Valentine’s Day ~ Love in all Shades..!!

Naah naah.. puhleasse.. no more V-day carnival here… 😀

This is a movie review.. movie is.. well Valentine’s day..

Though I managed to watch it almost a month after v-day I still have no regrets watching it 🙂

It was a fun movie… and the best part was that in just 1.30 hrs it managed to capture the various forms of LOVE and weave them into innumerable short stories strung them into a big one… and presented it like nothing I’ve ever seen before… well something like “Love Actually” but this has more characters and LA managed to capture just romance in the lives of oldies.. Err… ok 20somethings… Valentine’s Day actually manages to capture many aspects of Love from childhood to teenage to young love… extra marital affairs.. Commitment phobic..Best friends realizing they love each other.. People who claim to be anti-v-day falling in love that very day… anything and everything that is LOVE..

So the story weaves and interweaves around the lives of the myriad actors in the movie.. The wonder part is that it has many actors..And of course my fave singer Taylor Swift as an actress too.. Yaayy….

She does know acting as well as she can sing.. Albeit there’s always room for improvement…

With a star cast that ranges from Julia Roberts to Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner.. Anne Hathway.. Kathy bates.. The masculine Jamie Foxx.. The sexy Mr. Patrick Dempsey.. The slurpilicious Bradley Cooper… the cute Ashton Kutcher.. The old but suave Hector Elizondo.. And many many more…

The stories are weaved beautifully.. Ashton loves Alba.. Proposes to her V-Day morning she says yes.. And he harps it to one and all who know him.. He’s a florist and V-day is the d-day for max business…Patrick is a doc married for 15yrs and was having an affair with Jennifer Garner who incidentally is Ashton’s best friend… half way thru the day alba breaks the engagement and plans to leave.. Patrick comes to deliver flowers to his wife and Jennifer and that’s when Ashton realizes Patrick is cheating.. He tries to warn her off but she decides to find out the hard way.. In the end Jennifer is with ashton.. That’s one story..

Ashton‘s character is like a mediator cos him being a florist helps many other stories.. Jennifer being a school teacher there comes a young boy who wants to send flowers to her and stops by Ashton’s shop.. Hector is the boy’s grandpa and his love story involves falling in love with a lady from school and being with her for the rest of his life.. Only to find out on this v-day that she had had an interim affair with his own best friend when he was away for work… Anne Hathway is a PA to Queen Latifah and since she was broke she picks up to Phone Sex to earn fast money.. She is in love with someone whose in the postal dept from the same office but when he realizes she’s into phone sex he kinda leaves her.. Only to get a vital lesson from Hector and his wife that when u love a person u accept them completely for wat they are with all their virtues  and faults… and he finds himself running back into Hathway’s arms…

Taylor swift’s story is completely different the only connection happens to be that she is a college mate of the young boy’s baby-sitter – Emma Roberts.. So there are 2 young college love stories happening one of Taylor swift and the other of Emma’s… meanwhile Jessica Biel whose Garner’s friend has to sort out a problem of a Sport star Eric Dane.. And meets a sports reporter Jamie Foxx.. Both claim to hate V-day as they have been single since the day they remember but by the time this v-day ends.. They have found each other.. 🙂

There are 2 super surprises and twists in the plot which obviously I am not revealing here…

So you gotta watch it to figure out the twists…!! 😉

The romance is breezy.. Emotional undercurrents… comedy interspersed.. A perfect treat for a lazy weekend.. 😀

A Must See for all romantics and from a neutral point of view.. It’s a CERTIFIED WATCHABLE.. I would give it a 2.75/5.. Naa naaah not being generous at all.. Yea yea I know I’m a sucker for romantic movies.. But this one’s definitely above average… and hence definitely worth a watch.. And with such superb star cast course you can watch it.. I would it watch it just for Ashton, Patrick and of course my eternal pretty woman Julia Roberts J

So long guys.. I know looooonnggg review.. Sorry dudes and dudettes.. Couldn’t help it.. It’s about love after all… 😀

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

Barbaad Huaaa…!!!

My good friend Raj..happens to have watch Kurbaan over the past weekend… and he was completely aghast at the outcome of the movie..

He hated… found it a worthless piece of s**t.. 🙄

In his own words “it was a complete waste of time, energy and money” 😳

Saif looks old n tired

Kareens looks yuck

Other than getting the screen fired

The movie makes u duck* (duck under the seat)

If u watch if from the second row

U pray the roof falls down

The scenes make you twitch ur brow

The actors are comparable to clown

One of the friends’ dont come

And we’re left with a ticket free

The movie’s such a bumm

That ppl don wanna see even w/o a fee

well..this was over an OCS conversation so I kinda tweaked it to seem poetic 😛

yeaa i know… sooo typically mee 😀

After this debacle of a review from him and another sad review from a mumbai office mate of mine who also spent 240 bucks at a multiplex to catch it over the weekend… I dedicate this Parody of the title track Kurbaan Huaa from this movie to all those poor souls who watched it 😉

Barbaad huaa…

Ye movie dekh ke yun..

Barbaad huaa..

Theatre mein jaake yun..

Direction mein, Story mein, screenplay mein hua…

Tujhko badduaa di, aur gali bhi..

Par bezaar huaa…

Barbaad huaa..

Actors’ pe, scenes pe, script pe..

Barbaad huaaaaaaa….

Anjaam  ka sabab maangta rahaa movie bhar..

bhagne ko tho dil pal men raazi huaa..

Aafat bani har arzoo har khwahish meri..

Ke tum shuru huye, waheen main khatam huaa..

Barbaad huaa..

I have only used the last para of the song… cos the song was loooonggh.. 🙄

And i for one dint wanna bore you with too much ona busy midweek day like today….. 😀

I had promised Raj a movie review…typical Megs Style…well that shall follow definitely.. 🙂

Cos no matter wat the review I still wanna see wat made the Filmy Trade Pundits give it a 4-5 Star Rating… 🙄

I hope you guys enjoyed this parody too 😀

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheerios…!! :mrgreen:


For those who havent heard the song…Or have no clue on the Lyrics…

 Here’s the Link to the actual lyrics of the song..

Kurbaan Hua


The Idiots….!!!

Areee….Nooooo… this is not random rants/insults at anyone… 😉
This is yet another insane attempt at music review by me 😆
Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:
Maaan… ive seen the promos on TV this one looks like a sure winner…
Only I hope they haven’t wavered too much from the main parts of the book cos then chances are it may turn out to be loser 😳
Good Lord..!! 😯
 I sound like a Filmy Trade Pundit here 🙄
Sooo….here I am bang again with yet another music review this time of 3 idiots which is touted to be a fultttooo fundooo TP of a movie and supposedly based on Chetan Bhagat’s  much acclaimed 5 point someone…
So let’s get down to business..Err..The review 😛

Aal is well~ Sonu Nigam, Swanand Kirkire –it’s a typical college funky number… Masti fun n frolic…. Timepass fundooo lyrics… rollicking lyrics completely…
Murgi kya jaane ande ka kya hoga
Are life milegi ya tave pe fry hoga
Koi Na jane apna future kya hoga
Sonu is back to his perky Masti self after a long time… he’s been singing melodious and soulful number for a long time… his voice modulations are simply superb…at one moment it thin and the next moment its wavery shivering…Swanand Kirkire singing too… lyrics are equally crazy and insane… I love the way they all scream “AAL EEJ WHELL” (errr…that’s how it sounds 😛 ) its already a hot favorite with many…

Zoobi Doobi~ Shreya Ghosal Sonu Nigam – after a long time both my fave singers together,…and the song is simply out of this world… personally I loved it… it has the old filmy effect to it… and a waltzy feel to it.. like the songs of shankar jaikishen and laxmikant pyarelaal…simply marvelous… and sonu and shreya are over the top… one moment she’s crooning like a nightingale and the next moment she’s oozing oomph… hard to picture her with oomph I knw but she’s simply out of this world… the song is very peppy and foot tapping…

Behti hawa~ Shan and Shantanu moitra – it’s a soulful ballad…it’s a song filled with emotions and pathos.. Shan has excelled completely… Full marks on the bringing out the emotions to the hilt… ur remembering someone and yet u smile on those Masti tht u did… yep that’s how the song goes and Shan has performed it beautifully… all you melody lovers are sure to like this one..

Give me some sunshine~ Suraj jagan and Sharman Joshi –  new singer on the block… well sung… welll written lyrics…music is awesome… complete guitar music… maaannn… I love guitar renditions… I can guarantee this is gonna end up being an anthem for all those beaten by work and career… what with lines like
Saari umr hum mar marke jee liye
Ek pal tho Hume jeene do jeene do
Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again
Maaann… m already humming this all the time… haye wo bachpan ke din.. Wo ped pe chadna.. wo matargashti karna… baaahhh… 😥  this song’s getting me nostalgic maaan…

Jaane nahi denge tujhe~ Sonu Nigam – another slow melodious number… This one starts sounding like  the song tum bin..But then when Sonu hits the higher plateau maannn…its breath-taking…. The beats and music is awesome it hits you completely…atleast it did that to me 😕 Lovely number i must say…

Zoobi Doobi Remix~ Sonu & shreya – I dunno why m partial to songs that I like the original and I end up liking the remix too 😛 yep this is even more foot tapping and even end up shaking my head wen this start… 😳 this one’s more on the couples dancing material… something for a tango or a cha cha cha while the original is more of a waltz material.. Since this is a tad faster.. This is more suitable for tango/cha cha cha stuff.. J

Aal is well Remix~ sonu & Swanand –  this is even more cooler than the original… cos it has some rap and superb beats… lots of english lyrics strewn in ..But equally well rendered… I liked it personally..With the same crazy lyrics and awesome beats… it’s a remix in pretty much all its sense… I love it 😀 and I loved the kukduku in the start and the middle… awesome and no this is not like the other remixes where they only increase the pace of the songs… they seem to have redone the music pretty much…and its nt jus the music thts loud,..The singer’s rendition complements the music…
Overall I give it a 4/5… can’t give full marks… somehow,… I don’t think it’s all that great but then I think its def a good listen…esp for Zoobi Doobi and Give me some sunshine…err.. Aal is well and Behti hawa too 🙂
Jeeeezzz… I mentioned all the songs 😳
Nonetheless guys def try this one… it’s not a bad listen…and after a long time I get to listen an album full of Sonu Nigam and im def not complaining…
Do you see me with a sad/angry face ….???(Jeeeezzz I sound like Geet from Jab We Met now 🙄 )
Naaahiieee Na… See I told ya im not complaining I love sonu 🙂
Do check it out guys…
Keep Smiling…!! Keep Rocking…!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheerios :mrgreen:

Ajab Prem Ki Gajab kahani…

I managed to catch up on this one over the last weekend… it’s a nice movie… again a typical commercial masala movie…

Caution –  leave ur grey cells home when u go to watch a hindi movie…

Yes… Hindi movies are meant for just pure fun, some time-pass chilling whilst u enjoy some popcorn , chips and cold drinks.. that’s all you’re not supposed to question wat happ, why it happ, who did wat and why?? You are jus supposed to enter the theater, watch the movie, enjoy the time spent there and return home reminiscing those few moments that you enjoyed…

Yes… that’s my advice for anyone watching any Hindi Movie…

No I am not criticizing the movie makers at all.. I am only placing my views on movies in general… if you want to break ur heads on when wat why where how.. you should watch english movies or catch up on movies like “Darmiyaan”, “Daman, “Matrubhoomi” 🙄

Anyways… back to the review… 😛

I liked the Movie… its simple and its clean romantic comedy…

Raj Kumar Santhoshi claimed it wud be better than Andaz Apna Apna… Naah… I won’t say that… AAA has its own place in Hindi Cinema… that I don’t think any other movie can take its place… unless our movie directors can think upon a good clean comical plot…

I say clean all the time cos both these movies don’t have any double meaning, pun intended , cheesy slapstick lines… 👿

Both AAA and APKGK are pretty clean movies… the humor is clean… there are no Govinda/David Dhawan double meaning jokes here…. 😡

Ranbir again excels in comedy… I think he can carve himself a place in the romantic comedy type roles… I feel he’s better suited for that… cos even wen he makes a sad face u feel “Awwww…poor fellow” but not with tears in your eyes but a smile in ur face…  His histrionics as a lover boy, with a touch of lost look and the president of Happy Club is really cute… 🙂

If you’ve noticed WUS (WAKE UP SID) there too it was his comic streak and the Dude in Distress look that won him the accolades. I don’t think he can pick up serious roles like his father did… his father was err…rather is still the best Chocolate Hero we’ve had for a loooong time now….i don’t think even SRK can take the baton of Chocolate Hero from Rishi… Though Shahid is a strong contender for the post.. but with Kaminey I think he has proved he can do serious stuff too 🙂

Katrina… I am not sure if she can really act well… As far as she doesn’t open her mouth I guess she can be watched on screen 😈 but criticisms apart… I think she has done pretty well too… sigh… I guess im jus being Diplomatic… but I guess we haven’t seen Kats in a humorous role before… if you consider Maine Pyar Kyu Kiya…. She was more of a Lost in the woods kinda female there… So I guess this is her first stint in comedy according to me… Singh is king dint have her doing any comedy mind you.. She was just the showpiece in the movie If I may say so…

The songs are great…I’ve already given my reviews on them.. if you’ve missed it you could always read it here….The picturisation too is pretty good… as usual I loved the Atif Aslam and Javed Ali songs… both Audio and Video :mrgreen:

The story,  I guess most of you might have read the reviews and many might have watched it already… So I’m not gonna talk much about that… I would prefer talking of some scenes that I liked and still remain fresh in my memory…. 😉

The first of the scenes that I remember is when the guys ask one of their dad’s friends for a place to start their Happy Club… loved it… The lines where Ranbir’s father scolds “tu bas kool kool karte reh namakool…” I was laughing pretty bad then… 😆 

The time when Ranbir keeps repeating wat Kats told him “Tum bahut achche ho, I like you “esp wen his father’s passing by…. and his father says “thank you…” ROFL the scene 😆

Dressed in a crisp ironed shirt with tie “maa main kaam pe jaa raha hoon maa” only to see him get into a halwai shop to make moti choor ke ladooss…maaannn that was hilarious…. 😀

The scene where both a local dada and the Happy Club decide to kidnap Upen Patel on his birthday, the way they all are dressed identical (White n white, with bow-ties, french beard and a big black mole on their cheeks 😆 ) and they realize it only at the party.when they face each other..simple comedy but nice…  🙂

The last action scene where everytime she tries to help him and ends up beating him on the head and he says “kya kar rahi ho jenny” “help kar rahi hoon prem” “tumhe help karna hai naa jenny th please kisi kone mein jaakar baith jao“  😀

And again when she beats him under the pretext of helping,  he says “Jenny tum kiske side pe ho..”Tumhare side pe prem…” “pakka, sure… lock kar doo”  😛 

kkiieekkiieekkiiee  😆

And the typical clichéd ending where at the day of the marriage the Damsel in Distress realizes how much she loves him… sigh…!!

But there’s one line that really captured my attention in the whole movie.. naah guys this one’s not a funny sequence or a humorous line… it’s a scene where Ranbir comes to meet Kats whose workin as an assistant in the nearby library he asks her “tum kabhi bore nahi hoti yaha” and she says “no I like it here… books are your best friends… they just give you company… they are anybody’s best friends.. They neither demand nor expect.. They just give you company

I was like “Awwww….sooooo truuueee” Books are a man’s errr woman’s too best friends… all I need is a good book, my iPod and pref incessant supply of hot tea 🙂 and my day is made… 😉

They neither expect nor demand… no frustrations, no fights, no issues… just plain company… 🙂

Overall it’s a nice movie… I might give it a 3/5…

If you don’t mind some mindless comedy and time pass you can watch this one for sure 🙂

It’s not a must watch but it’s definitely not worth a miss too… 🙂

Keep Rocking…!! Keep Smiling…!!! Keep Blogging…!!!!