Calling SEL Geniuses..!!

Karthik Callin Karthik..

Yaayy…. Now that’s what I call SEL music.. Oh SEL = Shankar Ehsaan Loy you sillies…

After a super lackluster in MNIK , SEL hits back with a vengeance… Or is it the Farhaan Akhtar effect 😉

Yeaa remember Dil Chahta Hai, Lakshya, Don, Rock On (ok so wat if it was directed by Abhishek ‘Gattu’ Kapoor, it was still produced by Farhaan 😛 ) Luck By chance (oi Farhan’s home production 😉 )

Err..yeaa…whatever…Nonetheless me is loving it completely 😀

Ok back to the review 😀

Overview :

Overall it’s a good album… many fresh tracks.. err… ok overall there are 9 tracks, consisting of 7 tracks +2 remixes.. Though Theme says remix I dint find the original version of the theme 🙄  so for me that’s not a remix 😉

Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

Some of the songs vaguely -teensy-weensy-minutely remind you of their previous work but overall an album worth listening…

The classical interludes in most of the songs are simply spell binding..

My favorites would be Uff Teri Ada and Karthik Calling Karthik (I like the female whisperings)

And for all those hard core “melodies wonly pleej” (Himanshu note 😉 ) peeps don’t fret we have Kailash Kher with someone called Sukanya Purayastha crooning soulfully on Jaane Kaisi Yeh udaasi..

And as usual SEL does not leave KK I dunno somehow their combination is always a rocking one 😀

Yep KK singing Jaane Ye Kyaa huaa hai for SEL…Soulful romantic number

The use of Midival Punditz for the theme remix and Karthik 2.0 (Prem technology here too 😛 ) is simply marvelous they have delivered what was expected off them J

I give it a 4/5 cos now that they are back with a bang I waann more…. 😕

Only 7 tracks don’t impress me much 😀 I need more good music SEL 😀

YO! Me greedy me!! 😛

Yes all you peeps can def download/buy the album… it’s definitely worth listening

Detailed review – (ofcourse how could u even think otherwise 😉 its Megzone afterall 😀 )


Hey Ya ~ Clinton Cerejo, Shankar Mahadevan when I first heard this I thought it was Farhaan himself singing.. ( Sigh..!! High hopes meggiee.. 😕 ) But then Clinton’s voice purrfecto for Farhaan, it has the same hoarse touch to it like Farhaan’s…  and yes this one is definitely one number that is gonna be people’s favorites…CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Uff teri Ada ~  Shankar Mahadevan Alyssa Mendonsa –  this to me is the best track in the album… I love the peppiness and yet the rustic classical influence it has… and the beats are foot-tapping too… and the aalaaps make you wanna lose urself… *double thumbsup* Mr Shankar Mahadevan…  This to a very large extent is something which is gonna have a mass appeal and yes its here to stayCERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Jaane ye Kya huaaKK –  as said before KK and SEL have a charm of their own.. Right from Koi kahe (DCH) to this one… it’s a nice pleasant number  oopss..Romantic number (isssh… 🙂  ) just a perfect song for those looonnnggg drives…long walks by the beach… moonlit escapades… all of it.. this is gonna be a couple’s fave soon 😉 this is the song that has a slight WUS effect too.. but then SEL being SEL definitely create magic with KK in this.. I loved the music.. its soo calm… so serene… like feather caressing your face…aahhh…. Ooopss 😳 review… review.. Meggie get back to the review… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Kaisi hai ye Udaasi ~ Kailash Kher and Sukanya Purayastha – aaahh….soulful ballad… and Kailash and Sukanya do perfect justice to the song.. Kailash brings out his poignant best in this song…. Reminds me of the Ya Rabba song from Salam-e-Ishq.. Well.. I cried in that song.. This isn’t the same.. But yes the effect it leaves u with is pretty much the same.. SEL’s music reminds me of Salam-e-ishq number in certain places.. But nonetheless a pretty original track.. And yes a perfect listen for the broken hearts and those sad rainy moments…heart-wrenchingly haunting indeed… CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Karthik Calling Karthik ~ Suraj Jagan, Shankar Mahadevan, Caralisa Monteiro – loved the starting teen-teen-teen  phone effect… the music slightly reminds you of DON… but bloody brill number I must say… the female lead’s voice has a mesmerizing effect the way she says “Karthik…karthik calling karthik…pick up the phone” u really feel creepy as if someone’s tellin u.. err…to be brutally honest for a second a chill went down my spine wen I heard it n I was like FREAK..!!!!  😳 … sigh…!!! CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Karthik 2.0midival punditz… they have given the whole Karthik calling Karthik song a superb technology uplift.. oh wondering how.. this one has more music and less lyrics.. and more than that.. remember those english movies like mission impossible/ where the background music plays whilst the hero is busy doing some illegally legal work.. yep.. this one sounds pretty much like that.. and yes a tad DON influence here again.. but definitely listenable 😀 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

KCK theme remix~ I dunno why they call it theme remix.. 🙄 ok the music is based on Karthik 2.0 but then it has the mixture of the title track also.. so it cant be a remix… jus cos midival punditz do it u cant call it remix yaar..nonetheless I simply love that teen-teen-teen-phone effect a lot 😀 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Hey Ya remix~ Clinton, Shankar – as I’ve said before if I like the original most of the times I love the remix too…. Though this one is not a remix in all the terms of the words.. its just a faster version of the original.. no additional beats/tunes/nothing at all.. jus fast paced a wee bit.. but yes still its CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Uff teri Ada remix ~ Shankar, Alyssa Mendonsa Original or remix I love this song… as ‘ve said before this is MY PICK from this album…but yes this is more like techno mix to the original.. Nice one.. as I said nice foot tapping beats..

CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN (ok I’m biased but WTH my blog… meri marzi 😉 )


Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

So there… that’s the album KCK.. lovely songs.. lovely album..

Worth buying/downloading…

And I’m hoping the movie does well too.. the plot sounds interesting ofcourse…

As of now that’s all from Megzone..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking…!! Keep Blogging..!!