~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ Duo Rhymes ~::~

Day 4, D = Duo Rhymes

The Duo-rhyme, a poetic form created by Mary L. Ports, is a 10 or 12-line poem, with the first two and last two lines having the same rhyme scheme, and the center of the poem (lines #3 through #8 or #10) having their own separate monorhyme scheme.
Meter: 8 beats per line, written in iambic tetrameter (4 linear feet of iambic) Rhyme Scheme: 10-line: a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b,a,a and 12-line: a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,a,a

For more details you can check Shadow poetry!

Here’s my take on this –

~::~ Soppy Reveries ~::~


I stood there waiting ‘neath the trees

My curls blown astray by the breeze

                A cloud burst from murky sky’s seams

                Sending down showers like jet streams

The wind bellowed with howling screams

While I stood, upholding my dreams

Of fairy tales and knightly themes

Mellow moors and dancing moonbeams

The sky lights up and showers ease

While I’m lost in my reveries



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Picture courtesy – Deviant Art – The waters of march