~::~ Mooney Fantasies ~::~

~::~ Mooney Fantasies ~::~


I sat there waiting by the moon

Dreaming a dream that makes me swoon

Of soft satin sheets and fluffy pillows

A chill through veins when the wind bellows

Cuddling close to feel warm

As I lay there in your arms

Souls entwined like knotted twine

Lost in our love so divine

Fingers gently contouring a trace

As I stare into your tranquil face

Dreamy eyed you gaze at me

Skipping a beat my heart’s a’flee

A gentle touch inflames my cheek

Poof! Goes my sanity at peak

Your caresses sending down shivers

My voice lost in raspy whispers

As strong arms encircle my waist

Goosebumps stir up, passion interlaced

Butterfly touches, fiery kisses

Silken lips and passionate hisses

Crumpled sheets with love so pure

As if an addiction without a cure

Yes I’m lost in the dream that makes me swoon

Sitting there glossy eyed staring at the moon


Pic Courtesy – taken from DeviantArt

Image+Words Challenge ~ Story Un-Begun

You have all seen me writing poetry..

you have all appreciated… motivated.. and sometimes even got bored of my poetry…

Not that it deters me from writing more…. 😉

Poetry comes naturally to me… so stopping me or chiding is not gonna help anyone….. 😛

Seeing  my penchant for poetry…. Princess Raji.. gave me a challenge….

She gave me a few words… an image.. and asked me to create a poetry.. using them…

The image given was…

The words given to me were..












and the resultant poetry is as follows 😀


Story Un-Begun

Month of June

Peach-ish moon

Tinted horizons

Prancing dandelions

Crayon spattered scenery

Dressed in bridal finery

Tranquility in air

Cascading hair…

Reverberating memories

Thwarted mental peace

Impulse for unison

Story un-begun

Lost opportunity

Woebegone me

Trenchant moonbeams

Thoughts bursting at seams


I hope you guys liked the concoction that I ended up with…

Do let me know your thoughts…

Cos they are valuable to me.. to keep me going… and motivate me for more 🙂

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!!!Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

Maid-en Moon…!!

This was a poetry Challenge given to me by one of my blogger-friends of our Corporate Blogs..

As you have noted yourself.. I have been posting a lot of poems on Love in the whole of the previous month… Dedicated to Valentines Day…

He came up to me and told me “you write so many poems from a woman’s point of view.. I would like to see how would it be if Meggie wrote a poem from the guy’s point of view”

In short he wanted me to write a poem on how a guy would have described a woman… or love for his woman..

and the following is my attempt at the same…

I have always been mesmerised by the moon… and I know for ages man has compared his Lady to the moon… Many poets too have expressed their love with the Moon Theme… but well this poem was more inspired by this pic that I found on the web the other day..

I was so enamouored by the sheer beauty of this pic.. that I have been breaking my head on what to compose and how to compose.. and along comes my friend with this challenge..

Thanks to him that I was able to pen this down.. and surely this one’s gonna be the closest to my heart 😀


Maid-en Moon

O fair maiden akin to the moon

Glowing beauty makes me swoon

Glorious opulence, Luminescent skin

Elegant poise, splendor within

Voice saccharine, nightingale’s harmony

Hair silken dipped in honey

The flute you play with such style

Has me Dumbstruck and immobile

The tune played, strings my heart

Dispels gloom, fear departs

Oh..!! I stand and stare in wonder

Senses blown away asunder

Like a dream you came into my life

Oh Fair Lady, give me the honor, be my wife


I hope you guys like this one…

Do let me know your thoughts… cos they are vital and thats what keep me going 🙂

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios…!!! :mrgreen: