~::~ Our Love Song ~::~

~::~ Our Love Song ~::~


Interlaced fingers

Drumming a faint tune

Rosy velvet lips

Making my heart croon


Magic in your voice

Emotions upsurge

Stirring sensations

As our souls merge


 Intoxicating music

Passion bursting apart

Rhythm of your heartbeat

Melting with my heart

You are my lyrics

And I am your song

Strumming to our heartbeats

Let’s hum a love song


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Striker Strikes Some Chords..!!

its Yuvan Shankar Raja giving music in hindi, you know you’re a tad apprehensive.. cos the tamil film industry doesn’t exactly work the way Bollywood does …but YSR is known for his syle of music.. If there’s someone in the Raja family after the maestro himself, I wud say YSR anytime.. so there’s an expectation too.. and well..Striker lives upto the apprehensions and expectation at the same time.. Completely.. if not urs atleast mine.. When you hear a movies surrounding a game of Carrom, I don’t expect much.. With YSR’s music there has to be something to look forward to.. The usual magical strings woven with beautiful soul-stirring words.. That’s what Striker is.. 3/5 is my personal score to the album

MUST LISTENsYun Hua (VB the great J) Pia Saanwara (for the soulful folks –read HIMANSHU* 😛 ) Cham Cham(mellifluous Sonu 😀 ) and Aim Lagaa (rocking Blaaze)

Okies…now the detailed review 😀


Yun Hua ~ Vishal Bhardwaj –  slight reminisces of Kaminey Title songs.. But the typical VB spell.. Mesmerizing music… Soothing words.. Serene instruments.. And you have a winner.. That’s what Yun Huaa is..The BEST SONG in this album yuppies m a VB FAN 😀 honestly sincerely obviously has to be CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Haq Se ~ Yuvan Shankar Raja, Siddarth– hindi song sung by YSR 😯 I was more shocked than curious.. it has his typical touch.. it has the south Indian influence.. In some places when YSR sings he reminds u of ARR albeit with a slightly heavy voice.. its an ok listen… I think this one would take some time to grow into me.. Till then CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Maula ~ Swanand Kirkire – starts with a folk feel to it.. And like all Maula songs.. Manages to make a mark in heart and head.. Heart cos of the endearing tune and head.. Cos of the lyrics.. I see a slight Dilli -6 feel in this.. And yes its sure to be catchy and gets stuck in ur head..ESP the lyrics and the tune… but doesn’t appeal to me much so CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Aim Laga ~ Blaaze – the most rocking number of the album.. When I say rocking.. I mean it literally.. Blaaze proves his mettle again..Rapper.. The funky interludes intermingled with the slight classical touch.. Bloody brill I wud say.. The most catchy swervy ubercool number in the album.. instantly catches on to you.. CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Bombay Bombay ~ Siddharth– starts with a dialogue explaining the life in BOMBAY.. After listening to Siddharth in Something Something Unakum Enakum.. I was def looking forward to his singing.. But then I must say That DON’T impress ME MUCH… the music yes.. It makes its mark.. Lines are catchy.. But siddharth’s voice personally seems to be a letdown to me.. Just for YSR this is CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Cham Cham ~ Sonu –  I don’t need any more reason to like this song J Sonu is enough for me to make it a must listen.. But making an unbiased opinion (YO! ME SAINT ME) this is one of the best songs in this album.. The mere sufi-ness in this song and the qawwali-ish feel is more than enough to take an instant liking to this one.. Definitely has to be CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Pia Saanvara ~ Sunidhi Chauhan – a soulful ballad.. Been ages since I heard sunidhi at her best… so used to listening her belting out peppy numbers that forgot she has the capability to croon in a way that makes u swoon… another lovely number in the album.. Super splendiferous number this one.. Hats off Sunidhi….CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Aim Lagaa Rickshaw mix.. I don’t like remixes.. And in some ways I don’t like this one too.. But in some places its so catchy that I can’t stop swaying with it.. So I leave the decision of this number with you.. NO CERTIFICATIONS on this one 😈

That’s about Striker… Some strike the right chords some missed..

Overall not a bad listen…

That’s it from Megzone for now..

Keep Smiliing..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

*I’m sure Himanshu is gonna kill me for this.. This is the second time I’ve taken his case in music reviews.. And now that he’s back to pavilion.. I better be a tad careful (megs control kar yaar 😳 )

Khan~Dont Impress Me Much…!!

After hearing a superfab album like Ishqiya.. MNIK kinda falls flat..

SPlaattchhh..!!! On the face with a big bloody nose..!!!

With all due respect to shankar Ehsaan Loy… and Kjo and Shahrukh and Kajol.. but this album is not nothing great to talk about…

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have given us superb numbers before..We’ve had some awesome songs churned out by this trio..  But they seem to be getting stuck in a rut… The numbers are reminiscent of their previous songs..  Simply put this album lacks opulence… This is not something you would expect from the SEL gang… I mean cmon these are the same people who gave us Rock On… who gave us WUS.. Who gave us  KHNH, KANK and many others.. But this album falls flat on the face.. Nothing great to offer..

I would give it just a 2/5 which is being generous cos bearing a couple of songs like  Allah E Rehem(which again is reminiscent of the Veer Zaara song) and Sajda(which sounds like the only original number) there’s nothing great to talk about…

Sigh..!! Anyways as usual here’s the detailed analysis


Alaah hi rehem – Sufi number simply marvelous.. I remember when I did the Kurbaan review some people commented saying Sufi numbers are generally a class apart esp those number that have Allah, Maula and Ali in them… and this song just proves it right .. though it is reminiscent of the Qawwali number from Veer Zaara this one is one of the best this album has to offer… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Khan Theme – nice lilting music.. Though it reminds me a wee bit of the background music we had in K3G when Hrithik was hunting down SRK – nice one but.. MISSABLE

Noor e khuda – pleasant number.. Though it has some slight influence of Mitwa meets Mission Kashmir (oh! Remember the starting of Ring Poshmal – Jahaan Zarra zarra mehekega..blah blah blah) 😛 with Adnan’s impeccable rendition.. This is a lovely number… but somehow that don’t impress me much.. Maybe I gotta listen it…there are some songs that take time to grow on you.. They slowly make you like them as u listen to them a couple of times… I’m sure this is gonna be one of those that might climb the charts soon.. And Shreya is the cherry topping on this slurpilcioous cake 😀 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Rang de – reminiscent of WAKE UP SID.. In more than many places.. The title song of WUS.. Very very reminiscent and yes since I liked that I like this one too 😛 so it’s a nice listen… CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Sajda – bloody brill number this one is.. No wonder KJO released this one first.. This is superfantasmashingbulous.. And Raahat Fateh Ali is as usual a complete delight to listen.. This is one number definitely not missable 😀 CERTIFIED MUST MUST LISTEN

Tere Naina – another sufiyaana feel… the song is a nice soft number.. The starting reminds me of that song from Veer Zaara which never made it to the movie and was even discarded from the album I guess (Tum paas aa rahe ho – it was a ghazal).. this sounds a tad Qawwali-ish also.. it’s a nice feel good song.. but nothing great.. Nothing out of the world..sigh..!! CERTIFIED LISTENABLE


Overall I would say the album is just about ok.. nothing great like their previous albums.. seems to me SEL’s losing touch..!! Oh ! please don’t let that happen guys I love your music.. cmon please get back with a bang.. give us some lovely zabrakoo numbers to cherish..

The Album doesn’t even live upto the hype that the movie has created.. pretty lackluster I must say..I expected SEL and KJo to give us better songs..ouCH..!!! I know all true blue KJo, SRK, SEL and Kajol fans are gonna stare daggers at me… but trust me I love them all..I’m someone who has watched K3g umpteen times and still love it..I’m someone who has watched DDLJ atleast once a day for 50 days when the movie released… I have listened to the songs of SEL as if they are my daily prayers.. And yet I dint feel this album was anything great.. Sorry Guys..!! But THAT DON’T IMPRESS ME MUCH..!!

In Ishq with Ishqiya…!!

When it’s a movie by Vishal Bharadwaj you can only expect the songs to be out of this world… and true to my world.. Vishal ne meri laaj rakhli 😛

Kkiieekkiieekkiee :mrgreen:

In short the songs are superfantasmashingbulous

Here’s my review 😛


Dil tho Baccha hai jee

Magar saccha hai jee

Gaana ye ati Uttam hai jee

Isse sunna bahut Zaruri hai jee

Ibn E Batuta bagal mein joota

Masti hai is gaane mein kooti

Isne hai mera dil loota

Jo na sune uska dimag foota

Ab mujhe koi intzaar kahaan

Vishal ne kya dhun bajayi yahaan

Rekha ke Madhur awaaz mein

Kho gaya mera dil aur jahaan

Badi dheere jali raina

Is gaane ka tho wah kya kehna

VB ke music aur rekha ke awaz ne

Fir kho gaya mera chaina

Remixes hai aur teen

Wo bhi kaafi behetareen

Album ho gaya khatam

Nahi hota mujse yakeen

Waah kyaa music kaa jaam pilaaya

Muje poori tarah se behosh karke hilaaya

Remixes nachayenge sabko hi par

Baaki ke gaano ne mujhe pyaar se sehlaaya


Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

Awrighty..!! Don’t worry you know me…

WATS meggie without long review posts right..??

Those who are satisfied with the above review jus leave your comments…

For those who can’t get enuff of my insanity… proceed…. :mrgreen:

Here’s the detailed analysis 😈


Dil tho baccha haiRahat Fateh Ali Khan –  reminiscent of an old song…ek na ek din yeh kahani banegi tu mere sapno ki rani banegi sung by Mukesh and yes the music too is a tad old filmy effect… but when its Vishal’s music u will love it completely 😀 Rahat’s perfect rendition not a single flaw.. Loved it…Loved it… Loved it… For all Rahat Fans Must Listen.. And for all others CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN 😈

Ibn e BatutaSukhwinder Singh& Mika – remember dilli -6.. Now combine Genda Phool and masakali – this is a super duper aviyal of them both 😀 (For those who don’t understand wat aviyal is check out Google 😛 ).. But this is simple piece of marveloustically zabrakoo number… I loved it.. The slight harkats that sukhwinder has given is splendid.. Ok agreed he can’t beat Mohit but he has done good justice to this.. Sounds like a chaotic song.. With a few funny lyrics here n there.. But CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Ab Mujhe KoiRekha Bharadwaj – A soft soulful ballad.. A perfect night time listening song.. a time when the world sleeps and you are just sitting by the window or balcony and looking outside with a full moon shining in the sky and there is a tiny song in your heart.. One of those moments when you reminisce life.. Or maybe sitting by the window on a rainy day and in a very nostalgic mood.. This is a perfect song for those nostalgic moments..In some places though this reminded me of mera kuch samaan(Ijaazat) (co-incidentally that was a naseer film too 😉 )… Never knew Rekha could explore this genre of music too.. She’s swell in this song.. And the music simply out of the world…CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Ibn e batutaremix – sigh..!! For me the funda for remixes is very simple.. If you love the original you tend to like the remix too.. And this one is a FAB number too J infact I loved the crazy frog effect given in the start.. Gives it a goofy feel.. And yes I love it I love it I love it 🙂 CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN yaa I know remix hai par fir bhi 😛

Badi Dheere jaliRekha Bharadwaj – The starting reminded me of Kaa Karoo Sajni (esp the fusion version by abhijit pohankar)… Another soulful ballad… loved it… I was just so swayed in the song that mom had to actually come and tap me n call me for dinner 😳 yep that mesmerizing it is… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Dil tho baccha hairemix –  like I’ve said before if you love the original u tend to like the remix too.. I’m kinda partial in this regards 😛 a wee bit of angrezi in between paras and I love it completely like the original one too 😀 personally I wud recommend it but bein a neutral party wen it comes to review I wud give it a LISTENABLE

IBN e batutaNucleya remix– now this is wat I call a remix.. With the electronic effect and everything.. Fab fab.. A wee bit of mixing effect.. This is easily gonna take place of Dhan Te Nan… You Bet it will..!!! This makes nod my head and def LISTENABLE


With VB you can be damn sure he will not let you down.. Neither with his movies nor with his songs.. And definitely NOT with his MUSIC 🙂 I give this one a 4/5..

Why -1 you might ask… Areeee ask naaah..  cos I wanna tell why… so ask… please ask.. 😆

Sigh..!! So for those sweet souls 🙂 who asked and for those bad peepl 👿 who dint.. I still tell you why… 😉

cos I want more…. YE DIL MAANGE MORE… not just 4 songs and 3 remixes…MISTER BHARADWAJ are you listening..

We want more..!!! We want more..!!! We want more..!!!

He’s just a class of his own 🙂

Yeaa yeaa im a VB fan can’t help it 😀

So that’s it from Megzone for today..!!! 😉

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Pyar Impossible hai yaar…!!!

Socha karoon koi different sa review

How to do it I wish I knew

Fir chamka dimag mein ek idea

Poem likhthi hoon, wahi hoga badhiya

The beauty and the geek

Their love story, now don’t go eek

Kya impossible hai inka pyaar

Par kyu nai ho sakta hai yaar

Ek thi ladki, thi wo bold n beautiful

Is gaane mein uska description hai wonderful

Bachon ko uski story sunata hai ye song

Rishita sawant ne gaya, gaana’s not very long

Us beauty ladki ka naam tha Alisha

Anushka ne barsaya gaane mein nasha

Salim bane duet mein unke aide

Music is funky but not a spade

Ladka dream duet gaata tha You and Me!!

The question here is will she or wont she??

Neha bhasin and benny dayal ne gaaya

Music ne bhi saccha saath nibhaaya

Kyaa ho sakta hai is it possible

Ya fir hai inka ye pyar impossible

Dominique is soulful and vishal ne fir machaya dhoom

Peppy yet soulful hai ye song, badabee badaboom 😀

10 on 10 is not the marks I would give

I believe music of Kurbaan is hard to outlive

Sung by Mahua, it’s light, spunky and peppy

Definitely Listenable but hinglish slightly soppy

Lots of Hindi with a tadka of English

Just fun loving numbers not a single on anguish

Wouldn’t recommend much just a 2.5 on five

It’s yet another of those youthful bees in the hive

Yep this was my poetic review of the music of Pyar Impossible… I tried my best to give a good review…  it’s good to see 3 out of 5 Viva gals in a single album with music of Salim Suleiman.. This time no sufiyaana andaaz… just youthful numbers…

Have you guys seen High School Musical esp in hindi (m sure princess sure has 😉 )

well so if those songs in HSM if they were to be recreated by Indian music directors and sung by proper playback singers this is how the album would sound.. 🙄

I won’t give a down down review of this… the album is def listenable esp if ur a peppy-spunky song fan… u wud relish it completely

that’s why just an average review of 2.5/5.. Could have been better though… I wud have given it a 3 but then most of the songs were similar sounding..

And also they remind me of I-Think-I-Have-Heard-This-Tune-Before feel.. And hence only 2.5….

you can listen to it definitely they are youthful, fun, setting the mood to a refreshing state.. I liked it but I may get bored after some 15-20 times of listening  😀

unlike kurbaan which I can listen even now whilst the film has released and flopped miserably..

sighh..!! well thats my review of Pyar Impossible… and liking it is not impossible.. .very very possible but chances of the songs lingering back on your mind is def a tad impossible  😀

Till then… signing off from Megzone…!!  🙂

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerios…!!!   :mrgreen:

Blast from the Past…!!

I happened to be watching Times Now on this fine Sunday afternoon and the program Total Recall.. And this week it was Shamshad Begum… For all those who do not remember her… she’s the one whose songs have been remixed and remixed and we still love them all..

Err… still wondering.. remember Dimple Shaw’s Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar from the Guru Dutt super hit Aar Paar or the more comic caper in Kajra Mohabbat wala from the Biswajeet starrer – Kismet

I knew she existed but I never she bloomed and ruled the Tinsel Town for sooo long… her winning streak was by and large in the 40-60s and then she took a sabbatical from the industry and came back with a bang in Kajra Mohabbat wala… when OP Nayyar weaved his charm with his then fave muse  Asha Bhosle…. The Asha Bhosle OP Nayyar Duo have given us memorable melodies and Shamshad Begum too had a special role to play in his career… each and every number of this elusive nightingale as they called her has been a winner…

When they played most of her famous songs I realized… those are the songs with which we have grown up with only that I never realized it was SHE who splayed those songs with her magic… she had a peculiar voice that stood out far above the rest.

Her best super hits chartbuster songs were with OP Nayyar.. There was an era where every song she sang for OP sir was a hit.. and having experienced his songs I can say they are a wonderful refresher even today amidst all the current shoo-shaa of music which are as dad puts it “shor sharaba music” well I won’t admonish wat he says… with the advancement of technology music too has taken a revolution of sorts.. There’s not much sitar or sarangi use in music today… the flute too is slowly diminishing…but with OP sir’s music you can never get tired.. He’s a true genius…

With a career graph of more than 100 songs to her kitty… she has been captivating one and all with her lovely mellifluous voice… with the advent of the item numbers and remixes her numbers along with Ashaji’s numbers were the most vied after for recreating…

Her best songs to me were all those that were later remixed ~

Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar – Aar Paar

Mere Piya gaye  Rangoon – Patanga

Leke Pehla Pehla Pyar – CID

Kahin pe Nigahein Kahin pe Nishana – CID

Bhooj mera kyaa naam re, nadi kinare gaav re – CID

Saiyaan Dil mein aana re – Bahaar

Kajra Mohabbat Wala – kismet

And ofcourse who can forget the romantic musical saga MughaleAzam with the spectacular stunning breathtaking beauty MadhuBala and the dashing prince Dilip saab (ah yes he was the heart-throb of many in those days), yes Shamshad Begum has sung a duet with Lata Mangeshkar –  teri mehfil mein kismet aazmake hum bhi dekhenge…

Remember the NECC ad on “Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao ande” well it so happens that indeed there was an old song which goes “aana meri jaan meri jaan Sunday ke Sunday” and yes Shamshad begum was one of those first singers to have adapted to the western music inspite of her nasal twang voice..

She truly was a wonderful singer… and yes hats off to her for giving us such memorable melodies…

She was honored with the Padma Bhushan earlier this year… I wonder why all maestros are always recognized for their efforts late in life 🙄
Thank you Shamshad ji for all those lovely numbers 🙂

The Idiots….!!!

Areee….Nooooo… this is not random rants/insults at anyone… 😉
This is yet another insane attempt at music review by me 😆
Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:
Maaan… ive seen the promos on TV this one looks like a sure winner…
Only I hope they haven’t wavered too much from the main parts of the book cos then chances are it may turn out to be loser 😳
Good Lord..!! 😯
 I sound like a Filmy Trade Pundit here 🙄
Sooo….here I am bang again with yet another music review this time of 3 idiots which is touted to be a fultttooo fundooo TP of a movie and supposedly based on Chetan Bhagat’s  much acclaimed 5 point someone…
So let’s get down to business..Err..The review 😛

Aal is well~ Sonu Nigam, Swanand Kirkire –it’s a typical college funky number… Masti fun n frolic…. Timepass fundooo lyrics… rollicking lyrics completely…
Murgi kya jaane ande ka kya hoga
Are life milegi ya tave pe fry hoga
Koi Na jane apna future kya hoga
Sonu is back to his perky Masti self after a long time… he’s been singing melodious and soulful number for a long time… his voice modulations are simply superb…at one moment it thin and the next moment its wavery shivering…Swanand Kirkire singing too… lyrics are equally crazy and insane… I love the way they all scream “AAL EEJ WHELL” (errr…that’s how it sounds 😛 ) its already a hot favorite with many…

Zoobi Doobi~ Shreya Ghosal Sonu Nigam – after a long time both my fave singers together,…and the song is simply out of this world… personally I loved it… it has the old filmy effect to it… and a waltzy feel to it.. like the songs of shankar jaikishen and laxmikant pyarelaal…simply marvelous… and sonu and shreya are over the top… one moment she’s crooning like a nightingale and the next moment she’s oozing oomph… hard to picture her with oomph I knw but she’s simply out of this world… the song is very peppy and foot tapping…

Behti hawa~ Shan and Shantanu moitra – it’s a soulful ballad…it’s a song filled with emotions and pathos.. Shan has excelled completely… Full marks on the bringing out the emotions to the hilt… ur remembering someone and yet u smile on those Masti tht u did… yep that’s how the song goes and Shan has performed it beautifully… all you melody lovers are sure to like this one..

Give me some sunshine~ Suraj jagan and Sharman Joshi –  new singer on the block… well sung… welll written lyrics…music is awesome… complete guitar music… maaannn… I love guitar renditions… I can guarantee this is gonna end up being an anthem for all those beaten by work and career… what with lines like
Saari umr hum mar marke jee liye
Ek pal tho Hume jeene do jeene do
Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again
Maaann… m already humming this all the time… haye wo bachpan ke din.. Wo ped pe chadna.. wo matargashti karna… baaahhh… 😥  this song’s getting me nostalgic maaan…

Jaane nahi denge tujhe~ Sonu Nigam – another slow melodious number… This one starts sounding like  the song tum bin..But then when Sonu hits the higher plateau maannn…its breath-taking…. The beats and music is awesome it hits you completely…atleast it did that to me 😕 Lovely number i must say…

Zoobi Doobi Remix~ Sonu & shreya – I dunno why m partial to songs that I like the original and I end up liking the remix too 😛 yep this is even more foot tapping and even end up shaking my head wen this start… 😳 this one’s more on the couples dancing material… something for a tango or a cha cha cha while the original is more of a waltz material.. Since this is a tad faster.. This is more suitable for tango/cha cha cha stuff.. J

Aal is well Remix~ sonu & Swanand –  this is even more cooler than the original… cos it has some rap and superb beats… lots of english lyrics strewn in ..But equally well rendered… I liked it personally..With the same crazy lyrics and awesome beats… it’s a remix in pretty much all its sense… I love it 😀 and I loved the kukduku in the start and the middle… awesome and no this is not like the other remixes where they only increase the pace of the songs… they seem to have redone the music pretty much…and its nt jus the music thts loud,..The singer’s rendition complements the music…
Overall I give it a 4/5… can’t give full marks… somehow,… I don’t think it’s all that great but then I think its def a good listen…esp for Zoobi Doobi and Give me some sunshine…err.. Aal is well and Behti hawa too 🙂
Jeeeezzz… I mentioned all the songs 😳
Nonetheless guys def try this one… it’s not a bad listen…and after a long time I get to listen an album full of Sonu Nigam and im def not complaining…
Do you see me with a sad/angry face ….???(Jeeeezzz I sound like Geet from Jab We Met now 🙄 )
Naaahiieee Na… See I told ya im not complaining I love sonu 🙂
Do check it out guys…
Keep Smiling…!! Keep Rocking…!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheerios :mrgreen: