~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ Cinquain ~::~

Day 3

C  – Cinquains

Cinquain is a short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of twenty-two syllables distributed as 2, 4, 6, 8, 2, in five lines. It was developed by the Imagist poet, Adelaide Crapsey.

 ~::~ Lovers ~::~



Wholly in love

Romancing ‘neath the stars

Impervious to time & space




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~::~ Lovelorn B(r)ide ~::~

~::~ Lovelorn B(r)ide ~::~


There’s so much I want to say

There’s so much to convey

But words just elude me

I can’t seem to break free

Chains of reality weighing me down

Distances between us make me frown

Every passing second seem an eternity long

My aching heart hums a silent love song

For all the miles that lay between

A zillion could have, would have, should have been

Without you around, I feel incomplete

Even my rhythmic heart skips a beat

With every moment I yearn for you

Your absence makes me feel all blue

A stabbing pain, a silent tear

Your velvet voice I pine to hear

Slender fingers, contoured face

That losing myself in your embrace

Your silken lips laced in a naughty dimpled smile

Melts my soul into a gooey pile

My darling I stand here by the altar

Awaiting your arrival, my Knight in shining armor!


~::~ Our Love Song ~::~

~::~ Our Love Song ~::~


Interlaced fingers

Drumming a faint tune

Rosy velvet lips

Making my heart croon


Magic in your voice

Emotions upsurge

Stirring sensations

As our souls merge


 Intoxicating music

Passion bursting apart

Rhythm of your heartbeat

Melting with my heart

You are my lyrics

And I am your song

Strumming to our heartbeats

Let’s hum a love song


PS: Picture courtesy – Google, keyword – couple

~::~ Mooney Fantasies ~::~

~::~ Mooney Fantasies ~::~


I sat there waiting by the moon

Dreaming a dream that makes me swoon

Of soft satin sheets and fluffy pillows

A chill through veins when the wind bellows

Cuddling close to feel warm

As I lay there in your arms

Souls entwined like knotted twine

Lost in our love so divine

Fingers gently contouring a trace

As I stare into your tranquil face

Dreamy eyed you gaze at me

Skipping a beat my heart’s a’flee

A gentle touch inflames my cheek

Poof! Goes my sanity at peak

Your caresses sending down shivers

My voice lost in raspy whispers

As strong arms encircle my waist

Goosebumps stir up, passion interlaced

Butterfly touches, fiery kisses

Silken lips and passionate hisses

Crumpled sheets with love so pure

As if an addiction without a cure

Yes I’m lost in the dream that makes me swoon

Sitting there glossy eyed staring at the moon


Pic Courtesy – taken from DeviantArt

~::~ Is It Love ~::~

~::~ Is it love? ~::~


When the best place to be is in someone’s arms

When you’re lost away from all worldly charms

When an intense look gives tummy a somersault

When all emotions seem to be locked up in a vault

Is it love??


When a single touch sends across shock waves

When togetherness is all your heart craves

When everything loses colour in their absence

When even the sanest things, lose out on sense

Is it love??         


When the eyes are giddy and mind is numb

Even to minor pleasures your will succumbs

When Music becomes the best friend & lyrics all true

When mind is reeling with feelings blue

Is it love?


When nature’s beauty seem like mediocre scenes

When only a feeling of emptiness reigns

When interaction with others seem middling affair

When yearning in memories is all you care

Is it love?

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~::~ Henriette ~::~

Ahhh.. finally i feel good.. M becoming more regular on my blog n it surely feels good 😀

This time yet again a poem..

This time for ABC wednesday -> H = Henriette


and also for Lots of Laughter – SPILL


and here’s the poem—

~::~ Henriette ~::~

With a vampire, Henriette fell in love

Match conspired by heavens above

A love that could never be hers

Bewitched with a wicked curse


Crying incessantly near a lake

For her love, she can’t forsake

A little nymph smart and witty

On poor Henriette, she took pity


Waved her wand, an instant solution

A vial of red magic love potion

Three little drops at stroke of midnight

Would cure Henriette of her plight


Brimming with joy, happy and gay

Sweet Henriette hopped away

To meet her love and cure him

Heal the curse, when the light’s dim


Dancing a tune, she tripped in the dark

So lost was Henriette, she dint see the bark

Down spilled all potion in the vial

“]No” she screamed in a voice, unreal


3 little drops fell upon a rabbit

Hidden midst the leafy bits

Voila! There stood a Pukwudgie in disguise

Henriette gawked with awestruck eyes


Swathed in moonlight, tall and lean

He proposed, and Henriette screamed

He sat on a knee and kissed her hands

She ran around in those wretched lands


Even today she hides in fear

When a lone rabbit seems near


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~::~ Froggy Love Story ~::~

yessshhh..!! looks like its raining frogs 😀

But this time its a poem and that to a froggy love poem 😀

this one was initially conceptualized as a story  for Sree who has been nicknamed Froggy 😀

and all the other characters are our very own real life friends 😀

But to protect their identities they havent been mentioned here 😀

so here’s the Froggy Love Story

~::~ Froggy Love Story ~::~

Froggy Pinku happy and gay

Entered fashion week to hop and sashay

Let his eyes wander till he found a maiden

Yellowy her name, with spots on her laden

Fell for her head over heels

Hopped to propose her on his 4 knees

But little did he know she was the wrong lady

Yellowy had given her heart to Purple already

Heartbroken and wrought Pinku hopped to his big pond

Jumped into cold waters trying to commit suicide, severe bonds

Sadly he dint realize water was just another home

He lay at the bottom despaired and lovelorn

Along came a frog catcher who owned an eatery

That specialized in frog legs as its favorite delicacy

Pinku was caught and captured for life

Neither did he struggle for he knew not strife

PInku’s owner came in search for her darling frog

Only to realize he was ready to be burnt on fire logs

She tried to save him from the cruel catcher’s hands

But had to duel a sorceress of the catcher’s lands

The sorceress took Pinku home, put him by the window sill

Whilst she took care of her own pet frog with Orangey frill

One look at Pinku and Orangey skipped a heart beat

Cos he was the most charming froggy she would ever meet

The night turned cold while the hearts set afire

Orangey rescued Pinku and they hopped across through mire

Kind and caring orangey, cupid struck Pinku’s heart

And he fell in love with her again from the start..

Thus began a love story that brings tears of laughter

Pinku and Orangey froggys hopped happily ever after


This is my entry to ABC Wednesday where today’s Alphabet is F 😀

and also for TheLaughterSite where the topic was Propose 🙂

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~::~ Dance Of Love ~::~

It seems looongggg looonggg ago since I wrote a poetry here 😛

yes yes… so here i am back again to trouble you with my insane err.. ook super-insane poems 😛

~::~ Dance of Love ~::~

She danced through the meadows

Impassive to any lurking shadows

Spring in her step, arms stretched apart

Curls let loose, rhythm in her heart

Dancing to nature’s tunes

O’er multi-hued flowery dunes

Her lover returning from faraway lands

She awaits with aromatic garlands

Moving with such elegance

Fair maiden with love immense

Pirouettes she took, as if in stupor

Round & round till her feet turned sore

Exhausted she fell, amidst rose bushes

He came searching; saw her worn out, rushes

Her hands in his, he interlaced

Took her in his arms, caressing her face

Bestowed on luscious lips, a magical kiss

She arose to his passion, his love’s abyss

The dance of love, her prelude

Concluded with him, albeit brief interlude


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Thursday Poets Rally ~ He’s Everything That I Need…!!


Back with my Thursday Poets rally Poem….!!!!!

Sweet Jingle host this rally in her blog…


Anyone can join the rally..

If you are a poet and interested in meeting new and varied poets all across the world this is one place to be  🙂

all you need to do is comment on Jingle’s blog and let her know you are interested.. Sweetest that she is she not only accepts anyone and everyone but also helps them with how to go about the Rally…

So sweetest Ji here’s my Rally Poem 🙂

Pardon me on the RHYME THEME – Cos this time there aint one 😉


He’s Everything That I Need….

The raindrops that caress me

The breeze that freshens me up

The early morning dew that tingles my feet

The sun rays that awaken me

The moonlight that cools me

The medicine for my fever

The food I need to survive

The water for my thirst

The air that I breathe

The dreams when I sleep

He’s everything that I need


Sweet that Ji is she even presented me with a couple of lovely awards..

and today i take this opportunity to present them here… 🙂


Also the following awards of which i pick 2 🙂

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I have also been honoured with awards from Trisha…

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its indeed an honour knowing you and recieving such lovely awards from you 🙂


I would like to present all these awards to











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