~::~ Dreamy Flights ~::~

i hope i am not late with this one..

Thanks Luke for inspiring me to pen down something after a long time…

when i am caught up in the myriad tangles of work and can hardly breathe with the guilt of not being able to pen down poems.. the Octain form came to my rescue.. Thank you One Stop Poetry– cos you are equally responsible for helping me pen this down…

Though m posting this on a Tuesday 😉 this my Octain for One Stop Monday Form 😛

~::~ Dreamy Flights ~::~

I sail away on deep blue seas

A million stars twinkle so bright

Pearly full moon, misty moonlight


Flowery fragrant wafting breeze

Distant presence, feelings intense

Undying hopes that never cease


Dreams of yonder, capture my night

I sail away on deep blue seas