~::~ Lovelorn B(r)ide ~::~

~::~ Lovelorn B(r)ide ~::~


There’s so much I want to say

There’s so much to convey

But words just elude me

I can’t seem to break free

Chains of reality weighing me down

Distances between us make me frown

Every passing second seem an eternity long

My aching heart hums a silent love song

For all the miles that lay between

A zillion could have, would have, should have been

Without you around, I feel incomplete

Even my rhythmic heart skips a beat

With every moment I yearn for you

Your absence makes me feel all blue

A stabbing pain, a silent tear

Your velvet voice I pine to hear

Slender fingers, contoured face

That losing myself in your embrace

Your silken lips laced in a naughty dimpled smile

Melts my soul into a gooey pile

My darling I stand here by the altar

Awaiting your arrival, my Knight in shining armor!


~::~ Is It Love ~::~

~::~ Is it love? ~::~


When the best place to be is in someone’s arms

When you’re lost away from all worldly charms

When an intense look gives tummy a somersault

When all emotions seem to be locked up in a vault

Is it love??


When a single touch sends across shock waves

When togetherness is all your heart craves

When everything loses colour in their absence

When even the sanest things, lose out on sense

Is it love??         


When the eyes are giddy and mind is numb

Even to minor pleasures your will succumbs

When Music becomes the best friend & lyrics all true

When mind is reeling with feelings blue

Is it love?


When nature’s beauty seem like mediocre scenes

When only a feeling of emptiness reigns

When interaction with others seem middling affair

When yearning in memories is all you care

Is it love?

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Mila de Ae Khuda ~ Unite us O Lord…!!

yipppee…!!! another Shayari with translation (non -hindi readers dont stare daggers at me ok..)

I’m very considerate about my readers…

YO! Me Saint Me…!! :P

So lets begin :)



Aapki har ek ada

Pe huye hum fida

Saykado huye deewane

Humara bhi dil luta..

Fariyaad hai is dilki ae mere khuda

Nazakat jo unpe paayi hai..

Kisi aur pe na barsaana

Deewani hoon unki

Kabhi unhe batlaana

Na jee paoongi bin unke

Ke bharti hoon main aahen

Raatein kate siskiyo mein

Unhe dekhne tarasti hai ye aankhein

Mila de kisi din unse ae khudaa

Hai is dil ki ye tishnagi

Chahe wo ek pal hi kyu na ho

Bitaadoo mein sari zindagi

Us ek pal mein hi mujhe mar jaane do

Sapno ke sahare jee rahe hai

Unse pyar hum itna karte hai

Shayar tho kabhi the nahi

Aajkal shayari bhi kiya karte hai

Darte hai kisi din

Ke ye hont sil na jaaye

Milne aaye wo hume

Aur ye jaan chali jaaye..!!

Bas ek baar mila de ae khuda..!!!


yaaa…. now for my NON HINDI readers.. Here’s the TRANSLATION… :D


This charisma of yours

Has mesmerized me to the hilt

Many have fallen for you

But I’ve lost my heart to you

My only prayer to thee O Lord,

The charm that’s bestowed on him

Do not shower it on anyone else

Crazy I am about him

Someday I shall profess the same

He’s the one I can’t live without

All I do is sigh at my condition

The nights I spend in sobs

My eyes crave for him alone

Unite us O Lord

The only thirst of my heart

Even if its for a second

I would live my whole life in that

In that moment let me die

I live in his dreams, they’re my only support

I love him so much

I was never a poet but

Poetry reins my heart these days

Im scared that someday

These lips might seal

The day He comes to meet me

And my soul leaves this world

Just once.. Unite us o Lord


So temmeee guys.. ow eees eet??? 😀

Thats all for now from Megzone..!!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!


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New one…..

pls do not groan

or at the genre,  moan

cos its wat i do  best

and i cant detest.. 😛

hope you guys liked it 😉

here’s the translation for the English Junta  :mrgreen:

Rises, an urge to express my love to thee….

But my innocent lips cheat me…

“I love you” I wud want to say…

But your mere presence takes my breath away..