~::~ Dreamy Spell ~::~

~::~ Dreamy Spell ~::~

Lassitude begins to creep

All senses overridden by sleep

I enter my realm of multi-hued dreams

His presence surrounds like rainbow beams..

Lost in embrace of his strong arms

Strokes of caresses, thundering heart calms

Plunged in trance of musky perfume

Sensations flutter away, like feathery plume..

Long slender fingers, contouring my face

Silken touches, setting heartbeats at race

Velvety lips, arousing passionate furor

Honeyed touches leave me shivering to core..

Sudden disappearance, at once spell breaks

Every pore of mine, twinges and aches

In throes of pain, my lonely heart beats

Shadows of reality, his illusion cheats..

In his presence, my very soul lies

Every move made, leaves me mesmerized

These fervent moments at night that I yearn

For a love so divine, I singe and burn..


Thursday Poets Rally ~ Broken Mirrors..!!

The sweeetest Jingle conducts a Poets Rally every thursday at her blog.

So if you are a poet and love poetry and would like to share a whole new world and connect with other poets across the globe.. this is one place to do it…

Simply visit Jingle at her blog

http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/thursday-poets-rally-week-14-april-15-212010/ leave a comment  and sweet that she is she  would welcome you with open arms…

For rules and other details do visit Jingle’s Blog…. 😀

This is my entry to this week’s Poets Rally…


Broken mirror

Torn forlorn

She lay lovelorn

Images fuzzy

Thoughts muzzy

Mind frayed

Feelings betrayed

Emotions furor

Tumultuous uproar

Heart’s mourn

Psyche sojourn

Divine conspiracies

Tattered memories

Destiny Queerer

Resemble broken mirror…


Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

I hope you enjoyed the poem do leave your wonderful comments here 🙂

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Ok this was an instant poetry that hit my head…

One of my colleagues and very close friend is as of now in Zurich on an official assignment..

Since the days of YashRaj movies I have been fascinated by Swiss.. I simply love the snow.. the valleys everything…

albeit all i knw of the place is what i have seen on tv and movies…

So since he was there.. i have been bugging him to send me pics.. and well.. finally he did yield and send me some,..

the moment  i laid my eyes on this particular pic it triggered an inspiration to write a poetry..

and tadaaaaaa…. the following is the result of 10mins… 😛



Bereft of colors

Bereft of leaves

Bereft of feelings

Nothing relieves


Bereft of love

Bereft of passion

Bereft of ardor

And even compassion


Bereft are my barks

Bereft of even insects

Bereft are these branches

My affliction reflects


Bereft is my life

Where nothing exists

Bereft of everything

Resembling deep abyss


Survived all odds

Yet all that’s left

Is a flickering hope

Whilst I stand bereft


I hope you guys liked this… and I hope I was able to do justice to that lovely tree there 🙂

Do lemme know your thoughts..

Thats it from Megzone for now..!

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Nothing..!! Nothing at All..!!!

I wonder what to write..

Feel sorry at my plight..

My mind is blank as a board..

I think it has an overload..

I write nothing.. Nothing at all..!!

Thoughts flying asunder..

No corners of brain to plunder..

I flounder for words..

That fly around like birds..

I write nothing… Nothing at all..

A picture fails to inspire..

A motivation I require…

Hither-tither I gape..

No place to escape…

I write nothing..Nothing at all..!!


I really meant to write nothing…!!!

But I guess it did turn out to be something..!! 🙄

I hope you guys arent searching for me to throw stones at me for this meagre poetry… 😳

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

Banjar ~ Barren…!!

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This time its a Hindi Poem…

Ofcourse I have indeed provided the translation (this time no rhymes just literal translations 😉 ) to all my non-hindi readers…

Please do let me know your thoughts..



Banjar hai saari raahein…

Nahi kisi ka saath……

Banjar hai meri baahein……

Banjar hai mere haath……


Sannate goonjte hai dil mein..

Jaise ho raha hai koi shor..

Nahi koi is mehfil mein..

Banjar hai, chaaro or..


Wahi galiyaa lag rahi anjan..

Chamakta nahi koi aab bhi..

Nazrein  ho gayi sunsaan..

Banjar hai mere khwab bhi..


Cheekh rahi dil ki zameen..

Tanhaai ka manzar hai..

Baras rahi ashko se nami..

Banjar hai sab banjar hai……!!!


Now the translation of the above lines for my lovely audience 😀



Barren are all roads..

Isolation’s only company..

Barren are these arms..

Barren are my hands..


Silence echoes in heart..

As if a cackling pandemonium..

No one in this environ..

Barren are all directions..


Stranger, the old streets..

Bereft even of shining moon..

Desolateness in these eyes..

Barren, even my dreams..


Wails my heart’s terrain..

Loneliness encapsulates me..

Drenched in drizzling tears..

Barren, everything‘s barren……..


I hope you guys liked this..

Do lemme know your thoughts cos they act as the blood for my heart.. 😉

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

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[V-Day Carnival] Destiny Despairs

Another year…. another day… some heart met.. some drifted away…. some still groping in the dark… searching for their ray of light.. hoping…praying..someday.. someone.. would enter and make everything bright…

Lost in the dreams of solitude.. here I churn another poem…. hoping to reach across to those.. who are still yearning for that funny thing called LOVE…


Moon’s out with clouds over cast

Curtains askew, wind’s icy blast

Into dreams I waft along

Heart humming a silent love song

Thoughts of yonder delight me

Up in the sky I feel so free

Unleashing my inner zeal

Secrets lay for me to unveil

Through the mazes I amble around

Earnestly waiting for an unknown sound

Beguiling me towards the end

Fear amplifies with every bend

Spell breaks, I’m rendered all alone

Awakened stunned, chilled to the bones

He was so near and yet so far

Destiny plays games bizarre

Still bereft of the love I need

Only dreams remain to feed


This time a different style…in search of love in myriad hues…waiting for that light to shine upon me ant sweep me off with it…

lonely hearts dont fret.. they pray…they hope..

for better brighter tomorrows… else

they dream… they dream in despair….they dream with about their pair…

Funny that dreamers are the most hopelessly romantic souls

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!