BCD ~Anyone..??!!??

DISCLAIMER:  this is purely a work of fiction any resemblance to anyone or any behavior is purely co-incidental…

BY Researcher/Doctor: Insane Megz in interview with Megzone

Firstly thank you so much for  spending some time out of your extremely busy schedule.

Oh its my pleasure completely.. I’m glad I would be able to bring to light some of the current developments in the human behavior especially the future generation and the current too..

So what is Blogsessive compulsive blogging disorder?

Any one suffering from an insane bout of blogging.. whose a complete blog-a-holic .. who thinks about nothing but how to blog, what to blog, when to blog and most importantly topics to blog all the time.. Suffers from BCD..

Are there any signs of BCD??What are the signs of BCD?

Yes there are a couple of signs that can prove that a person is suffering from BCD.. we have researched amongst the age group of 16-40 and Following are some of the early signs of BCD :

1>    Hectic mood swings, lack of concentration in work, always lost in thoughts with a blank look on the face are early signs of BCD

2>    More than 1-2 posts a day : any person who has ample work to keep them occupied and other hobbies would not be able to make more than 1-2 posts a day.. so if someone is blogging more frequently in a day, its an early sign of BCD

3>    Constant checking of wordpress stats :  when a person is constantly checking their blog statistics as to the day counts, the number of unique visits etc.. it’s an early sign of BCD

4>    When every conversation surrounds with words like “topics”, “posts”, “blogs”, “comments”, “blog hits” the person has entered the second stage of blogging…

5>    When the person makes sure he has commented on almost every blog that he knows and even follows up on every reply posted by the author, it’s a sign of the second stage of BCD

6>    Too many movies, books – when the person watches too many movies, reads to many books only to post a review about it.. the person is on the second stage of BCD

7>    When simple leaflets/advertisements handed out in public become topics for a post, the person has entered the final  stage of BCD

8>    When the things to do list of 10things includes atleast 6-7 blog related stuff the person is clearly a blog-a-holic.. defined  as one of the final stages of BCD.

9>    Feverishly taking notes.. when a person is taking notes or noting down random points even in the most mundane conversation with practically anyone from friends to boss, it’s a sign that the person is in the final stage of BCD

10>When a person is constantly jotting down everything and anything that happens around him, smiles, snorts, smirks alone looking at their notepad/mobile-notes.. the person is in the last stage of BCD

11>When even the routine humdrum become a post –  when even the most rudimentary and routine tasks like brushing, shaving, eating, sleeping, etc become topics of a post the person That’s It..!!! The person is a complete BCD..

These are just a few points that we have researched and come up with in our study of Blogsessive Compulsive Blogging Disorder.. these points may differ to any extremes depending from person to person.. they are not an exact  and precise study.. its but a research carried on for a month with blogging individuals from various strata of the society aging 16-40.. Albeit we have found that there are many child-bloggers too ranging from 5 to 15, but as the 16-40 group form the larger audience we have carried on our study on them.

We are soon planning to release an effect of BCD and propose some solutions to the same.. the research on the same is underway.. Hopefully we should be able to present the same in a few weeks time..

Thank you so much Dr.Megz for bringing to light one of the unknown diseases that people might suffer… Looking forward to the effects and the solutions to BCD.. Thank you once again for your time and lovely insight..wooo..scares me already J do look around people.. see if you have come across someone with these signs of BCD and do write in to us in the form of comments…

That’s it from Megzone now…!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!


DISCLAIMER:  this is purely a work of fiction any resemblance to anyone or any behavior is purely co-incidental…


Why do We Chase Life..??

A little introspect over this weekend… ok awright this is a bit of a serious post… awright it’s a rant… so if u aint interested u aint reading more than this… but if you don’t mind reading my crap carry on baby..!! 🙂

I have seen from my experiences and those close to me that we cannot have everything in life… and why is that so?? Why is it that life offers you just one thing… and not everything…?

Ok am talking in circles…lemme get down and straight… why can I have my cake and eat it too… with maybe a cherry topping.. Why can’t I have a whole big large piece of cake… from which I can eat some and save some…? 🙄

You can’t sail in 2 boats baby..!! Is that your answer… well… don’t we have a carriage side car available in 2wheelers… ok that’s extinct but they did exist right?? You can’t totally deny that fact… we could have had the option to have both…

Oh! Awright… I’m veering away from the topic again… so let’s get it started…  remember “Stilettos on the Glass Floor” a guest post by Himanshu’s friend on his blog… Well this is not exactly my take on that… but am picking at one thot from that post… remember she said most of women on top manage to balance both work and personal life.. 😳

No offences babes..!! But get a reality check…!! How many of us INDEED have a perfect life… with a super cool awesome I-love-it-baby, job and a harmonic personal life…?? 🙄

Do I hear people crib already..!! Yeaa…Wateva… 🙄 This is my take on the same…

I recently had a super duper reunion of my school gang… awright majority gals… so u know how the conversations go… watchu doing..?? How’s work?? How’s life?? (Most of them married) so whose having a baby?? When is it due?? Who else are u in touch with?? And the usual gossip of who was seeing whom?? Who broke up with whom?? Who married whom and how (this part is def spicy…)??  Who had how many kids… blah blah blah…?

So on our personal introspection I realized most of my gang is either happily married with a splendid married life with/without kids… while some were more focused and career-centric and were having a whale of a time on the vocation front… but personal life sucked… while then there are those like me.. Who’s struggling on both fronts…a perfect case of Dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka (neither heads nor tails…awright that isn’t a literal translation but more or less explains the situation) 😉

Oh if you’re still wondering what I am still blabbering about… well can’t you see from the incidences that I have mentioned as to what I am targeting at…its simple darlings..!! We can either have wonderful successful career or have a wonderful personal seems like someone up there aint interested in giving us both of them…it’s like that old Hindi song “pyar chahiye ke paisa chahiye” (u either get money or love baby)…we don’t need movies to explain this to us… 🙄

Here are some live examples—-

One of my friend’s has a super cool personal life… she’s married to the guy she loved and still loves and they make the most adorable couple I have ever met… by profession she is an Ayurvedic med… But she’s yet to set up her clinic –lack of finances…  he is struggling with his career front as they have a couple of debts lined up… so there… u have a perfect married life.. Personal life is great… but professionally both of them struggling… 😥

Let’s take a vice versa case… I have another school friend… professionally she’s going great guns… she’s a free lancer… she loves her job and enjoys every bit of it… but on the private front life’s not all that rosy… I mean she does freak out with friends… makes merry but no love…its a non-existent love life….

And now comes the 3rd category… people like me… who are blessed with neither… I won’t say I hate my job or that I crib about it… rather I would say I crib the lack of it… from the time I have moved to Mumbai there are not much responsibilities.. Not much work… and not much targets to meet… and then people complain I spam their inboxes with blog alerts…. Hello..!! What else am I supposed to do… since I don’t end up with much work…? I might as well brush up my writing skills… Boss..!!Are you reading…?? I would love to have more work please…!! 🙄 And personal life… Sigh..!! Let’s not even go there… people who know me well know how it is with me… and people who don’t know me well… sigh!! Leave it guys…it’s not worth mentioning anyways… 😕

Also there is another friend… who kind of gives me company in this regard… but kind of better off… cos she’s not that bad with work… but personal life too much trauma… she has no interest in her personal life… her personal life revolves with just friends.. Cos simple… she was always tomboy-ish so was never interested in relationships except friendships and somehow we kind of managed to brainwash her to keep her mind at least open and Bang… her sis has a bad marriage and madam’s now completely against marriage and relationships.. Those topics are like the Untouchables for her…. 😯

Sigh..!! Life…!! 😐

So the matter is simple… why can’t we have a perfect work-life balance..?? Why do we always have to struggle for something or the other… yeaa yeaa I know the philosophers would start “if you had everything in life there would be nothing to work for… there would be anything to look forward to… no excitement… just plain old life” 🙄

Oh yea..!! Then what about those friends of mine who have given up their professional lives happily—mind you contentedly and settled down in life… they are simply not interested in professional life… when they were working they enjoyed every bit of it.,. Had their shares of promotions and incentives and considered work pleasurable… but when they met their soul-mate their life partner they simply gave up profession blissfully to sink-in the gratification of marital life… and so they in a way had the best of both worlds… 👿  Born-Lucky..??? 👿

Then why are we do we have to face such misfortunes in life…?? What do we lack..?? Not that we do not have the talent to manage both… nor that we do not deserve it..?? Then why’s it that life evades such bliss in our lives?? Why do we find contentment in both or either lives..??Why do we have to keep chasing life..?? 👿

Can someone please gimme a solid valid reason to this confusion please??? 🙄

Well… if you have managed to get thru this insanity so far 🙄 please leave in your comments and yes ADVICE too…

Thats it from Megzone..!!

Adios..!! HastaLaVeesta babays…!!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios :mrgreen:

PS:  if you’re wondering why this post is filed under the review category too.. sigh..!! im reviewing mine n my gang’s life right 😉

Passion+Creativity+oodles of Fun = 2yrs and 200posts

I have recently completed 2 years in my Organisation and also my 200th post on corporate blogs.. On this festive occasion this was another reason to celebrate.. so here’s an extract from my corporate blogs – expressing my feelings..!!

Warning: this is a long post.. so make sure you have enough time to read through it :mrgreen:

As the 24th day of December dawns

I wake up with excitement and yawn

Atlast the day has come to light

And yes the future shines bright

Around 2 years back on this very date

I had met with an exciting fate

An offer letter I had accepted

From my home town though I was intercepted

The journey since then has been an exhilarating ride

Lessons learnt, ideas explored and creativity betide

As my path unfurled along

A new passion, a spark trundled along

Sometimes even evanescing into a deep silence

I slowly realized and explored my manifold talents

As I sounded off to people my ideas galore

Encouragement and compliments become furor

Every post and poem became an instant hit

Oh I so loved the adulation every bit

But there’s Miles to go before I sleep

As rants, randomness and poems fall as heap

Yes this is the day to celebrate and rejoice

As I post my 200th poem and post with poise

2 years of fun, rants, poems and romance

2 years of learnings and taking a chance

Its been 2 years already with destiny its my date

To this day I experiment and try to innovate

Thank you all for your love, support and comments

I hope the New Year rings in more such moments…!!


200 here I come 😀

Unlike last time when I hit 175 and never realized it.. this time I was more cautious enough to keep a track of my Dashboard..

And Lo Behold..!!! my 200th post…

Seems like yesterday when I started blogging and its 2 years already..

It’s hardly a month I celebrated my 175th and now I’m back with my 200th..

2 years.. 200 posts.. and still counting..

To me it’s the greatest achievement of all times… in these 2 years I have even managed to creep into Sukumar’s and Meenaks’ posts..(which was my secret dream from the day I set my baby feet into blogging)

Thank you all for all the support, encouragement, motivation and most of all comments..

Meenaks said…comments is what keeps you going.. and yes I agree to that..

Every comment counts,… every advice counts.. every point, every nuance, every teeny weeny bit of opinion someone says about blogs count..

Cos if it dint it would have been a gazillion years before I completed my 200th post..

Like every year this one too had its highs and lows..

And the only year where when I was in hibernation for a great long time…almost eternity.. I thought I would never be able to get back…

I slept.. I died.. and I was reborn again..

With me, my blog did the same..

It’s nostalgic to think of these past 2 years..it’s been wonderful rollercoaster ride…

I would take this post to specially and specifically thank everyone who have stood by me right from when I wasn’t posting a single word till today, when I hardly run out of ideas…

A mighty huge thanks to Sukumar and Meenaks.. Former for giving me the platform to hone and explore my passion for writing and the latter for pure inspiration… if not for them my blog wud be deadwood…

Sree, Nive, Vivs, Nandhu and Suji,… my oldy bloggy mates.. Who have commented on each of my shayari posts.. That was the birth of Megzone.. And if not for their comments I’m sure I wouldn’t have reached where I have today..

Himanshu, Mohan, Kay, Srini, sudhi and Roy… another set of older fellow bloggers.. who have encouraged me with their constant comments (though comments from Kay and Roy died down somewhere in between)

The not so newbie regulars Raji, Raj, Suresh and R3 who constantly keep my bantering on blogs running… if not on blogs on the OCS

The brand new loyal commentors Roh, Sangee, karthi, kari, MJ, Pri, Appy and Garfy boy

Special thanks

To Swetha and Soundarya to have sometimes helped me out with which post goes on which day… and for bearing my brunt daily on OCS

Swetha especially cos being my teamie she bears the most of my insanity 😀

Sree too for helping me out with my titles and translation and being my sounding board for ideas

Shriram for making sure he comments on each and every post of mine even though he’s onsite even if its jus a kudos, cheers or nice one.. it counts buddy.. thanks a ton…

RJ/Story-teller Ashu, for constantly encouraging me over the OCS to strive, to think out of the box and do something different..

A few other regular readers who are better left anonymous cos they prefer to be so.. But I mention them here cos they have continuously supported me and encouraged me with my posts..Provided me with their inputs, criticisms, compliments personally over the OCS.

To all the 109 followers (which includes the above names too) that have subscribed to this insanity and have still managed to be sane.. 😛

And to all those innumerable readers who may have glanced through my posts but never commented…thanks to you too… 😀

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerrios…!! :mrgreen: