon ko choomle

Dhadkan ki yehi hai sada

Bas teri rahungi sada

Tere baahon mein hi mera basera

Teri aankho mein hi mera savera

Hai tujse mera yeh waada

Bas teri rahungi sada


Na dekh nazro ke teer se

Dekhle ye dil cheer ke

Has tasavvur bas tera

Main teri rahungi sada

Teri ungliyo se sehla de

Ek baar tu khudse mila de

Tu hi hai ishq mera

Bas teri rahungi sada


Agosh mein panaah de

Chahe tho meri jaan le

Par hoon main teri sada

Bas teri rahungi sada


Bringing down the tone from yesterday’s Mush-o-meter… 😉

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

[V-Day Carnival]Wo Jaadugar..!!!

Continuing with my V-Day Carnival.. Here’s a new poem in tandem with the Valentines Day Celebration and festivities..

For more information on this please view my previous post on Just Around the Corner

So here’s newest offering 🙂


Wo Jaadugar

Kaatil adaon ka pitaara

Le aaya wo Jaadugar

Fasane kisi mohtarma ko

fir aaya wo Jaadugar


Meethi meethi karta wo baatein

Sajaata ankhiyo mein khwab

Natkhat jagaata saari raatein

Lekin har lutf kar de dil betaab


Hasi ke fawware

Fir laaya wo jaadugar

Kamsin hoton ko khilaane

Fir aaya wo jaadugar


Bhatakti nazre dhoondti us ek ko …

Jis par hoga agla waar

Churakar chupke se dil ko

bacha naa koi, wo tez nazro ke dhaar …


Ghayal karne masoom dilo ko

Fir aaya wo jaadugar

Ruswaah karne sabhi mehfilo ko //

Fir aaya wo jaadugar


Khili ek nazuk kali, anjaan uske tewar se

Dekh kali ko Jaadugar khush huaa dil hi dil mein

Jaa pahuncha pehloo mein- nadaaan mann ko behlaane

Lut gayi kali ki kismet , jo aa gayi uski baton mein


Tabaah  kar uske wajood ko

Fir bhaaga wo jaadugar

Dhoondne koi aur kali

Fir kahin pahuncha wo jaadugar

Haseeno ko apne jaal mein phaasne

Fir aaya wo jaadugar


So come lets Spread love..

Thats all from Megzone for now..

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen: