Colours of Life…!!

I seem to have been completely enamoured by Loop Poetry…

Here’s my second try at the same…. Raji… babes… ur pretty influential dear….

Aap tho hamare guruji haai

I hope you guys like this one…

Black is the night

Night swathed in white

White cos of the moonlight

Moonlight as the moon shines bright

Bright are the stars

Stars glitter blue

Blue like the sky

Sky patterned in grey

Grey with the clouds

Clouds scattered around

Around me I see green

Green from the trees

Trees in the garden

Garden of roses

Roses coloured Red

Red the colour of Love

Love is his language

Language of silence

Silence that’s golden

Golden like the first ray of the sun

Sun rising up  the horizon

Horizon muted pink

Pink I blush

Blush when he smiles

Smiles brighten up my day

Day that’s yellow

Yellow tulips I see

See across the mountain

Mountain bathed brown

Brown like my earth

Earth with its myriad shades

Shades of life

Life filled with colours