~::~ The Box – Creepy ~::~

Firstly the cast got me interested..

Hadnt read much about the plot…. And now I wonder why dint I do that.. whats Wiki for..??  🙄


This ones a freaky movie.. maannn.. the worst part being its gonna run in my head for somedays now.. unless I manage to watch a coupla romcoms to take my mind off this one..

The Movie is supposed to be based on a short story called “Button Button” by  Richard Matheson…

Its not exactly a horror movie but more of a science fiction meets thriller..

Gory in some places.. Senseless in some others and Dark in most of the places…

Cameron Diaz and James Marsden (yummylicious as ever) make up for the major cast alongwith Frank Langella who makes up for the creepy character of Mr. Steward..

Arthur, played by James works for Nasa and Norma (Diaz) works as a professor.. One fine morning they wake up with a package delivered in front of their house And a note which says they wud be visited by a certain Mr. Steward.. The package contains a push button wooden box.. Later they are visited by Mr. Steward who places some conditions in front of them, with a promise of million dollars in cash..

No no I am not giving out the story.. What happens when the button is pressed or whats the function of the button or the box and why was it delivered.. these will be answered and understood only when you watch the movie..

The actors deliver impeccable and flawless performances.. Cameron looks old to be James’ wife but sigh! That’s not my headache is it.. Frank Langella does perfect justice to his character and pulls off a sinister performance with an air of eeriness around himself..  Theres not one moment where u feel bored but not to the extent of feeling at the edge of the seat but the movie does definitely keep you glued cos you always wonder “what the hell is happenin” atleast I did mutter that sentence a number of times under my breath..

Nonetheless , for those who love thrillers and wouldn’t mind spending time watching this.. I am sure you are gonna like it.. The most notable part of this movie according to me would be the background music.. the music complemented the movie so aptly so perfectly the dark goriness disturbing music only added more effect wo whatever was happenin on sscreen..

I wouldn’t say I am super impressed with the story.. but darn I cant ignore it too.. its definitely  disquieting  movie. Im still reeling on the aftereffects..Sigh!!!

It’s a tad more than Watchable but not a must watch so to me this one goes as a Certified Watchable and I would give it a 3.5/5..

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

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Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

It’s Complicated…!!!But Endearing :)

Its Complicated

How do you think you would feel.. When you realize you are having an affair with a married man.. a man who was once married to you for 20 odd years and later divorced for another younger female..And you realize you are the Other WOMAN now..!!!???!!!

What happens when you have to attend your son’s graduation ceremony… with your 2 other off springs one married and the other studying.. And your ex-husband (of 20previous years together) comes there sans his current wife (the younger woman with a 5yr old kid)… and you both re-discover the passion and lust (not exactly love) on the night before (the graduation you sillies) whilst your kids out having a pre-graduation day party…

And the next day in the honor of your son’s graduation.. The whole family..Errr…previous complete family meets and dines together after a really long time.. And you experience is your ex-husband trying to seduce you under the table… (Bloody hilarious I say 😛 ) and later you end up having an affair and enjoy every teeny weeny bit of it.. to such an extent that your ex-husband is jealous of an architect spending time with you discussing you new wud be kitchen??

This is one helluva movie… believe you me guys… if you guys wanna have some real fun stuff to do on a weekend.. Just pick up some popcorn and head straight to this one..

Ok this is some mature stuff.. Lots of puns.. Lots of adulterated stuff.. But we’re all grown up aren’t we.. Certain nuances in the movie were simply marvelous.. Scenes where the JAKE (Alec Baldwin) tries to call up Jane hiding in the shower.. Playing footsie under the table.. Jealous of Adam (Steve Martin – the architect) superb I say… sneaking into her house like a thief.. Oh my so many of them.. its funny though how a man who has left his wife for over 10yrs now has fallen head over heels again in love with her…he knows her every action-reaction… likes-dislikes..Remembers every inch of their life together like the back of his hand..Reliving every memory..Awwww….maannn…u end up wondering why they ever divorce each other…

Now for the cast… Meryl Streep OMG she’s a Diva.. a perfect Diva.. Maannn.. I pray I age as gracefully as she has… somehow she reminds me of Madhubala-meets-Kate winslet-meet- madhuri… don’t know why guys.. But so I it is…and Steve Martin.. Well, he’s his quirky self but with a touch of melo-drama to that.. And Alec Baldwin.. Big fella (psst…that’s how Meryl calls him in the movie..) 😛

Nice one.. Amply delivered by the actors.. I loved and enjoyed every bit of it.. I give it a 3.5/5…

This movie is a must watch to all those who don’t mind watching some grown up fun.. Who don’t think its gross when a man and woman romance each other in their 50s..It’s such a sweet love story… Awwww…. Choooo cuuuteeee…. I would strongly recommend this one.. But strictly for people who don’t mind it.. The others should rather watch some mindless animation movie…Final verdict – Its Complicated 😉

But worth a watch 😀

The Proposal

I managed to catch up on quite a number of movies this vacation.. and one of them was the Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds… it’s a typical RomCom movie.. the movie’s a breath of fresh air considering the recent action and adventure offerings that we’ve had..

Sandra Bullock.. though old still plays her role of the protagonist to perfection.. the aggressive career-centric M the boss attitude editor in chief  ala Devil wears Prada kinda role… Ryan Reynolds her executive assistant bulldozed to work late hours lack of personal life running errands for her.. perfectly executed… She being an immigrant  from Canada to be deported back inspite of STAYING and wrking in America for quite sometime… the only way out is the typical Marriage of Convenience and the amicable scapegoat her exec assistant dying to be editor Ryan.. She’s a no nonsense B***H boss and he has to weed out his way and make her play by his rules as he has the upper hand…Cos if she doesn’t she wud be deported back to Canada and would not be able to work for an American Company for like 1-2 years…The immigration office as usual plays the villain ala Ramji Londonwale (Naladamayanthi to you tam folks out there)… will they fall in love or no.. Does she get deported or no…??Thats what the movie is all about… naa naa I’m not giving out any spoilers here.. so watch it if you wanna know wat happens..

Overall it’s a nice feel good movie.. in some places it really relevant to the current work scenario where sycophancy rules 😀 and at the same time it shows that if you cant take the honey out with yr finger tilt the bottle and get watchu want(awright that’s an hyperbole on Ghee seedha ungli se naa nikle tho ungli tedhi karni padhthi hai) but that’s damn relevant…

I don’t know if im the only one but I always feel Sandra reminds me of Dimple kapadia when it comes to the facial structure and poise.. well.. both are stunning beauties anyways

Alaska my God watta place.. God’s creation simply marvelous serene, calm, soothing yet in its own ways adventurous and rustic.. Move over swiss Alaska’s here.. Trust me guys.. If you must watch this movie for the sake of Alaska’s beauty.. Oh My..!! What an exhilarating beauty.. mountains, lakes, foggy peaks, flighty birds, green pastures… My oh my… An ideal romantic retreat guys…!!

Acting super

Story – a tad cliched

Alaska  bloody breath-takingly beautiful

Sandra Rocks as usual

Overall 3/5

Do watch it… its worth a miss for you hardcore action adventure freaks but for those hopeless romantics another cherry on the cake 😀

Paa…You Rock…!!!

A lovely adorable delightful slice of pure unhindered by masala cinema… yes that’s what Paa is…

The very introduction of the movie wrt to its casting, directors, assistants, producers itself proves that Balki is a unique director…A movie maker par excellence.. yes that’s what he is… After CheeniKum he picked up a very dicey topic to start with… and roped in the best actors the industry could offer.. and he proves triumphant . To me Balki comes across as one of those few experimental directors story writers.. Who would create a certain expectation in your mind and heart and deliver it with great élan…

Wondering what’s different with the opening lines of the movie… well…its simple that’s all period… no shoo-shaa…no flashy sets… no blaring music…. no hurting eyes with the lighting….and the striking part… we have jaya bachchan herself sitting on some steps and announcing them…

Just plain jaya, decked in a white sari with a red border with a smile on her face presenting the cast and crew of the movie.…

The movie begins with a school celebrating their 50th anniversary on account of which MP Amol Arte (visionary politician Abhishek) and in order to commemorate the event there is a special Visions of India Competition wherein students showcase perception of India in the future as the future citizens… and the very assortment or ideas that were spewed on screen for this contest was indeed commendable..  with the song Halke se bole lilting away in the background, must say this piece definitely welled my eyes with tears… the ideas if indeed perceived by children was indeed a spellbinder what with concepts like sachin for president to rejoining Pakistan with India using band aids … completely charming …and no prizes for guessing the winner of the contest… Someone who had the indigenous sense to perceive white globe no maps… no colors…no countries… no continents… just a plain white Globe… what a fancy idea that one…a white globe which stands for peace and no partitions…were its one world…one nation… on state…one city.. And that’s AURO…..the progeria inflicted 12year old kid…

And since the event was graced by the MP himself there was media coverage and Auro is constantly pestered  by the media cos of his condition…The mother to the rescue enter Vidya Balan- gynecologist..

Since the news is telecasted on the TV at night that’s when Vidya realizes Auro has received the prize and shook hands with his father… Cut to flash back… a younger Abhi and a younger Vidya both studying in UK for their respective fields… bump into each other at the corner of Brasenose Lane and there begins their clandestine romantic episode… they sure do have some chemistry… well.. as a result of unprotected pre-marital sex Vidya gets pregnant… when she announces the same to Abhor he acts as a complete irresponsible commitment-phobic prize a**… he doesn’t want any glitches and hitches in his career.. a budding politician who wants to prove to the world that politics is not a bad word…yeaa …whatever 🙄 … a politician not ready to take the responsibility of his actions but ready to take over the responsibility of his city, state, country… hear hear….

Cut to… Vidya with her mom… crying and divulging the details of their affair and her predicament… loved the character of the mom… simple… sympathetic… strong… resolved… supportive and yet to the point… no beating around the bush… no grey characterization… either black or white.. u want the baby or not… simple question single answer Yes or No… bang on target… cut to current scenario… to compensate for all the media hassles Abhor befriends Auro and they have their own series of misunderstandings, anger bouts blah blah blah…one such day on the eve of his 13th Bday Auro has a panic attack and the doc says they aint sure how longer he wud survive… that’s when Vidya decides to tell him the truth.. Reveal who his father is… that’s his Bday gift…then starts the scenes where Auro wants to reveal to his Paa who he is but cant cos he doesn’t want to be a hichki in his career… so says Vidya to him…but he does realize at another panic attack at another time… and the movie ends with Auro trying to bring his parents together and the last word he utters is Paa and there he breathes his last… perfect RIP moment….

The movie has many a heart wrenching moment… this is one movie where I laughed with Auro, for Auro , at Auro and cried for Auro too… the moments where on his 13th Bday his mom reveals who his dad is and he says “why now??Oh right you’re not sure if ill live for the next Bday eh??”And when he gets his second panic attack on hearing the word Bastard and learns the true definition of the word… he’s completely adorable…every time hiss ma wakes him he says… “Kyaa ma… why are u disturbing me?”  And when Abhor apologizes to Vidya in front of the media and asks her on TV to forgive him n marry him, Auro says “ma sorry bol raha hai” and he and his granny (bum as he calls her) exchange aankhon aankhon mein ishare trying to hook his parents together…. Maaan I must say both  the characters of Auro n Bumm are a real sport … the last final attack… is the most heat wrenching nerve wrecking one…I was completely in tears in the last 10mins….

Now to the characterizations of the actors….

Vidya breath-takingly beautiful… in GUYS’ terms perfect GF/Wife material…. Immensely portrayed perfect gal in love…Spurned pregnant lover… grievous mom… and gentle supportive mea to Auro…

An act truly laudable…..After Parineeta this is her best performance….

And Abhor pretty good too….. 😉 he has improved as an actor…but his character in the movie…def not a BF/hubby material…

Mann… her mom’s character is simply out of this world… If I were to express her character in a single word it wud be Sport… she is simple… no grays… either black or white    … u want the kid or no… that’s all nothing more nothing else… single answer n the decision is made… society, practicality gayi tel lene… kid or no kid.. is the question…fantabulous character… marvelous…outstanding…She cried in silence on her daughter’s condition…supportive of her decision…funny over the ball zesty granny… but never once let her daughter have even the teensiest idea of her anguish.. She was supportive…caring… teaching her the laws of single parenthood… wat a mother… Maaan… she deserves an ode… hats off to her character she is the backbone for vidya’s life….I bow to thee Madame… and Arundhati Naag has performed the character flawlessly… she’s simply extraordinary…as of now I’m simply out of words to rave her performance… SIMPLY SUPERB..!!

AB has proved his mantle yet again… he is the best the ultimate unequal-able insurmountable untouchable if I may say so SUPERSTAR we can ever have…. For a moment u simply forget its Amitabh, there on the screen, rather its jus a 12 yr old progeria patient Auro… not AB… not Abhi’s father…. not jaya’s spouse… nopes… Jus Auro spreading his Aura everywhere…

AB has proved it yet again that HE’S THE BOSS he’s the superstar of yesteryear or today… he’s the living legend… he is the best… the supreme..The magnificent…un-rivaled…empyrean… he has stolen the show… this can be conferred as the BEST Movie of 2009… rather the best…maan… m running out of superlatives… The best movie of AB till date… forget his yesteryears performances… move over agneepath… AAA…majboor…zanjeer… none of these can match this august…resplendent…out of the world performance… I’m still in complete reverence of the character and the actor himself…

He proved it to the whole industry that even at this old age… when he is actually a Granddad himself he can still act the part of an effervescent vivacious vibrant tad sarcastic pre-teen – teens guy…  there has never been anyone better than him, and I doubt there ever can be….

His voice modulations… the way he tried to behave like a 12 year old… oi maa… m in complete  admiration  full marks to AB on this…

Awwww….shoooooo shwweeeeetttt…. Wat an delightful kiddo…. Jus cos he’s not allowed to have mirchi and his mom loves mirchi he asks her to continue having wat she likes… in Auro’s language “aapko tho mirchi allowed hai naa…then why this unn…unneeceee..unnceesseaaary sacrifice… aap khao”

A standing applaud… Hats off… three cheers… and a BOW..!! AB ROCKS…!!!!

Wat an enchanting alluring gratifying movie… move over TZP…. Paa is here to rule the roost and win the hearts of all masses… a sure winner..!!