Prince ~ Charming Indeed..!!

When you have an album full of songs from Atif Aslam what more can you ask for..

When you have songs that enter through your ears and become with one with you when your mind keeps humming…buzzing.. Muting… and echoing the same songs again and again what more can you expect…

Remixes or no Remixes this album is a CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN… 😀

Yes each and every song is simply mind-blasting.. But…there always a but… 🙄

If you’re not someone who doesn’t mind listening to Lounge kinda feel… then you can skip it…

Cos most of the songs have good orchestration and hence they give out a lounge feel… couple of them are the typical Discotheque kinda songs… perfect Dance Numbers… IF you don’t like such stuff. Skip it…

And if you do not like them but yes you are open to all kinds of music then trust me you would love this one…

Cos I do… the mere fact that 90% songs are Atif Aslam is more than enough to have me hooked on to this…

Especially when the song is “Tere Liye” its completely un-missable.. You have to have to have to listen to this one at least if not the other songs… This song has simply captured my brain cells and done such a hubble-bubble to it that all I keep humming all day long is “jannate sajai maine tere liye… chod di khudai maine tere liye…” simply supersplendofantasmashinglicious :mrgreen:

Personally I would give it a 4.5/5 partly cos it’s a superb Atif Album to have and secondly cos I loved all the songs… Neutrally thinking (see I’m so considerate about my readers…Yo! Me Saint Me.!!) 😛 I would give it say a 3.5-4 cos frankly the songs are all really good.. The music is different and catchy… definitely pulls in masses… the Music Director Sachin Gupta has definitely give a super album here… Kudos… bravo… keeps em coming… 🙂

And now for the detailed review… 😀


Tere Liye ~ Atif Aslam, Shreya Ghoshal– what do I tell about this song.. It’s one of those songs that just stick inn ur head and refuse to leave… Albeit the opening lines reminds me of that old song called “ho jaata hai kaise pyar na jaane koi naa jaane koi” from the movie yalgarThis is one of those where u simply flow away with Atif and get usurped into his world 😀 U won’t believe all my class hours this Sunday I was just humming this song incessantly my bench mate had got completely frustrated 😀 I am completely totally sincerely hopelessly in love with this song… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

O mere khuda ~ Atif Aslam, Garima Jhingon – After Tere Liye if there’s one song that keeps you hooked on is definitely O mere Khuda… this one’s already appearing in all the promos of the movie… definitely a rocking number.. And yet another lovely number… Simply Rocking…  CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Kaun Hoon Main ~ Atif Aslam – when I saw the title of the song I thought this is gonna be like the Main kya hoon from Love Aaj Kal… but the moment Atif started crooning maaann… I was simply lost… it felt as if a wave of euphoria just washed over me and took to a distant land… Atif is simply mind-blowing in this song… He is one of those singers who can just melt your heart…. CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Aa Bhi Jaa Sanam ~ Atif Aslam – Atif at his mellifluous best in this… the way he says “aa bhi jaa sanam you naa kar sitam” maannn… if someone was to sing like this…faala main tho sab kuch chod chaadke bhaag jaati uske paas… You can’tignore this song… it simply captures your attention and leaves you yearning for more and more and more of Atif… hayyyeee…wat do I say now..I’m completely swayed with the songs… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Jiyara Jiyara ~ Alisha Chinai, Hard Kaur – this is a typical dance number.. The starting reminds me of the Main tera Dhadkan teri from APKGK… maybe cos both the preludes are sung by Hard Kaur… But yes this is a perfect item number pub/disco number… and I’m sure this is gonna end up being a college fest rocker and also the next common dance bit in all these reality dance shows 🙂 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Ishq Mein ~Monali thakur – this is a feel good number… you can listen to it… it seems more like a item-number-ish kinda number… but no no ranti lyrics or music.. It’s a nice breezy number… fairly good singing too… might not appeal to all… but the lyrics are really awesome… CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Prince Mega mix ~ Sachin Gupta – this is a mega mix in all the sense of the term… throw in all the songs of the movie… o mere khuda.. Kaun hoon main…Jiyara Jiyara… tere liye…aa bhi jaa sanam… add in some sound mixers… make sure Atif is doing his usual super-aalaap (err…thts wat I cud explain tht bit as 😕 )Add some dhinchak beats… bring in the electro –effect and you have a mega mix 😀 and yes I would mind listening to this too… yes yes I know I am against remix… but not when Atif is singing peeps… he’s the best 😀 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Aa Bhi Jaa Sanam (Dance Mix) ~ Atif Aslam – Add in electro mixers to this song… increase the pace…bring in the extra drums… a lil bit of mixing here and there and you have the dance mix… perfect for the long drives with music blasting from your system… and yes yes I love it.. It has Atif after all 😀 for my purposes its must listen but for the benefit of my readers.. CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Kaun Hoon Main (Dance Mix) ~ Atif Aslam – add the electro feel… fasten the pace… add in mixers and voila you have the dance mix… CERTIFIED LISTENABLE ONLY FOR ATIF LOVERS 😀

O mere khuda(Dance Mix) ~ Atif Aslam, Garima Jhingon –lots of mixing in this one… lots of Atif crooning in this.. Garima sounds a lot like Shilpa Rao… Definitely Listenable and CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN for ATIF fans 😀

Tere Liye (Unplugged) ~ Atif Aslam, Shreya Ghoshal – aaahhh… this one’s so soft and melodious that you simply lose yourself in Atif’s voice… albeit it’s been digitized a bit…at least that’s what I feel… but he’s sung this one soooo softly and sweetly that when he says “zara paas tho aa mere” u really feel the yearning in his voice and you automatically flow with it… 🙂  it sounds like a sad version of the song this is for those who love such songs(man-himan are you listening 😛 )… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Kaun Hoon Main (Lounge mix) ~ Atif Aslam –aaahhh perfect bliss…  perfect lounge mix… perfect for those rainy evenings with a cuppa tea and staring into those incessant droplets of water pouring down.. With a misty effect on your glass panes 🙂 CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Jiyara Jiyara (Bhangra Mix) ~ Alisha Chinai Hard Kaur –  add in some Bhangra beats.. Slow down the pace a wee bit… and you have the Bhangra MIX… naahhh that don’t impress me much 😉 So CERTIFIED MISSABLE

Tere Liye (Dance Mix) ~ Atif Aslam, Shreya Ghoshal – lots of mixing and Electro effect… not much of pace… but definitely worth listening just for Atif… CERTIFIED LISTENABLE for you guys…

Prince Theme~ this theme is more like dance mix in itself… lots of music no lyrics no nothing… just plain music.. Though it does seem a tad reminiscent of the Karthik Calling Karthik theme but it’s definitely good theme NO CERTIFICATIONS on this one… make your pick 😀

Tere Liye (Hip Hop Mix) ~ Atif Aslam, Shreya Ghoshal– though it says Hip-hop mix it gives me a more Lounge-ish effect and feels… And this being the bestestestestestest song in the album… the innumerable versions keep coming out and I religiously listen them all for Atif… So CERTIFIED LISTENABLE for you guys…


So that’s that… thus endeth the album and its mammoth review….: D

I hope you liked the review… and I really hope you like the songs too…

Trust me the songs are definitely worth listening… more than one listens actually 😀

That’s it from Megzone for now….

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen: