~::~ Spring Time ~::~

OK I have been in a really long Sabbatical..

But that was a much needed break as i needed to shed my old poetic baggage and come back with new and shiny covers 😀

and yes i believe now i am indeed back with a bang and here to stay..

I know you’re wondering why  the title when its still winter..

well you can call it the yearning for  Spring  with its vibrant colours and hues and aromas :mrgreen:

and this time i am tryin my hand at a very new form of poetry called PANTOUM


The pantoum consists of a series of quatrains rhyming ABAB in which the second and fourth lines of a quatrain recur as the first and third lines in the succeeding quatrain; each quatrain introduces a new second rhyme as BCBC, CDCD. The first line of the series recurs as the last line of the closing quatrain, and third line of the poem recurs as the second line of the closing quatrain, rhyming ZAZA.

 The design is simple:

 Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4

 Line 5 (repeat of line 2)

Line 6

Line 7 (repeat of line 4)

Line 8

 Continue with as many stanzas as you wish, but the ending stanzathen repeats the second and fourth lines of the previous stanza (as its first and third lines), and also repeats the third line of the first stanza, as its second line, and the first line of the first stanza as its fourth. So the first line of the poem is also the last.

 Last stanza:

 Line 2 of previous stanza

Line 3 of first stanza

Line 4 of previous stanza

Line 1 of first stanza


~::~ Spring Time ~::~

Spring is here

Colors bright

Spreading cheer

Through the night

Colors bright

In every hue

Through the night

Glimmer pristine dew


In every hue

Flowers bloom

Glimmer pristine dew

Dispelling all gloom

Flowers bloom

Spreading cheer

Dispelling all gloom

Spring is here!



I hope you guys enjoyed my try at this form of poem and i hope i have managed to re-create the magic of Spring in your minds..

Thats it from Megzone for now..

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen: