Gratitude Everyday – Day 9

“Train your mind to see good in every situation”


Day 9

I guess we all agree, our mind governs our feelings, thoughts and actions. What we think is reflected in what we feel/ do. To have a strong mind also means to have control the choices you make (wrt. feelings, thoughts and actions). I am sure many of us have faced situations where what you feel is different from what you express externally. You may be sad on the inside but you express happiness, content and bliss on the outside. Isnt that a constant battle we all face in our day to day life. Yesterday I mentioned about how I chose to be happy, today I reflect upon how I chose something exactly opposite of how I was actually feeling. Was it easy? No! It took almost super human efforts to not dwell on the so many things that are not going right (right now) and to think of times when I was happy so that I can be happy now. It is a battle I am currently fighting not because I have to but more so because I want to. I want to be happy, I want to be carefree and relaxed, I want to have a clear mind where nothing troubles me, I want (what common people mostly refer to as) detachment, I want to be Free!!! I choose not to dwell on the negativity and despair although thats what surrounds me a lot! I choose not to succumb to the gnawing thoughts that want to conquer my mind and spread darkness! I choose not to feel restless, frustrated, angry or vulnerable – I want to be strong, stubborn and happy! I choose to veer my mind away from turbulence into a sea of stillness and calmness. I choose my mind over matters. I choose positivity, happiness, good vibes and peace. Today I would like to thank the Universe for bestowing me with the power to control my mind and also a strong willpower to withstand any and all obstacles in the way of attaining inner peace (big words I know!). Today Dear Universe, I thank you for this beautiful mind that has in all moments of past, present and future  – displayed the ability to control how I want my mind to think, act and feel. Thank you for this wonderful mind that can also be easily distracted and adapt to my thoughts! Thank you for this brilliant mind that has the ability to feel happiness and sadness at the same time. Thank you for the blissfulness that overcomes when I decide what I choose to feel today, the tranquility that washes over me when I am in charge of my wondrous mind. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Gratitude Everyday – Day 2

Feeling Thankful is easy but putting them in words is difficult, especially when you have so much to be grateful or thankful for.


Day 2

I am truly thankful to my parents. They have been my comfort place for all of my life. Nothing is more blissful than laying your head on your mothers lap or eating her scrumptious food. Even when you have arguments, disagreements or debates, you know they love you and they know too. I have learnt a lot of good values from them some incl. not expecting much from people, hard work & education never goes waste, to be an optimist and look for the light at the end of the tunnel, be honest and truthful, mistakes are mistakes irrespective of who makes it and most importantly always believe in Karma, and ofcourse believe in God and spirituality. They have tolerated me when I have been the most difficult child a parent could have, they never let go of me when I was being a wild child and maniacal. I dont think I can handle another ME the way they have. I will always be grateful to them for everything they have done for me in my life. I can never be thankful enough for their well being and having them in my life. Thank you dear Universe, for the best parents ever!!!