~::~ Rhymed In Love ~::~

~::~ Rhymed In Love ~::~


I looked for you in crowded faces

I looked high and low in myriad places

Wondering where I could find you

And wash away my earthly blues


I sit here waiting for the One to love

Awaiting an interlude by heavens above

Anticipating the advent of a soul mate

At the touch of whom my heart’s at pace


Oh love! I search, I search for thee

A love that makes me more me

The love that inspired me to rhyme

A love that would last for a lifetime


A verse in rhyme I write for you

A verse I dream in love-laced hues

A verse so real, of love surreal

A verse, with my feelings concealed


I pine for you and words just flow

I sit writing poems, my face aglow

I write a poem, love poems for thee

Where art thou, come set my heart free!


Written for Dverse Poet Prompt  – to write on what prompted/inspired you to take to poetry.

For me it was Love and the search for the one true love! 🙂 The dreams of which and lack of which inspired me to write many a blissful/mushy/sad poems of love. I hope I have justified the prompt as well as my inspiration – Love!!

~::~ Lovelorn B(r)ide ~::~

~::~ Lovelorn B(r)ide ~::~


There’s so much I want to say

There’s so much to convey

But words just elude me

I can’t seem to break free

Chains of reality weighing me down

Distances between us make me frown

Every passing second seem an eternity long

My aching heart hums a silent love song

For all the miles that lay between

A zillion could have, would have, should have been

Without you around, I feel incomplete

Even my rhythmic heart skips a beat

With every moment I yearn for you

Your absence makes me feel all blue

A stabbing pain, a silent tear

Your velvet voice I pine to hear

Slender fingers, contoured face

That losing myself in your embrace

Your silken lips laced in a naughty dimpled smile

Melts my soul into a gooey pile

My darling I stand here by the altar

Awaiting your arrival, my Knight in shining armor!


~::~ Our Love Song ~::~

~::~ Our Love Song ~::~


Interlaced fingers

Drumming a faint tune

Rosy velvet lips

Making my heart croon


Magic in your voice

Emotions upsurge

Stirring sensations

As our souls merge


 Intoxicating music

Passion bursting apart

Rhythm of your heartbeat

Melting with my heart

You are my lyrics

And I am your song

Strumming to our heartbeats

Let’s hum a love song


PS: Picture courtesy – Google, keyword – couple

~::~ Mooney Fantasies ~::~

~::~ Mooney Fantasies ~::~


I sat there waiting by the moon

Dreaming a dream that makes me swoon

Of soft satin sheets and fluffy pillows

A chill through veins when the wind bellows

Cuddling close to feel warm

As I lay there in your arms

Souls entwined like knotted twine

Lost in our love so divine

Fingers gently contouring a trace

As I stare into your tranquil face

Dreamy eyed you gaze at me

Skipping a beat my heart’s a’flee

A gentle touch inflames my cheek

Poof! Goes my sanity at peak

Your caresses sending down shivers

My voice lost in raspy whispers

As strong arms encircle my waist

Goosebumps stir up, passion interlaced

Butterfly touches, fiery kisses

Silken lips and passionate hisses

Crumpled sheets with love so pure

As if an addiction without a cure

Yes I’m lost in the dream that makes me swoon

Sitting there glossy eyed staring at the moon


Pic Courtesy – taken from DeviantArt

~::~ Is It Love ~::~

~::~ Is it love? ~::~


When the best place to be is in someone’s arms

When you’re lost away from all worldly charms

When an intense look gives tummy a somersault

When all emotions seem to be locked up in a vault

Is it love??


When a single touch sends across shock waves

When togetherness is all your heart craves

When everything loses colour in their absence

When even the sanest things, lose out on sense

Is it love??         


When the eyes are giddy and mind is numb

Even to minor pleasures your will succumbs

When Music becomes the best friend & lyrics all true

When mind is reeling with feelings blue

Is it love?


When nature’s beauty seem like mediocre scenes

When only a feeling of emptiness reigns

When interaction with others seem middling affair

When yearning in memories is all you care

Is it love?

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~::~ Romance Reminisced ~::~

~::~ Romance Reminisced ~::~

I’m missing the days we spent together

Cuddled up, fingers entwined by the heather

Under the jade moon’s dim light

Stars playing peek-a-boo at twilight

‘Neath cherry blossoms, o’er leafy sheets

Canopy of pinks & whites, a clandestine treat

Resting my head on your chest

And feel your heart flutter away in zest

The rhythmic thud with a skip in beat

Your failed attempts at camouflaging the heat

Inflaming your soft rose petalled lips

Your strong hands curling my hips

Our present, into an oblivion twirled

Fervor arose, unknown to the world

Butterfly touches & feathery kisses

In throes of passion, our silent hisses

With stars twinkling & gossamer moon’s ascent

We lay there lost in love, utterly spent!





~::~ You & Me ~::~

~::~ You & Me ~::~


Golden glistening honeyed hue

Your skin as cool as morning dew

You gaze at moon hung high

Million stars adorning the sky

My fingers trace the contours of your face

The feathery touches set your heart at pace

Intertwined fingers playing a tune

Pianos, violins, Guitars – all croon

Your pink lips – sugar drops mellow

Parched for me, they yearn & glow

Senses heightened hearts aflutter

As you melt in my arms like butter

Lost in a trance, emotions excess

We lay there savoring our togetherness

A moment of silence lasting eternity

Our perfect moment – just you and me!


~::~ [Thursday Poets Rally] ~ Forever and Forever More ~::~

Thank you for the Perfect Poet award for week 53

Heres the award and my nomination is for Rajlakshmi for her mesmerising Shape Poetry –  the Diva

This is my entry to this week’s Thursday Poets Rally  week 54:



When love is true,

you want it forever;
When love is deep,

forever is enough never;
When heart is enraptured,

eternity is craved for;

When soul is enriched,

 infinite is the dimension of love-
Stretching far into the horizon…, Forever alive, forever young!
Lucky are those who find love, So pure as this.
Blessed are those who can love,As deeply as this.
Enchanted are the moments shared, With a loved one like this.
Enthralling the experience of a love, As deep as this…
So savor the moments And don’t let them go.
Capture them in your heart and let your soul glow…
Forever and forever more…


~::~ Lost September Love ~::~

~::~ Lost September Love ~::~

Twilight hour rung athwart the earth

Darkness spread, sunlight in dearth

She crept up along the wilderness

Stealthily, adorned in her black dress

Awaiting his arrival yet another night

Quickened paces, emotions tight

Sauntered pass the bereft trees

Sensing beyond what the eye sees

Beads on her brow, this warm September

A year back right here, would he remember?

Their mellow love inscribed across valley

Scented flowers, dewy grass- their ally

Ah! That sweet september love

When sparks flew o’er heathery alcove

Moments etched pure in her every pore

He left as she yearned for more

Alas! The night lost forever

Left unto faith to tether

Hours of tonight, passed in eerie silence

Nocturnal friends awaited, anxiety intense

In the wake of the moon shining bright

Sitting by the rock, she wept in quiet

Another night ends, another defeat

Amplified wait for next meet

Crestfallen she trudged, forlorn

As arose Sun, embarking new dawn

A wait so long, lasting eternity

Until togetherness sets her free