~::~ Dreamy Spell ~::~

~::~ Dreamy Spell ~::~

Lassitude begins to creep

All senses overridden by sleep

I enter my realm of multi-hued dreams

His presence surrounds like rainbow beams..

Lost in embrace of his strong arms

Strokes of caresses, thundering heart calms

Plunged in trance of musky perfume

Sensations flutter away, like feathery plume..

Long slender fingers, contouring my face

Silken touches, setting heartbeats at race

Velvety lips, arousing passionate furor

Honeyed touches leave me shivering to core..

Sudden disappearance, at once spell breaks

Every pore of mine, twinges and aches

In throes of pain, my lonely heart beats

Shadows of reality, his illusion cheats..

In his presence, my very soul lies

Every move made, leaves me mesmerized

These fervent moments at night that I yearn

For a love so divine, I singe and burn..


~::~ Crimson Tears ~::~

pooff.. been away from my blog again 😦

Shouldnt say hectic weekend but yes enjoying and chilling out indeed 🙂

so here’s me back with yet another poem,.. this one’s a sad one though..

I loved the pic and thats wat inspired this poem..

I sit beneath crying clouds

That weep with me, alone

Crimson tears that scream aloud

Rain chills me to the bone

Lost in my own reverie

Waiting for tides to turn

Life seems to be dreary

Solace is all I yearn


Days become nights

Only hope lingers

Yet not a tuppence of respite

Faith slipping through fingers

Loneliness grows over

Mind absolutely weary

Agony is all that hovers

Both, clouds & me teary..


I hope you guys liked the poem..

Do lemme know your thoughts…

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen: