Free-Flow Poetry ~::~ Random Thoughts ~::~

Sev a wonderful artist, blogger and what not 🙂

He threw a challenge for all his fellow bloggers.. and yes since im always up for challenges how can I not pick this up 😀

For details on the challenge check Sev’s post

and here’s what I came up with…

Sev I hope I lived upto your expectations 😀


~::~ Random Thoughts ~::~

As I play the music

A wave hits over me

A feeling of chaos

A dream I am chasing

I’m flying I’m flowing

For words I’m floundering

The beat takes a rhythm

Slowly gathers pace

The chaotic mind

Also on a plane

A journey they begin

A collage of pictures

Captured by time

A feeling of overwhelming

My Soul bursts apart

Scattered into smithereens

Every particle depicts me

The person that I am

My soul my essence

Even my shadow in its presence

As if a movie rewinds

And plays again

Over and over in my heart

A fluttering of wings

A butterfly tickles

Some flowers bloom

Couple smiles captured

In my memory

Some corner of my brain

There exists a me apart from me


This is also my acceptance post of the Perfect Poet Award Week 23 🙂

Thank you soo much Ji 🙂 and keeping in accordance with tradition I would like to nominate Noha

You guys too lemme know your thoughts too…

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!


PS –some new awards presented by sweetest Jingle are on the Deluge of Awards Page 😀

Ji I’m extremely sorry for being late L work has been super crazy this week.. the lack of rally has turned out to be a blessing in disguise cos I wudnt have been able to participate then L

Maths+Harry Potter+Disney = MatheMagical Love Story..!!

What happens when you have a friend who loves Maths..??

What happens when you have a teamie whose complete gaga and crazy over Harry Potter and Disney Characters..??

What happens when you friend and teamie are one and the same person..??

What happens when this teamie+friend knows you have a fetish for poems….??

What happens when this female+Teamie+Friend gives you a challenge to write a LOVE-STORY POEM using Maths, Harry Potter and Disney as the theme…. 🙄

wondering what just happened here 😯

aaahhh…welll… I have this super cool team-mate whose all that I just mentioned.. Maths freak… loves Harry Potter and Disney to the core… and madamoiselle came up with a challenge for me saying –  “write me a love-poem or a love-story poem using these 3 aspects as the theme”

I was like 😯 “are you alrite?? maths with Disney and Harry Potter… ?? ” 🙄

All she did was ” 🙂 you are a poet right.. and you love challenges… and always looking for a topic to write on…so here it is 🙂 ”

I was like.. awrighty lemme give it a try…. no harm in trying right?? 😉

Aaannnnddd welll… the following is the outcome of this Mixed Fruit Salad… 😛


I lay on bed doing sums

In my ears a tune he hums

Preparing for the oncoming test

No wonder my mind’s unrest


Sin and Cos do Confundus charms

Geometry seems like a Manual of Arms

He sat there playing Aladdin, my mind detaches

Whilst arithmetic plays Quidditch matches


I am Jasmine and he’s my Prince Charming

Fighting wizards with spells and disarming

Flying on our carpet to find Neverland

Awaiting Tinkerbell’s helping wand


Pythagoras lays a flagrante net

He banishes with an aguamenti jet

Integrals, Differentials and Statistics

Protego, shields us from these bricks…


Zipping and zooming we find the Lamp

Whoosh… Comes Genie to join our Camp

Probability plays Jafar, kidnaps me, Jasmine..

Problems he sets, Formulae puts Aladin to chagrin..


Permutations and combinations he seeks

Specialis Revelio gives him sneak peeks

He rescues me, we rejoice in glory

And here begins our MatheMagical love story


Well…welll…that was it.. my attempt at composing a poem with 3 completely contrast things…

I hope you guys like it…

Do let me know..

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!!!

Cheerios…!!! :mrgreen:

Image+Words Challenge ~ Story Un-Begun

You have all seen me writing poetry..

you have all appreciated… motivated.. and sometimes even got bored of my poetry…

Not that it deters me from writing more…. 😉

Poetry comes naturally to me… so stopping me or chiding is not gonna help anyone….. 😛

Seeing  my penchant for poetry…. Princess Raji.. gave me a challenge….

She gave me a few words… an image.. and asked me to create a poetry.. using them…

The image given was…

The words given to me were..












and the resultant poetry is as follows 😀


Story Un-Begun

Month of June

Peach-ish moon

Tinted horizons

Prancing dandelions

Crayon spattered scenery

Dressed in bridal finery

Tranquility in air

Cascading hair…

Reverberating memories

Thwarted mental peace

Impulse for unison

Story un-begun

Lost opportunity

Woebegone me

Trenchant moonbeams

Thoughts bursting at seams


I hope you guys liked the concoction that I ended up with…

Do let me know your thoughts…

Cos they are valuable to me.. to keep me going… and motivate me for more 🙂

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!!!Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen: