Gratitude Everyday – Day 6

There is an old song in Hindi (which was even remixed) that went –
“Na Biwi Na Baccha Na Baap Bada Na Maiiyaa, The whole thing is that ke bhaiyya Sabse Bada Rupaiyya”

Loosely translated it means (well in a nutshell) – Neither spouse, nor kids, nor parents matter, but Money matters the most and even makes the world dance to its tunes!!


Yes Day 6

Money! I do not advocate the above song nor the lines (although the remixed tune is pretty catchy) but yes sometimes it does make me think – money makes the world. People are money/power hungry and even when they have lots they just want some more. And then there are those, who hardly have any to even buy them a single decent meal. I for one am one of those few fortunate beings who have always managed to have enough! I was raised in a middle class family, my father worked a couple of jobs to keep us decent, my mom was the typical conservative Indian home maker – saving for the family and supporting dad in all the ways she could. If you recall my second gratitude post you’d remember I said I was a very difficult unruly rebellious wild child and to put up with me and at the same time ensuring they saved and gave me a good life (I know now) would have been difficult. But somehow I never had to worry about having money or the lack of it. I have grown up understanding the value of money, thereby saving as much as I could and at the same time ensured I was enjoying my good life and not just worrying about making and saving money. Today am married and kinda sorta a home maker (for now) but my partner has ensured that Money is never an issue for us. We save some we spend some and yes, we even help others with some. So today I would like to thank the Universe for always blessing with abundance (or subsistence) of money! I for one, have been one of those fortunate people who dont have worry about having money to live my life comfortably. Infact, the Universe has been extra generous to sometimes let me enjoy even the luxuries of life and let me experience Mother Nature in a commercial form  travel & tourism! I take this opportunity today, to thank my Dear Universe for always blessing me with abundance of money, for always ensuring I have enough no matter what day of the month it is and whether or not I earn my own living. Thank you Dear Universe for blessing me as your special child and bestowing me with the riches of life!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!