Shopaholic Ties a Knot~Book Review

Shopaholic ties a knot..

Finally I finished the 3rd book in the shopaholic series..i simply love chick-lits..

They are just fun.. you can relate to the characters in more than many ways.. its reality mixed with fiction in the perfect sense.. and hence I love reading them and can never get enough of them…

So in this third book, the reader travels with Becky Bloomwood to New York where she’s working as a Personal Shopping Assistant at Barneys.. She has finally found love (albeit in the previous book) in Luke and they both live in a swanky yet simple in many terms in Manhattan…  the book starts with Suze’s wedding and ends with  becky’s… Becky’s life is not just bein shopaholic but its real-life-ish cos she has this problem not not bein able to say NO to people.. She can upfront say NO or disappoint anyone.. She cant be mean like Alicia Bitch Long-legs Billington(as becky calls her).. So torn between 2 weddings both organized on the same day and not being able to say NO to both of them.. She’s torn between a high profile fantasy wedding at the Plaza hotel and a wedding arranged with lots of love care and affection by her parents in Oxshott UK.. She cant put off the Plaza wedding for the fear of facing a law suit and penalty of  $100,000 and she cant put off the Oxshott wedding cos it means a lot to her parents…

In between her BF-Fiance’s mid-life crisis and an 4 week emergency delivery of her best friend.. throws Becky into a whirlwind of things that she cant even dream of sorting out… She prays and hopes for a miracle to take place to solve all her problems.. and how she manages to scrape thru with a double wedding that only people can dream of and manages to put her husband’s back in order is applaudable..

It just gives us a motivation that no matter how down in doldrums you are.. you can always pull out of things with sheer determination..

The way the author has elaborated on the details of the New York Life and Manhattan Onceover as she calls it is pretty interesting… Suze’s actions of not going into delivery till Becky makes the call is applaudable yet a tad overboard.. I’m sure no friend in her right senses would do that.. Mid life crisis at 34…hhmmm… sounds a  lil unbelievable.. but shows the vulnerable side of Luke the prim and proper  no nonsense businessman.. this just gives an insight that men are like coconuts hard nut to crack but soft inside 😉

Baah..!!! bad comparison but nonetheless fits the purposeJ Michael and Laurel’s character are true blue sweethearts…  Nice book … Worth a reading.. not just for the Chick –Lit part but simply cos it’s a book for light reading and its fun.. 😀

I’m wondering if they would make it into a movie..?? 🙄

And if they do I already have 2 candidates for the Elinor Sherman role – either the Fiona Shaw who came as Mrs.Dursley or the Beauxbatons headmistress – Olympe Maxime enacted by  Frances De La Tour..!!!

As of now speculating and looking forward to more adventures of Becky Bloomwood-Brandon… 😀

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking…!! Keep Blogging..!!