26/11 and we still move on….

It has been a year since the event happened…the memories are still fresh in our minds… But what has it yielded… People are making the day as if it’s a martyrs’ day.. and if it is what have we don’t to salute and grieve over those who lost their lives this day last year??


 Have you given them the justice..?? do you think only mourning helps??



 Some say wear white for peace…some say wear black for mourning..?? wat is this is this a fight against terrorism or one those innumerable days that cards industry like Archies market on..??



 The people responsible for this are yet to face the judgment… they are given a treatment that is definitely not befitting to what they have done… and wat is the response to all this??



We are a peace loving nation… this is our culture… patience, tolerance, submissive ness… blah blah blah…



 Cmon… you can’t pull off a Munna bhai act with these people – send them a bunch of flowers and say “Get Well Soon Mamu…!!!”



Fine wateva… these are a just few lines of moi explaining my inner tumult and anger… 2 cents of the hubbub in my mind…sorry if this sounds like a controversial piece,… but I’ve had it since morning…














It’s been a year

Some still in fear



For others its just



 another day, mere


They came they blew


They killed and slew


Yet they face no penalty

 Though many hearts bid Adieu


Exactly a year later


And we aint no better


He‘s but to face a sentence


Yet every whim of his we cater


Wen we ask the folks


For answers, we coax


Abt punishment we ask


To they who rule us poor blokes


Only facts do we portray


Law for all goes the same way


ut he’s a terrorist we protest


But now he’s in India, they say


Another year gone


And yet no judgment is drawn


We’re left to move on and on


Won’t we ever have a dawn??


How many more such events


How much more tolerance


Haven’t we learnt anythin frm the past


Why so much pretence


This is our so called tradition


No fights no ammunition


No aggression, just plain ol’


Patience and submission