~::~ Sinister Mister ~::~

This week’s Magpie Tales prompt was pretty darn scary!

It did leave me shivering!

But here’s my take!

~::~ Sinister Mister ~::~

clown 1

Sinister looking clown

New in downtown

He stands there tall

By the decorative wall

Pompous red nose

Clandestine repose

Sparkling sapphire eyes

Sly impish guise

Secretive appearance

With an evil essence

An all pervading smirk

Leaving psyche berserk

Sending shivers down my spine

As we walk by the gargantuan sign

Trundling by the store mighty fast

To get away from the gigantic cast

Scared to my wits I jog away

While he stands tall, smirking my way!


This is my entry to the Magpie Tales Prompt – Mag 259

I hope you liked it! Do leave your comments and brick bats!!

~::~ Nocturnal Chaos ~::~

Keeping up with this cold weather is tough!! Every time I see a better day, whoosh  comes the wind and bam its cold again!!

Anyhoo trying to keep up with regular posts here’s another one a short simple haiku! 🙂

~::~Nocturnal Chaos~::~

a unknown_source_

Shushing self asleep

Brainwaves working overtime

Silence of the night


I hope you liked it, do lemme know your thoughts and feedback!

This is my entry to Magpie Tales PromptMag 258

~::~ Dusty Chaos ~::~

Finally, I decided today was the day I’m gonna dig my dead blog, clear it of the dust that had gathered from an idle writer-blocked mind and thought – this is it. I’m gonna revive my blog, no matter what it takes, no matter how dumb, stupid or idiotic my writings get –  I am gonna start with a clean slate!

But I needed inspiration, like an artist searching a muse –  I sat down with my laptop wondering where to start and dang! – Rajlakshmi posts a prompt for Magpie Tales and well that’s where I thought I should begin! The Magpie Tales Prompt –  neat idea! And so here we are back to writing poems, giving the idle mind a muse to work on, an inspiration, a place to begin with!! Identical to the dust that had settled on my blog – here’s a Dusty Chaos for the prompt!

~::~ Dusty Chaos ~::~

action figures Edith Vonnegut

I clean the house and clean again

But the dust never settles

Sometimes it just swirls around

Standing like tea-leaves in a kettle


I wash the pans

Vacuum spiraling stairs,

And even tidy the cellars

I sweep the chimney

Wipe the doors

And even cobwebs on pillars


I clean and clean my house again

For the dust bunnies never leave

They curl upon figurines of toys

While I brush them in my grief!


I clean my house and clean again

And yet the dirt just lingers

I feel there are angels flying everywhere

Firing curses through their fingers


I’m tired of trying to clean up

I ain’t cleaning, no more

I don’t care if angels scatter dirt

Like mini polka dotted décor!

Exasperated, I give up

Let filth be piled up on the floor!


This is my entry to the Prompt – Mag 257 (hopefully I don’t give up on writing again 😳 )

Hope you liked my entry, as usual leave your feedback (it helps soothe the sore mind that worked hard to pen this down! 😉 )

~::~ Memories Torn ~::~

~::~ Memories Torn ~::~

Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, Bonnie Beechler

Memories forlorn

Of years long gone

A place called home

A place to call our own


Of crumpled sheets

Kitchen counter treats

Amorous eventide teas

Romance by the trees


Of first borns and words

Midnight wails and turds

Of projects & papers

Even best achievers


Today we lay chipping

Wallpapers, dirty & ripping

Dusty, grubby and slime

Like rotted wood with time


Memoirs vulnerable

Of yesteryears colorful

Dead with the seasons

Irreparable beyond reasons 



This is my entry to the Magpie Tales Prompt –  Mag 210


~::~ Eternal Slumber ~::~

~::~ Eternal Slumber ~::~

poets's sleep 1989 chang hong ahn

Skeletons of yesteryear

Following me around

I sit here and peer

While dark clouds surround


I wonder, I ponder

Across the horizon

I gaze at yonder


Windows have broken

Glasses have splintered

A hope unshaken

And soul unhindered


Looking for an answer

For all of my miseries

While just like cancer

Proliferating my arteries


Lassitude begins to creep

With waves of serenity

I lay me down to sleep

A slumber of eternity!


This my submission for the Magpie Tales Prompt – Mag 208