Rainy Street…!!

This is my first attempt at shape poetry. This is usually Raji’s Forte

But this time I have taken a shot at it

This poem is dedicated to the recent untimely but blessing in disguise Rains that have hit Mumbai for the past couple of MONTHS.!!!

Its was a complete relief from the sweltering October heat..

And hence I have tried to form this poetry in the shape of a rain/water droplet…

Please do pardon me incase it looks nothing like a drop


Walking down

A rain street, humming a

Tune, I’m discreet, the showers

Are here, oh! What a treat.  As I walk down

A rainy street. It’s a relief from the sweltering sun.

The heart’s replete and its complete fun. The flowers are

looking fresh, the leaves all quiver, as came down the cool

showers, and winds sent a shiver the climate is awesome

 makes kids wanna dance, people all jeer as if in a

trance, I am walking down a rainy street

humming a tune, I’m



People please do leave in your comments and feedback as that is of utmost importance especially when your trying something new