~::~ The Box – Creepy ~::~

Firstly the cast got me interested..

Hadnt read much about the plot…. And now I wonder why dint I do that.. whats Wiki for..??  🙄


This ones a freaky movie.. maannn.. the worst part being its gonna run in my head for somedays now.. unless I manage to watch a coupla romcoms to take my mind off this one..

The Movie is supposed to be based on a short story called “Button Button” by  Richard Matheson…

Its not exactly a horror movie but more of a science fiction meets thriller..

Gory in some places.. Senseless in some others and Dark in most of the places…

Cameron Diaz and James Marsden (yummylicious as ever) make up for the major cast alongwith Frank Langella who makes up for the creepy character of Mr. Steward..

Arthur, played by James works for Nasa and Norma (Diaz) works as a professor.. One fine morning they wake up with a package delivered in front of their house And a note which says they wud be visited by a certain Mr. Steward.. The package contains a push button wooden box.. Later they are visited by Mr. Steward who places some conditions in front of them, with a promise of million dollars in cash..

No no I am not giving out the story.. What happens when the button is pressed or whats the function of the button or the box and why was it delivered.. these will be answered and understood only when you watch the movie..

The actors deliver impeccable and flawless performances.. Cameron looks old to be James’ wife but sigh! That’s not my headache is it.. Frank Langella does perfect justice to his character and pulls off a sinister performance with an air of eeriness around himself..  Theres not one moment where u feel bored but not to the extent of feeling at the edge of the seat but the movie does definitely keep you glued cos you always wonder “what the hell is happenin” atleast I did mutter that sentence a number of times under my breath..

Nonetheless , for those who love thrillers and wouldn’t mind spending time watching this.. I am sure you are gonna like it.. The most notable part of this movie according to me would be the background music.. the music complemented the movie so aptly so perfectly the dark goriness disturbing music only added more effect wo whatever was happenin on sscreen..

I wouldn’t say I am super impressed with the story.. but darn I cant ignore it too.. its definitely  disquieting  movie. Im still reeling on the aftereffects..Sigh!!!

It’s a tad more than Watchable but not a must watch so to me this one goes as a Certified Watchable and I would give it a 3.5/5..

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

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Valentine’s Day ~ Love in all Shades..!!

Naah naah.. puhleasse.. no more V-day carnival here… 😀

This is a movie review.. movie is.. well Valentine’s day..

Though I managed to watch it almost a month after v-day I still have no regrets watching it 🙂

It was a fun movie… and the best part was that in just 1.30 hrs it managed to capture the various forms of LOVE and weave them into innumerable short stories strung them into a big one… and presented it like nothing I’ve ever seen before… well something like “Love Actually” but this has more characters and LA managed to capture just romance in the lives of oldies.. Err… ok 20somethings… Valentine’s Day actually manages to capture many aspects of Love from childhood to teenage to young love… extra marital affairs.. Commitment phobic..Best friends realizing they love each other.. People who claim to be anti-v-day falling in love that very day… anything and everything that is LOVE..

So the story weaves and interweaves around the lives of the myriad actors in the movie.. The wonder part is that it has many actors..And of course my fave singer Taylor Swift as an actress too.. Yaayy….

She does know acting as well as she can sing.. Albeit there’s always room for improvement…

With a star cast that ranges from Julia Roberts to Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner.. Anne Hathway.. Kathy bates.. The masculine Jamie Foxx.. The sexy Mr. Patrick Dempsey.. The slurpilicious Bradley Cooper… the cute Ashton Kutcher.. The old but suave Hector Elizondo.. And many many more…

The stories are weaved beautifully.. Ashton loves Alba.. Proposes to her V-Day morning she says yes.. And he harps it to one and all who know him.. He’s a florist and V-day is the d-day for max business…Patrick is a doc married for 15yrs and was having an affair with Jennifer Garner who incidentally is Ashton’s best friend… half way thru the day alba breaks the engagement and plans to leave.. Patrick comes to deliver flowers to his wife and Jennifer and that’s when Ashton realizes Patrick is cheating.. He tries to warn her off but she decides to find out the hard way.. In the end Jennifer is with ashton.. That’s one story..

Ashton‘s character is like a mediator cos him being a florist helps many other stories.. Jennifer being a school teacher there comes a young boy who wants to send flowers to her and stops by Ashton’s shop.. Hector is the boy’s grandpa and his love story involves falling in love with a lady from school and being with her for the rest of his life.. Only to find out on this v-day that she had had an interim affair with his own best friend when he was away for work… Anne Hathway is a PA to Queen Latifah and since she was broke she picks up to Phone Sex to earn fast money.. She is in love with someone whose in the postal dept from the same office but when he realizes she’s into phone sex he kinda leaves her.. Only to get a vital lesson from Hector and his wife that when u love a person u accept them completely for wat they are with all their virtues  and faults… and he finds himself running back into Hathway’s arms…

Taylor swift’s story is completely different the only connection happens to be that she is a college mate of the young boy’s baby-sitter – Emma Roberts.. So there are 2 young college love stories happening one of Taylor swift and the other of Emma’s… meanwhile Jessica Biel whose Garner’s friend has to sort out a problem of a Sport star Eric Dane.. And meets a sports reporter Jamie Foxx.. Both claim to hate V-day as they have been single since the day they remember but by the time this v-day ends.. They have found each other.. 🙂

There are 2 super surprises and twists in the plot which obviously I am not revealing here…

So you gotta watch it to figure out the twists…!! 😉

The romance is breezy.. Emotional undercurrents… comedy interspersed.. A perfect treat for a lazy weekend.. 😀

A Must See for all romantics and from a neutral point of view.. It’s a CERTIFIED WATCHABLE.. I would give it a 2.75/5.. Naa naaah not being generous at all.. Yea yea I know I’m a sucker for romantic movies.. But this one’s definitely above average… and hence definitely worth a watch.. And with such superb star cast course you can watch it.. I would it watch it just for Ashton, Patrick and of course my eternal pretty woman Julia Roberts J

So long guys.. I know looooonnggg review.. Sorry dudes and dudettes.. Couldn’t help it.. It’s about love after all… 😀

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It’s Complicated…!!!But Endearing :)

Its Complicated

How do you think you would feel.. When you realize you are having an affair with a married man.. a man who was once married to you for 20 odd years and later divorced for another younger female..And you realize you are the Other WOMAN now..!!!???!!!

What happens when you have to attend your son’s graduation ceremony… with your 2 other off springs one married and the other studying.. And your ex-husband (of 20previous years together) comes there sans his current wife (the younger woman with a 5yr old kid)… and you both re-discover the passion and lust (not exactly love) on the night before (the graduation you sillies) whilst your kids out having a pre-graduation day party…

And the next day in the honor of your son’s graduation.. The whole family..Errr…previous complete family meets and dines together after a really long time.. And you experience is your ex-husband trying to seduce you under the table… (Bloody hilarious I say 😛 ) and later you end up having an affair and enjoy every teeny weeny bit of it.. to such an extent that your ex-husband is jealous of an architect spending time with you discussing you new wud be kitchen??

This is one helluva movie… believe you me guys… if you guys wanna have some real fun stuff to do on a weekend.. Just pick up some popcorn and head straight to this one..

Ok this is some mature stuff.. Lots of puns.. Lots of adulterated stuff.. But we’re all grown up aren’t we.. Certain nuances in the movie were simply marvelous.. Scenes where the JAKE (Alec Baldwin) tries to call up Jane hiding in the shower.. Playing footsie under the table.. Jealous of Adam (Steve Martin – the architect) superb I say… sneaking into her house like a thief.. Oh my so many of them.. its funny though how a man who has left his wife for over 10yrs now has fallen head over heels again in love with her…he knows her every action-reaction… likes-dislikes..Remembers every inch of their life together like the back of his hand..Reliving every memory..Awwww….maannn…u end up wondering why they ever divorce each other…

Now for the cast… Meryl Streep OMG she’s a Diva.. a perfect Diva.. Maannn.. I pray I age as gracefully as she has… somehow she reminds me of Madhubala-meets-Kate winslet-meet- madhuri… don’t know why guys.. But so I it is…and Steve Martin.. Well, he’s his quirky self but with a touch of melo-drama to that.. And Alec Baldwin.. Big fella (psst…that’s how Meryl calls him in the movie..) 😛

Nice one.. Amply delivered by the actors.. I loved and enjoyed every bit of it.. I give it a 3.5/5…

This movie is a must watch to all those who don’t mind watching some grown up fun.. Who don’t think its gross when a man and woman romance each other in their 50s..It’s such a sweet love story… Awwww…. Choooo cuuuteeee…. I would strongly recommend this one.. But strictly for people who don’t mind it.. The others should rather watch some mindless animation movie…Final verdict – Its Complicated 😉

But worth a watch 😀

Khan~Dont Impress Me Much…!!

After hearing a superfab album like Ishqiya.. MNIK kinda falls flat..

SPlaattchhh..!!! On the face with a big bloody nose..!!!

With all due respect to shankar Ehsaan Loy… and Kjo and Shahrukh and Kajol.. but this album is not nothing great to talk about…

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have given us superb numbers before..We’ve had some awesome songs churned out by this trio..  But they seem to be getting stuck in a rut… The numbers are reminiscent of their previous songs..  Simply put this album lacks opulence… This is not something you would expect from the SEL gang… I mean cmon these are the same people who gave us Rock On… who gave us WUS.. Who gave us  KHNH, KANK and many others.. But this album falls flat on the face.. Nothing great to offer..

I would give it just a 2/5 which is being generous cos bearing a couple of songs like  Allah E Rehem(which again is reminiscent of the Veer Zaara song) and Sajda(which sounds like the only original number) there’s nothing great to talk about…

Sigh..!! Anyways as usual here’s the detailed analysis


Alaah hi rehem – Sufi number simply marvelous.. I remember when I did the Kurbaan review some people commented saying Sufi numbers are generally a class apart esp those number that have Allah, Maula and Ali in them… and this song just proves it right .. though it is reminiscent of the Qawwali number from Veer Zaara this one is one of the best this album has to offer… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Khan Theme – nice lilting music.. Though it reminds me a wee bit of the background music we had in K3G when Hrithik was hunting down SRK – nice one but.. MISSABLE

Noor e khuda – pleasant number.. Though it has some slight influence of Mitwa meets Mission Kashmir (oh! Remember the starting of Ring Poshmal – Jahaan Zarra zarra mehekega..blah blah blah) 😛 with Adnan’s impeccable rendition.. This is a lovely number… but somehow that don’t impress me much.. Maybe I gotta listen it…there are some songs that take time to grow on you.. They slowly make you like them as u listen to them a couple of times… I’m sure this is gonna be one of those that might climb the charts soon.. And Shreya is the cherry topping on this slurpilcioous cake 😀 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Rang de – reminiscent of WAKE UP SID.. In more than many places.. The title song of WUS.. Very very reminiscent and yes since I liked that I like this one too 😛 so it’s a nice listen… CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Sajda – bloody brill number this one is.. No wonder KJO released this one first.. This is superfantasmashingbulous.. And Raahat Fateh Ali is as usual a complete delight to listen.. This is one number definitely not missable 😀 CERTIFIED MUST MUST LISTEN

Tere Naina – another sufiyaana feel… the song is a nice soft number.. The starting reminds me of that song from Veer Zaara which never made it to the movie and was even discarded from the album I guess (Tum paas aa rahe ho – it was a ghazal).. this sounds a tad Qawwali-ish also.. it’s a nice feel good song.. but nothing great.. Nothing out of the world..sigh..!! CERTIFIED LISTENABLE


Overall I would say the album is just about ok.. nothing great like their previous albums.. seems to me SEL’s losing touch..!! Oh ! please don’t let that happen guys I love your music.. cmon please get back with a bang.. give us some lovely zabrakoo numbers to cherish..

The Album doesn’t even live upto the hype that the movie has created.. pretty lackluster I must say..I expected SEL and KJo to give us better songs..ouCH..!!! I know all true blue KJo, SRK, SEL and Kajol fans are gonna stare daggers at me… but trust me I love them all..I’m someone who has watched K3g umpteen times and still love it..I’m someone who has watched DDLJ atleast once a day for 50 days when the movie released… I have listened to the songs of SEL as if they are my daily prayers.. And yet I dint feel this album was anything great.. Sorry Guys..!! But THAT DON’T IMPRESS ME MUCH..!!

In Ishq with Ishqiya…!!

When it’s a movie by Vishal Bharadwaj you can only expect the songs to be out of this world… and true to my world.. Vishal ne meri laaj rakhli 😛

Kkiieekkiieekkiee :mrgreen:

In short the songs are superfantasmashingbulous

Here’s my review 😛


Dil tho Baccha hai jee

Magar saccha hai jee

Gaana ye ati Uttam hai jee

Isse sunna bahut Zaruri hai jee

Ibn E Batuta bagal mein joota

Masti hai is gaane mein kooti

Isne hai mera dil loota

Jo na sune uska dimag foota

Ab mujhe koi intzaar kahaan

Vishal ne kya dhun bajayi yahaan

Rekha ke Madhur awaaz mein

Kho gaya mera dil aur jahaan

Badi dheere jali raina

Is gaane ka tho wah kya kehna

VB ke music aur rekha ke awaz ne

Fir kho gaya mera chaina

Remixes hai aur teen

Wo bhi kaafi behetareen

Album ho gaya khatam

Nahi hota mujse yakeen

Waah kyaa music kaa jaam pilaaya

Muje poori tarah se behosh karke hilaaya

Remixes nachayenge sabko hi par

Baaki ke gaano ne mujhe pyaar se sehlaaya


Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

Awrighty..!! Don’t worry you know me…

WATS meggie without long review posts right..??

Those who are satisfied with the above review jus leave your comments…

For those who can’t get enuff of my insanity… proceed…. :mrgreen:

Here’s the detailed analysis 😈


Dil tho baccha haiRahat Fateh Ali Khan –  reminiscent of an old song…ek na ek din yeh kahani banegi tu mere sapno ki rani banegi sung by Mukesh and yes the music too is a tad old filmy effect… but when its Vishal’s music u will love it completely 😀 Rahat’s perfect rendition not a single flaw.. Loved it…Loved it… Loved it… For all Rahat Fans Must Listen.. And for all others CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN 😈

Ibn e BatutaSukhwinder Singh& Mika – remember dilli -6.. Now combine Genda Phool and masakali – this is a super duper aviyal of them both 😀 (For those who don’t understand wat aviyal is check out Google 😛 ).. But this is simple piece of marveloustically zabrakoo number… I loved it.. The slight harkats that sukhwinder has given is splendid.. Ok agreed he can’t beat Mohit but he has done good justice to this.. Sounds like a chaotic song.. With a few funny lyrics here n there.. But CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Ab Mujhe KoiRekha Bharadwaj – A soft soulful ballad.. A perfect night time listening song.. a time when the world sleeps and you are just sitting by the window or balcony and looking outside with a full moon shining in the sky and there is a tiny song in your heart.. One of those moments when you reminisce life.. Or maybe sitting by the window on a rainy day and in a very nostalgic mood.. This is a perfect song for those nostalgic moments..In some places though this reminded me of mera kuch samaan(Ijaazat) (co-incidentally that was a naseer film too 😉 )… Never knew Rekha could explore this genre of music too.. She’s swell in this song.. And the music simply out of the world…CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Ibn e batutaremix – sigh..!! For me the funda for remixes is very simple.. If you love the original you tend to like the remix too.. And this one is a FAB number too J infact I loved the crazy frog effect given in the start.. Gives it a goofy feel.. And yes I love it I love it I love it 🙂 CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN yaa I know remix hai par fir bhi 😛

Badi Dheere jaliRekha Bharadwaj – The starting reminded me of Kaa Karoo Sajni (esp the fusion version by abhijit pohankar)… Another soulful ballad… loved it… I was just so swayed in the song that mom had to actually come and tap me n call me for dinner 😳 yep that mesmerizing it is… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Dil tho baccha hairemix –  like I’ve said before if you love the original u tend to like the remix too.. I’m kinda partial in this regards 😛 a wee bit of angrezi in between paras and I love it completely like the original one too 😀 personally I wud recommend it but bein a neutral party wen it comes to review I wud give it a LISTENABLE

IBN e batutaNucleya remix– now this is wat I call a remix.. With the electronic effect and everything.. Fab fab.. A wee bit of mixing effect.. This is easily gonna take place of Dhan Te Nan… You Bet it will..!!! This makes nod my head and def LISTENABLE


With VB you can be damn sure he will not let you down.. Neither with his movies nor with his songs.. And definitely NOT with his MUSIC 🙂 I give this one a 4/5..

Why -1 you might ask… Areeee ask naaah..  cos I wanna tell why… so ask… please ask.. 😆

Sigh..!! So for those sweet souls 🙂 who asked and for those bad peepl 👿 who dint.. I still tell you why… 😉

cos I want more…. YE DIL MAANGE MORE… not just 4 songs and 3 remixes…MISTER BHARADWAJ are you listening..

We want more..!!! We want more..!!! We want more..!!!

He’s just a class of his own 🙂

Yeaa yeaa im a VB fan can’t help it 😀

So that’s it from Megzone for today..!!! 😉

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Movie Quotes and Corporate World..!!!

Famous Quotes and Corporate World

I was searching for some inspiration to blog something sensible…

Err.. obviously afterall the insane in me wants to take a rest once in while 😉

so how exactly I came about hunting for quotes you may wonder.. well.. it so happened that I was finding for some nice quotes to go on my Office Communicator.. something fataaakk.. dhadakebaaz.. and I remembered the PS: I love You quote : Shoot for the moon, if you miss you shall hit the stars

err…somefing like that… so now I was on a journey to find a suitable quote for my Office Communicator.. and I must say I came across some very relevant and superb quotes…

and that’s when this brainwave strikes me..

why not try to relate the movie quotes with oour very own corporate world..

we spend almost 12-14 hours out of the house… of which atleas 8-9 are spent in the office in our cubicles

and don’t we meet some real whackos in real life too 😉

so there.. I embarked on a journey collecting quotes that I found interesting and started classifying them into charactors we come across in office 😛

errr… aint this another dose ur insanity..??

hell..!! it is who cares.. its makes for an interesting read that’s what matters 😈

kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

So here we go .. let there be light..err quotes 😈


The Pantry people who become your friends – But if you wanna leave, you can. I’ll remember you though, just like I remember everyone that leaves – Lilo and Stitch

Trainer – Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game – a cinderalla story

Coder – I always feel like an idiot. But I am an idiot, so it kinda works out! – Billy Madison

A Hard working employee waiting for a good appraisal – I can only assume that there’s only one thing more frustrating than not being able to find someone, and that’s not being found. I would want someone to find me, more than anything.” – Cecelia Ahern’s book A Place Called here

Tester – Some of the best things in life are total mistakes – Paycheck

Coders/Developers – Never knew I could feel like this, like I’ve never seen the sky before. – Moulin rouge

Talent Managers- It’s a wonderful thing, as time goes by, to be with someone who looks into your face, when you’ve gotten old, and still sees what you think you look like – the bachelor

Managers – When I’m good, I’m very, very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better – Mae West quotes

The CoEs- the antimatter is suspended, there, in an airtight nano-composite shell with electromagnets on each end. But if it were to fall out of suspension, and come into contact with matter, say with the bottom of the canister, the two opposing forces would annihilate one another –  Angel and Demons

CEOIt’s like the cartoons, I’m seein all tweet tweet. – JOE DIRT

QR Team Same old shit, different day – Shawshank Redemption

Team leaderDon’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. Go for it – 10 things I hate about you

HR – Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!- Billy MAdison

ImmigrationYou forgot the rule. Now, what is the rule? – million dollar baby


Sigh..!! how similar life is…!!

That’s it from Megzone now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerios :mrgreen:

The Proposal

I managed to catch up on quite a number of movies this vacation.. and one of them was the Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds… it’s a typical RomCom movie.. the movie’s a breath of fresh air considering the recent action and adventure offerings that we’ve had..

Sandra Bullock.. though old still plays her role of the protagonist to perfection.. the aggressive career-centric M the boss attitude editor in chief  ala Devil wears Prada kinda role… Ryan Reynolds her executive assistant bulldozed to work late hours lack of personal life running errands for her.. perfectly executed… She being an immigrant  from Canada to be deported back inspite of STAYING and wrking in America for quite sometime… the only way out is the typical Marriage of Convenience and the amicable scapegoat her exec assistant dying to be editor Ryan.. She’s a no nonsense B***H boss and he has to weed out his way and make her play by his rules as he has the upper hand…Cos if she doesn’t she wud be deported back to Canada and would not be able to work for an American Company for like 1-2 years…The immigration office as usual plays the villain ala Ramji Londonwale (Naladamayanthi to you tam folks out there)… will they fall in love or no.. Does she get deported or no…??Thats what the movie is all about… naa naa I’m not giving out any spoilers here.. so watch it if you wanna know wat happens..

Overall it’s a nice feel good movie.. in some places it really relevant to the current work scenario where sycophancy rules 😀 and at the same time it shows that if you cant take the honey out with yr finger tilt the bottle and get watchu want(awright that’s an hyperbole on Ghee seedha ungli se naa nikle tho ungli tedhi karni padhthi hai) but that’s damn relevant…

I don’t know if im the only one but I always feel Sandra reminds me of Dimple kapadia when it comes to the facial structure and poise.. well.. both are stunning beauties anyways

Alaska my God watta place.. God’s creation simply marvelous serene, calm, soothing yet in its own ways adventurous and rustic.. Move over swiss Alaska’s here.. Trust me guys.. If you must watch this movie for the sake of Alaska’s beauty.. Oh My..!! What an exhilarating beauty.. mountains, lakes, foggy peaks, flighty birds, green pastures… My oh my… An ideal romantic retreat guys…!!

Acting super

Story – a tad cliched

Alaska  bloody breath-takingly beautiful

Sandra Rocks as usual

Overall 3/5

Do watch it… its worth a miss for you hardcore action adventure freaks but for those hopeless romantics another cherry on the cake 😀