~::~ Lafangey Parindey ~::~

The recent spate of albums that have been released OUATIM, Aisha have all been wonderful listens and adding another feather to the list is Lafangey Parindey.. I wondered why the music had a pop-py feeling to it and that’s when I saw that Music is by R.Anandh of Agosh fame.. Remember the “mujhe mil jo jaaye thoda paisa” yes yes same piece 😀 I loved most of the songs.. I can heardly put one as MISSABLE.. and with Mohit and Shilpa giving us lovely songs.. I can hardly stop listening to it 😀

Overall rating comes to lilke 3.5/5.. aahaa I knw I liked it so much and yet only 3.5 well there cud have been better songs too  right 😀 cos theres always room for improvement.. but for a debut music director this is brilliant work 😀


Lafangey Parindey Ronit Sarkar ~ the music starts like a rock song.. and has u hooked on the moment it starts.. Singer was aptly chosen and does complete justice to the song.. it’s a perfect for those looonggg drives…loved the lyrics – nass nass mein sheher ki banke lahoo ye daude..jis taraf ho marzi raah ko apni mode…chavi tho nahi hai milti kismet ke taale tode.. raftaaro ke ye aashiq khule hai saare ghode.. firte hai aazaad mast har mushkil ko karte hai bas rozana maut se lapak jhapak khatro se khelna  inki sazaa.. kabhi saaf kabhi ye gandhe lafangey parindey… Dhinchakkkk.. the chorus of dhingnananana is very cute and catchy 😀 over all loved the song.. definitely recommended CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Mann lafanga Mohit Chauhan ~ do u need a reason to love this song when it has mohit as the singer 🙄 the music is swaying and smooth.. And obviously Mohit delivers yet again.. and the song is mindblowing.. I hear ample use of guitar in this very simple music not much orchestration but very soothing and enjoyable.. The lyrics are cute and catchy too..  Mann lafanga bada apne mann ki kare..yu tho mera hi hai mujse bhi na dare…main sambhal ja kahun phisalta rahe..ishq mehenga pade yuhi sauda kare..The goan effect in the middle is really nice 😀 CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Rang Daalein –  Suraj jagan – thanks to 3idiots Suraj jagan seems to be everywhere in bollywood.. not that I am complaining cos I liked this song a lot.. but not so much to get so addicted to it.. Suraj as usual delivers with panache and the song is indeed nice to hear.. has the grey shade effect.. u knw the typical villain entry kinda music.. I wonder why all songs in this movie has the word lafanga/lafange I knw that’s the movie name but 3 songs so far and all 3 having the word is a tad too much… 😛 The bagpiper-ish music between the paras was really endearing.. the lyrics are ok not much..Some lines stand out like – waqt ke paao do hai paiye lage hai wo aagey aagey jaise koi  peeche peeche sepaiye hai lagey.. CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Dhatad Thatad Shail Hada Anushka Manchanda – love the song the moment it starts.. it has the perfect rapchik raanti effect to it.. The music somewhere down the line seems to have some Bengali influence in it and I wonder why and how..?? I don’t care why they used the words dhatad thatad, its significance or wat it means but I can tell u this much I am loving this.. its completely catchy and danceable.. the moment it starts I am busy shaking and nodding my head to the tune.. 😀 The use of the famous kishore kumar line – jamkepakad cheerbhichakar is the sone pe suhaaga 😀 towards the end though I wonder why it reminded me of the typical tamil kuthu songs – the O Podu et al… the lyrics are peppy more like the why fear and worry jus get out and enjoy life types.. 😀 my fav line wud be – sunle shor chunchunke shor bhi ek manzar hai.. CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Mann lafanga (remix)–  Mohit Chauhan – u like the original u love the remix.. well that’s me… 😀 So without much ado about the song cos I am already gaga over it this one’s CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Nain ParindeyShilpa rao – everytime I hear this song and everytime I hear shilpa’s voice I love this song even more.. it’s a nice  soothing lilting number.. u really feel as if ur flying jus the way she sings it.. palakh jhatakke ud jaayenge..  brilliant piece J the music is so gentle and comforting.. the imagery created with the lyrics is mindblowing.. and with Shilpa crooning it’s a superfantabulous song J CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Born to Fly theme – after a long time I have actually heard a theme song that’s beautiful… it comprises mostly of all the songs in the movie.. and they have been awesome blended together 🙂 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE.


Overall the album is definitely worth a listen.. some songs obviously stand out and i would pick Mann Lafanga, Dhatad Thatad and Nain Parindey… and maybe add up Lafangey parinde to the list too..

So I give it a 3.5/5 rating 😀

Do listen to these songs and m sure ur gonna love them 😀

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Ithu Allavo Sugam ~ This is what’s Bliss..!!!

When I knew this was coming up I had many expectations.. when I heard the demos on Facebook.. the expectations only multiplied a gazillion times.. and were they met???

Aye aye it does.. J Awright enough beating around the bush.. This is Ranam Sugam I am talking about… 😀

Ranam Sugam is a musical novelette by Paadhai a band comprising of Siva, Suresh and Shammeer..

My thoughts on the album.. Loved it CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN.. Rating 3.75/5

Why not more you might ask esp when I loved it… cos there are 1-2 tracks that I may not wanna listen again and again.. my personal fave being Ranam kuda Sugam than aaahhh I can keep listening to it again and again… followed by Nilavum thoongalaam…, Yaar ival and Veyil Mazhai..

The only downside was too many tragic songs and most importantly the beats somehow sounded repetitive… I couldn’t see much variety in the songs, they all sounded kinda alike to me (being brutally honest..) the album seems to maintain the same mood and effect.. When I listen to an album esp not a movie one.. I would like to see some variety like love, pathos, hatred, passion everything.. c’mon 10 songs… ok one was theme so 9 songs… err… 1 was remix so 8 songs… wish the 8 songs had picked up one mood each J that would have made It perfect…. 🙂

I know tragedy sells.. I know tragedy enters the heart and plays with the heart strings leaving an effect behind.. But then let’s not keep the whole mood of the album as tragedy 😦 that takes out a certain charm away from it 🙂

But overall one swellll ALBUM… Looking forward to More of Paadhai 🙂

Now for the detailed analysis—


Yaar aval ~ it’s an Awesome mindblasting song.. The moment it starts I feel myself nodding my head.. Tapping my feet..Closing my eyes and lost in the song.. This is one of the best songs in the album and also one of my personal favorites.. The rap effect in the song gives me Kulir 100 degrees kinda feel to it.. Wonder if I may be wrong too.. But somehow just felt so..The music is awesome… ample usage of the violin-ish effect… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

En nanbane ~ nice feel this one where the female singer sounds a tad like Bombay Jayshree… When u close your eyes and try to lose yourself in the song.. you might end up feeling this is another of Gautam Menon’s movie songs with Harris Jeyraj as the music director and Bombay Jayshree as the singer J the use of Indian classical instruments does leave me with a feeling of Kannalane (Kehna hi kya) from the Mani Ratnam movie Bombay..Though this is one song that seems to come across as a potpourri of many others,  if I were someone naïve to Indian music and film music, I may fall in love with this one instantaneously.. Oh well, as a matter of fact I still love it 🙂 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Thedi ~ this is again one of those songs that have the Kulir effect to it.. Or maybe something is really really wrong with me.. 🙄 The addition of Rap does enhance the song but the pathos reflected in it is blatantly visible… CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Nilavum Thoongalam ~ THIS is the BESTESTESTEST SONG in the album… I simply fell in love with it when I heard the demo.. And was feverishly looking forward to this one 🙂 I am glad to conclude that it dint disappoint me one bit…yaayy… the moment I heard this I was fully, completely, sincerely, awesomely in love with it….. The yearning heart seeks solace in someone’s arms.. No no that’s not the lyrics… that’s the effect I get when I hear the song… Awwww the mush-o-meter is on a full time high.. The song somehow gives the effect as If a light feather was caressing your soul.. This one’s a definitely must must listen…I highly recommend this one.. CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Veyil Mazhai ~ this is again a lovely track.. The initial aalaap-ish humming by the female singer again gives the Bombay Jayshree effect.. I love her voice.. Err.. Not BJ you sillies I love her obviously but this female singer too 😀 though she sounded like BJ in the start, as the song proceeded she sounded a tad like saindhavi.. This one’s a love song complete with words that leave you speechless and spellbound…but somehow a wee bit of pathos and yearning did seem to have crept into this song.. Or is it just me 🙄

Overall I loved the effect of this song…a perfect background music for those long evening walks by the beach, finger entwined…aaww CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Paathiyil vilaguvathu ~ I am not even sure if this can be classified as a song.. It has more dialogues then even lyrics.. More like rants by a group of no-good-losers or should I reword that and say Rants by a group of Loved-and-lost… baahhhh.. That don’t impress me much… too much pathos I say.. 😐

After listening to the previous songs this one’s certainly not what I expect..But I do know the actual majnu’s and devdas might actually love this.. But for me it’s definitely CERTIFIED MISSABLE

Ranam Sugam ~ oh maannn.. This is surely gonna make you guys fall in love with it.. Yes this is THE BEST SONG in the album… I have simply fallen in love with this one.. When I heard Nilavum thoongalaam I thought that was the best.. But maann.. This one over-rules that one too 🙂 this is one of those songs that is perfect for those late-night lonely long drives..If I were to picturise this song for a movie or even for the album.. The video would include a guy on his bike/car driving at full speed in a frenzy, his tempers and passions both raging an eternal fight in the mind… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Vaarthai Thavarivittai ~ this is one bloody brilliant of a song.. The opening lines give a Barathiyar effect.. Maybe that’s cos of the use of the word Kannamma.. This one’s another sorrow filled track..But if the previous one was tragedy this is the King of tragedies.. 😥  The singer’s voice is sure to instill some old memories if you have one and is sure to make an impact on you… the lyrics are so beautiful that they are cherry on the cake J CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Ranam Sugam (Remix) ~ trusts me if the original was good the remix is no less… I somehow can’t seem to get over this song… this one has to be the best 🙂 the song starts upbeat but the anguish is clearly etched all over out… the lyrics, the singer, the song overall definitely leave a mark in your mind.. MY PERSONAL FAVE in this album… the lines ranam kuda ranam kuda sugam thaan are pacy and hence catchy and addictive… even after the song is over I end up humming those lines again and again… I had got so addicted to the song that even when I was not listening to any music – mind you any music at all I could feel this song running in my mind… I think after listening to this surely I’m gonna end up feeling pain is good 🙂 CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Ranangal mudivathillai ~ this is again another grief filled song.. Only music No lyrics.. And makes up for something like the theme of the album… Certain parts in the music is definitely commendable… love this one… perfect to be your ringtone… CERTIFIED LISTENABLE


After listening to the whole album.. as I said the songs that stand out are definitely Ranam Sugam, Nilavum Thoongalaam and Yaar Ival..

Just for the title track, which I loved sooooooo much I am gonna be a tad partial and give the album a 4/5 Yes I changed my rating.. but well.. my review meri marzi.. 😛

The Album is currently available at

– cafe tapas, 47b velachery main road, velachery, chennai
– coming soon in conneXions outlets

It is also available for purchase online from their site www.ranamsugam.com

You could also join their Facebook page Ranam Sugam for regular updates and details..

As for me I am still humming Ranam Kuda Sugam Thaann… 🙂


As for PAADHAI.. guys looking forward to more from you… Keep Rocking..!!! 🙂

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