Duo Rhymes~Shayari Times

Duo Rhymes~ hindi

After 2 successful Duo Rhymes form of poetry..

This time I decided to make it hindi 😉

I thought why not.. one its been quite sometime since I wrote a shayari

And second I thought why limit the form poetry to just English.. why not try them hindi too 😉

And well.. here’s what I came up with:

Mere khwab

Koi tho hai jo sapno mein aaye

Apne ungliyo se mere gaalo ko sehlaaye

Kaun hai wo najane

Kya hai hum anjaane

Yaa fir jane pehchaane

Koi maane ya na Maane

Ye dil bhi hai apni manzil ko pane

Khushi se fir gayenge gaane

Chaahe maare ye duniya hazaar taane

Kisi din tho hai ye dil mil jaane

Ab yehi tamanna hai ki wo mil jaaye

Unke bahon mein ho mere zulfo ke saaye


Yipppeee…!!! I did a duo rhymes shayari too…


Supaahhhh cooool… I hope you guys liked it too 😀

Do lemme know how you found it 🙂

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging…!!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:



New one…..

pls do not groan

or at the genre,  moan

cos its wat i do  best

and i cant detest.. 😛

hope you guys liked it 😉

here’s the translation for the English Junta  :mrgreen:

Rises, an urge to express my love to thee….

But my innocent lips cheat me…

“I love you” I wud want to say…

But your mere presence takes my breath away..

Ek Jhalak…!!

A lovely bright monday..

after a weekend ending Sunday..

A new poem awaits here…

Do leave your comments, dear… :mrgreen:

kkieekkkiekkiee 😆

ok enuff rubbish… here it is…

hope you guys liked it…

errr…now the Translation:

Just a glance from him…

Is enuff to set me ablaze…

For just a touch of his…

My body  is at craze…

I need not even meet him…

Even in my dreams he leaves me bedazed…

Do leave your precious comments…. 🙂