No Time For Love…!!

V-Day Carnival again…!!! 😀

This time a completely different shade of Love..!!!

For people who are absolutely busy with life to have time to wait for love to happen.. or to let love happen 😉


read on 😀


No time for love

Weekdays spent in Meetings Galore

Weekends running aisles of grocery store

Routine Life, Spelled out ”Bore”

I got no time for love


Lost in things practical

My mind ceases to be logical

Mundane-ism aint that Magical

I got no Time for love


Peak hour traffic, trudging along

Swear words becoming daily song

After a hard day’s toil to be home I long

I got no time for love


Love- the word so mythical

Makes people irrational

Not that’s it despicable

I got no Time for love


I hope you liked it 🙂

do lemme know your thoughts 😛

Keep Smiling…!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!!! :mrgreen: