~::~ Emotional Baggage ~::~

One Saturday evening I was just lazing around on my bed, going through some old files on my External Hard Disk Drive. I casually came across some old poems, articles and stuff that I had written over the past couple of years. As I was perusing through them I realized how many twists and turns life throws upon us and we always have something new to learn. Some new experiences ~ irrespective whether they are positive or negative, we fall down and yet we always get up and go again! There is pain, there is hurt, there is happiness and a million other feelings washing over you. At times, leaving you with too much to deal with.

On the tenterhooks of an emotional overhaul, I wrote a poem on emotional baggage that we often carry around. Baggage that is on our back with every experience, every incident, every person in our life. This baggage at times brings fond memories and at times gives pain. This emotional baggage needs to be shed, only than shall we emerge stronger and have peace of mind.


~::~ Emotional Baggage ~::~

Once in while

There comes a time

When baggage in pile

Should be left behind


Those are the things

That trouble our mind

Those are bad feelings

To be left behind


Gone is another year

Which came with such zest

Some for some good, for some meager

Yet for others it was the best



I am not sure how well I have provided an insight on the emotional baggage and how to rectify them. But I hope you do like the poem.

Do let me know your thoughts through your comments. Honest feedback appreciated.

~::~ Unethical Appeal ~::~

~::~ Unethical Appeal ~::~

Walking down untrodden lanes

Breaking free from worldly chains

Wandering by deep-dark woods              

Deciduous- casting shadowy hoods

Butterflies flutter, buds bloom

Darkness befalls, mind’s a’gloom

Wondering when- veil shall lift

I schlep along the stream adrift

Pondering thoughts clouds vision

Searching for colorful horizons

A neverland, mystical yet real

Beautiful & pure, unethical appeal


~::~ Life Restarts ~::~

Awrigghtttyyyy… the previous post was 300 and was a romantic poem to bring in the valentine mood 😀

AND today I mellow down a bit… a bit of retrospect.. and well.. wat can I say..

I dunno how to explain this poem.. but then.. this is it..!!

read it and lemme know your thoughts…


~::~ Life Re-starts ~::~

Another year

Another time

A slight fear

For the same mime

A wish unfulfilled

A desire incomplete

A heart strong willed

To never accept defeat

A fight sublime

Heartbeats surreal

A song in rhyme

A prattling spiel

Yearnings of eternity

Periods of despair

Borne with dexterity

Though unfair

A hope in heart

A smile on face

Life re-starts

Dawn embraced

Another expedition

Steps retraced

Another mission

Begins with grace!!!



Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

I lost you..!!!

We met

We fought

We laughed

We joked

We teased

We loved

We hated

We lost touch

We got back

We spoke

We chatted

We prayed

We hoped

We cherished

We made promises

We kept some

But you broke one

And then I lost

Lost you my friend

Hope we meet again

Another era

Another future

As friends..!!!

Will miss you for days to come..!!!  😥

This is my tribute to a lovely friend Shiva…

I met him through orkut and soon he became my friend philosopher guide… he was the only guy who called me “Ae Tapori” and the zest and gusto with which he called me that is still ringing in my ears… if you want  to know how to live life kingsize he was it.. He could make u smile in ur darkest hour and pep talk you through your weirdest moments… we would laugh at the silliest things… talk on the phone for hours on end… as if we were pack of giggly gals…he would advise he would crib he would rant and yet he was the darling of each of his friends…he was a gem.. A friend worth having… he was so full of enthusiasm and bubbliness… but yesterday the bubble burst and I lost him…to a vile evil thing called HEART-ATTACK…and the reason has to be just one STRESS levels… I can’t believe he had high stress level…

He of all people dint deserves to die… He dint deserve a heart-attack… he has a 2 yr old kiddo…Arpit… my heart reaches out to that small sweet thing who shall never be able to know what a man his father was.. A man for whom life was nothing but those moments that takes our breath away… Every moment is special… Every friend is special… Life is for living… Not to sit and slog away in those 6X6 cubicles it’s to get out there and enjoy… Live…Breath… Sink in all the good moment… And make every second cherishable… That was Shiva… The Shiva I lost… The Shiva who was freakingly contacting me for the past couple of weeks… And for some godforsaken reason I would never reply his mails… and today I regret… I regret for not having picked up the phone and called him… Msged he…mailed him back… Remorse, grief more than grief itself… tragedy… I just can believe this… he can’t have died of stress… he was the most happiest jolly fundoo guy you can ever find… and he wasn’t fat too… but yet he succumbed to this growing evil of modernization –HEART ATTACK

This is a lesson of life…. Pick that phone and call all your dearest people you call friend… Email them… msg them… Remember them on their birthdays and any other occasions… cos they are occasions to meet and greet and stay in touch…. To all you workaholics out there… working is not bad… slogging it out is not bad either… but make sure when you discard your shoes whence u enter home u leave ur office work behind… on weekends just kick off your shoes and let your hair down.. Live and enjoy life… you never know what can happen tomorrow… but at least you can live these moments that you have… stop worrying they are not gonna get you anywhere.. They will only increase your stress-levels and I can’t afford to lose another Shiva…!!!

Colours of Life…!!

I seem to have been completely enamoured by Loop Poetry…

Here’s my second try at the same…. Raji… babes… ur pretty influential dear….

Aap tho hamare guruji haai

I hope you guys like this one…

Black is the night

Night swathed in white

White cos of the moonlight

Moonlight as the moon shines bright

Bright are the stars

Stars glitter blue

Blue like the sky

Sky patterned in grey

Grey with the clouds

Clouds scattered around

Around me I see green

Green from the trees

Trees in the garden

Garden of roses

Roses coloured Red

Red the colour of Love

Love is his language

Language of silence

Silence that’s golden

Golden like the first ray of the sun

Sun rising up  the horizon

Horizon muted pink

Pink I blush

Blush when he smiles

Smiles brighten up my day

Day that’s yellow

Yellow tulips I see

See across the mountain

Mountain bathed brown

Brown like my earth

Earth with its myriad shades

Shades of life

Life filled with colours