~::~ Knight ~::~

This is for Leo’s Z-A in 26 Days


Alphabet K = Knight

~::~ Knight ~::~

My love life barren

My Knight in shining armour

When will thou arrive?


I hope you liked the fiction . please do lemme know your thoughts..

Thats it from Megzone for now…

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~::~ Mystical Moments ~::~

awrighty I know too many posts in a day 😀 but then i can take the weekend off naa 😛

so here’s my haiku for haiku heights


this week’s prompt Mystic 😀 and suggested by none other than ME ME ME!!!!

thanks Leo 😀 for considering that one 😀

~::~ Mystical moments ~::~

Silent night, moon’s bright

Love that’s surreal shared tonight

Mystical moments




I hope yOu guys Liked my haiku…

Thats it from Megzone for now..

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Cheerioss..!!! :mrgreen:

~::~ Whisper ~::~

ooopss… i missed the X-factor for Leo’s Z-A in 26days.. but m back with W 😀


and here’s my poem for W=Whisper

~::~  Whisper ~::~

When in the middle of night

He holds me close to him so tight

Interlaced fingers just feel so right

Scent of love spreading its light

Perfect moments captured delight

Enraptured hearts murmur in quiet

Reveling in the glory of love tonight




Thats it from Megzone for now…

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~::~ Yule Ball ~::~

This is my entry to Leo’s Z-A in 26 days…


Y= Yule Ball..

~::~ Yule Ball ~::~

I saw her enter the premise

Dressed in fine angelic disguise

Luminescent skin, flowing gown

As if million stars on her shone

Doe-like eyes searching for someone

Tendrils escaping her tightly held bun

Dainty feet stride along

My heart hums silent love song..

Her beauty captivates one and all

As she moves into my arms at the Yule Ball


I hope you guys enjoyed the poem..

Keep Smiling

Thats it from Megzone for now…

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~::~ Zeal ~::~

awrighty.. back after eons.. or so it seems..

this time for Leo’s Z-A in 26 days..


Z= Zeal

Zest to live life to fullest

Enthusiasm par excellence

Ardor towards mysticism

Love for one and all


I hope you guys liked my acrostic.. this one style m yet to bcome comfy with..

Do lemme know your thoughts..

Thats it from Megzone for now..

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~::~ Unfulfilled ~::~

no memes this time.. just plain poetry.. thanks to the pic that inspired it 😀

~::~ Unfulfilled ~::~

I sit under the orange moon bright

That burns with me on a starry night

Waiting by frothy Blue River

Every sound sends a quiver

Fireflies roam scattering dim light

Gnawing breeze mocking my plight

Gazing at a faraway planet

Hope all lost, despair Besets

Silently a flower blooms in darkness

While I wonder why mind’s unrest

Clouds seem to run for covers

While loneliness over me, hovers

Awaiting the arrival of a love- unreal

A face lost under thick fog veil


i hope you liked the poem.. Do lemme know your thoughts..

Thats it from Megzone for now..
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Thursday Poets Rally ~ He’s Everything That I Need…!!


Back with my Thursday Poets rally Poem….!!!!!

Sweet Jingle host this rally in her blog…


Anyone can join the rally..

If you are a poet and interested in meeting new and varied poets all across the world this is one place to be  🙂

all you need to do is comment on Jingle’s blog and let her know you are interested.. Sweetest that she is she not only accepts anyone and everyone but also helps them with how to go about the Rally…

So sweetest Ji here’s my Rally Poem 🙂

Pardon me on the RHYME THEME – Cos this time there aint one 😉


He’s Everything That I Need….

The raindrops that caress me

The breeze that freshens me up

The early morning dew that tingles my feet

The sun rays that awaken me

The moonlight that cools me

The medicine for my fever

The food I need to survive

The water for my thirst

The air that I breathe

The dreams when I sleep

He’s everything that I need


Sweet that Ji is she even presented me with a couple of lovely awards..

and today i take this opportunity to present them here… 🙂


Also the following awards of which i pick 2 🙂

at http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/25/sunday-special-2/


I have also been honoured with awards from Trisha…

Thanks a ton dear 🙂


thats really very sweet of you


Dearest  Shakira has also been kind enough to share some awards with me 🙂

Thank you soo much dear..


its indeed an honour knowing you and recieving such lovely awards from you 🙂


I would like to present all these awards to











(if you have any of these feel free to choose the others 😉 )

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s rally poem..

Thats it from Megzone for now…

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Tumhare…. ~ In Your..!!

Another Hindi poem.. ofcourse complete with its translation 🙂



Tumhare aahat se..

Kaliya khil gayi hai..

Tumhare hasi se..

Khushiyaa mil gayi hai..

Tumhare baaton mein..

Dil kho gaya hai..

Tumhare khwabon mein..

Aasra mil gaya hai..

Tumhare ehsaas ne..

Manzil dikha diya hai..

Tumhare ishq ne..

Mujhe apna bana liya hai..


And now for the English Translation….


In Your…!!

In your presence…

Many flowers have bloomed..

In your smiles..

I have found happiness..

In Your talks..

My heart is drowned..

In your dreams..

I have found shelter..

In your emotions..

I have found destination..

Your love..

Has made me yours…


Hayyeeee…!! this ones specially for my swweetypie cutiieepiieee daarlinggg Shahid…!!!

Shahid ki adao pe main vaari vaari… 😛

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!!! :mrgreen:

ShaSha-Shayari ~ Happy Birthday Shahid..!!

oiiiii… Its my darling….sweetypie… Cutiepiee… Shahid’s birthday..

The Ruler of my Heart…

The King of my Dreams…

The Charmer of my Desires

And my Knight Supreme…..!!! 😀


Here are some lines for you…. 🙂


Mere jame huye ehsaas ek barf si pighalne lagi..

Aaj main tere baaho mein aake ek shama se jalne lagi..

Tere pyar bhare nigahon ne mera saara dard pee liye..

Main aaj ek naye armano ke jazbat se mehekne lagi..

Chu liya jab tune mere badan ko garm saanso se..

Mere dil mein tujhe pane ki chahat se jagne lagi..

Chandni bhi aaj lehek ke chand ke daaman se lipat gayi..

Mere labo ki pyaas aaj tere labo ki saaye mein pighalne lagi..

Ho gaya poora har armaan meri chahat ka..

Meri rooh bhi tutke tujhe pyar karneko machalne lagi..

Khamosh ho gya ye dekhke saara sama..

Meri preet jo tere aagosh mein simatne lagi..



Choom lungi tere aankho ko chupkese..

Tere saare sapne apna bana lungi..

Tere labo pe hai jo ankahi baatei..

Unhe apne labo se aaj chura loongi..

Kho jayega jab tu meri zulfo tale..

Ek meheka sa saawan barsa doongi..

Teri tez hoti in saanson mein sanam..

Main apni saanson ki sargam mila doongi..

Kar dungi tere kaano me kuch aisi sargoshiya…

Tere dil ki dhadkano ko main aaj badda doongi..

Kass lega jab tu apni baaho ke  ghere mein ..

Apne daaman se main bhi tujhko lipta loongi..



Teri aankho mein nazar aayi hai wo jannat mujhe..

Meri jannat teri aankho ke siwa kahi nahi..

Chahti hoo behena in aankho ke meikhaane mein..

Jo nasha hai teri aankho mein wo sharab mein bhi nahi..

Gulabi in labo pe tere dil mera bhi aaya hai..

Nazakat aur khusbu aisi tho gulab mein bhi nahi..

Bheegi barsaat mein yu tera mujhe dekhna ..

Jo kashish hai in nigaho mein badlo mein bhi nahi..

Tadpane aur tarsane ki ye ada kaha se sikhe tumne..

Ye teri jo hai shokiya wo tho chand mein bhi nahi..


Happy happy happy Birthday to my Dearest Sweetest Darling Shahid 😀

Love you lots.. muaah muaah muaah…

Mila de Ae Khuda ~ Unite us O Lord…!!

yipppee…!!! another Shayari with translation (non -hindi readers dont stare daggers at me ok..)

I’m very considerate about my readers…

YO! Me Saint Me…!! :P

So lets begin :)



Aapki har ek ada

Pe huye hum fida

Saykado huye deewane

Humara bhi dil luta..

Fariyaad hai is dilki ae mere khuda

Nazakat jo unpe paayi hai..

Kisi aur pe na barsaana

Deewani hoon unki

Kabhi unhe batlaana

Na jee paoongi bin unke

Ke bharti hoon main aahen

Raatein kate siskiyo mein

Unhe dekhne tarasti hai ye aankhein

Mila de kisi din unse ae khudaa

Hai is dil ki ye tishnagi

Chahe wo ek pal hi kyu na ho

Bitaadoo mein sari zindagi

Us ek pal mein hi mujhe mar jaane do

Sapno ke sahare jee rahe hai

Unse pyar hum itna karte hai

Shayar tho kabhi the nahi

Aajkal shayari bhi kiya karte hai

Darte hai kisi din

Ke ye hont sil na jaaye

Milne aaye wo hume

Aur ye jaan chali jaaye..!!

Bas ek baar mila de ae khuda..!!!


yaaa…. now for my NON HINDI readers.. Here’s the TRANSLATION… :D


This charisma of yours

Has mesmerized me to the hilt

Many have fallen for you

But I’ve lost my heart to you

My only prayer to thee O Lord,

The charm that’s bestowed on him

Do not shower it on anyone else

Crazy I am about him

Someday I shall profess the same

He’s the one I can’t live without

All I do is sigh at my condition

The nights I spend in sobs

My eyes crave for him alone

Unite us O Lord

The only thirst of my heart

Even if its for a second

I would live my whole life in that

In that moment let me die

I live in his dreams, they’re my only support

I love him so much

I was never a poet but

Poetry reins my heart these days

Im scared that someday

These lips might seal

The day He comes to meet me

And my soul leaves this world

Just once.. Unite us o Lord


So temmeee guys.. ow eees eet??? 😀

Thats all for now from Megzone..!!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!


PS:  IF anyone reading this knows SHAHID please pass on my blog to him 🙂

tell him here’s a twenty-sumthing dying to be his 😀

and guys i mean it.. i’m serious 🙂