Three cheers ~ Teen patti…!!

This was one movie which had sparked quite some interest.. Not only cos it’s a Big B movie but cos there’s another Big B in it 😉 Ben Kingsley.. And moreover it does seem to be inspired from the ashton kutcher movie 21.. only since teen patti is more popular than black jack in our country.. they have adapted the movie around this card game… I wonder why this sudden theme of sports and games for movies(Lagaan, Chak De, Striker, Teen Patti) 🙄

Ok back to the review or shud I say overview 😉

All songs are simply awesome.. I can’t pick out this or that this is the best or this is okayish.. the music, the lyrics , the singers and the effect of the songs all in perfect tandem with each other… this is one of those few albums which I can easily say is a Best/Must Buy.. simply cos all the songs are superb… The whole album is complete infact at times leave you hankering for more.. Kudos to Saleem Suleiman..

I give it a 4.75/5 simply cos I never give full marks to any albums.. No its not that they don’t deserve it its just that I always feel something lacking..or that I’m left yearning for more J

Now for my detailed analysis 😉


Neeyat Kharaab hai ~ Sunidhi Chauhan – awww… maaann.. this is such a wonderful song… and it kinda takes me back to the era when Cabaret was popular… welll… cabaret needn’t be a fast number.. and the sensuality coupled with a eerie-ness are definitely not worth missing… err..this one can make anyone’s neeyat kharaab 😛 CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Intezaar mein chupa hai kahin ~ Naresh Kamat –  this is one helluva number which can keep you glued and one of those that easily get stuck in ur head… and the music… mind-blowing..  its starts slow with low tones and slowly gathers the pace and the boldness… from the lower octave to the higher.. and the beats… maaannn.. wattay number… trust me you should definitely listen to this.. to me it kinda gives a creepy feel to it.. as if danger is just lurking around and ready to pounce on you… Oh man..! CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN…

Teen Patti ke Ghulam ~Salim Merchant – Now this is one that’s gonna not only rock the dance floors but also you mind floors… the title song and the most catchy in the whole movie.. the mere two-liner “Ikka, badshah, rani, teen yehi hai baja de teen patti ke gulam paisa” is gonna be stuck in ur head even after the song is over and you might have switched off ur ipod/system whatever u listen to… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Life is a Game (English) ~ Amitabh Bachchan, Sonia Saigal – maaannn.. This ones on par with any english OST.. Though somewhere in the middle the beats are reminiscent of Pyar Impossible.. Whoever Sonia Saigal is I believe she must b an NRI.. her english is not accented but it doesn’t sound Indian in any which way.. Even Anoushka Manchanda’s would lose out to her… bloody brilliant I guess.. And AB’s sentences in between just add to the spooky effect… esp the ending lines.. they kinda remind me of AB and Manoj Bajpai’s AKS(Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra’s first one)  CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Neeyat Kharaab Hai ~ Sunidhi Chauhan – this is one remix that I truly madly deeply love J this one’s one of those that you would wanna blast on a long drive in ur car on the lonely roads… CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Teen Patti Remix ~ Salim Merchant –  Same as the above.. this is one zabrakoo number.. and the remix is almost on par with the original… the remix of this remix is sure to have the dance floors burning.. its one splendid number.. I loved the beats in this one.. just cant stop nodding my head 🙂 .. CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Intezaar mein Chupa(remix) ~ Naresh kamat –  Oh maan.. this is crazy.. this seems to be one album where I love all the remixes too.. that’s why I said I just cant get enough of this album… This is wat I call Salim Suleiman music.. and no Sufism too.. just pure westernized Indian music.. the higher notes have been mellowed down with music but nonetheless I love this.. for you all anti-remixes.. CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Life is  a game (hindi version) ~ Amitabh Bachhan Sonia Saigal –  loved this one as much as I loved the English version.. Here Sonia sounds sooo much Anushka Manchanda that I wonder if its really Sonia 🙄

Oh I still like it very very very much.. CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Summertime an the Live~ Joe Alvares – this is a perfect slice of the club music.. I don’t mean on the club music.. but the kind of music that could be played in clubs/casinos and the like.. and the singer Joe has a kinda elvis-ish voice… heavy voice.. obviously cant match the king.. but seeing the fact that theres a dearth of heavy-voiced singers he’s perfect.. aw… maann.. like this one.. only it’s a tad to short 😦 CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN


Sigh..!! That’s all.. thus endeth the album and the review 😦

Oh ur wondering why m sad…. I liked all the songs.. and I want more.. so all I end up doing is replaying the songs… 😀

So go out guys get the music.. I swear you wont complain… atleast im glad I downloaded..

And now im just looking forward to the movie…

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

Striker Strikes Some Chords..!!

its Yuvan Shankar Raja giving music in hindi, you know you’re a tad apprehensive.. cos the tamil film industry doesn’t exactly work the way Bollywood does …but YSR is known for his syle of music.. If there’s someone in the Raja family after the maestro himself, I wud say YSR anytime.. so there’s an expectation too.. and well..Striker lives upto the apprehensions and expectation at the same time.. Completely.. if not urs atleast mine.. When you hear a movies surrounding a game of Carrom, I don’t expect much.. With YSR’s music there has to be something to look forward to.. The usual magical strings woven with beautiful soul-stirring words.. That’s what Striker is.. 3/5 is my personal score to the album

MUST LISTENsYun Hua (VB the great J) Pia Saanwara (for the soulful folks –read HIMANSHU* 😛 ) Cham Cham(mellifluous Sonu 😀 ) and Aim Lagaa (rocking Blaaze)

Okies…now the detailed review 😀


Yun Hua ~ Vishal Bhardwaj –  slight reminisces of Kaminey Title songs.. But the typical VB spell.. Mesmerizing music… Soothing words.. Serene instruments.. And you have a winner.. That’s what Yun Huaa is..The BEST SONG in this album yuppies m a VB FAN 😀 honestly sincerely obviously has to be CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Haq Se ~ Yuvan Shankar Raja, Siddarth– hindi song sung by YSR 😯 I was more shocked than curious.. it has his typical touch.. it has the south Indian influence.. In some places when YSR sings he reminds u of ARR albeit with a slightly heavy voice.. its an ok listen… I think this one would take some time to grow into me.. Till then CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Maula ~ Swanand Kirkire – starts with a folk feel to it.. And like all Maula songs.. Manages to make a mark in heart and head.. Heart cos of the endearing tune and head.. Cos of the lyrics.. I see a slight Dilli -6 feel in this.. And yes its sure to be catchy and gets stuck in ur head..ESP the lyrics and the tune… but doesn’t appeal to me much so CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Aim Laga ~ Blaaze – the most rocking number of the album.. When I say rocking.. I mean it literally.. Blaaze proves his mettle again..Rapper.. The funky interludes intermingled with the slight classical touch.. Bloody brill I wud say.. The most catchy swervy ubercool number in the album.. instantly catches on to you.. CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Bombay Bombay ~ Siddharth– starts with a dialogue explaining the life in BOMBAY.. After listening to Siddharth in Something Something Unakum Enakum.. I was def looking forward to his singing.. But then I must say That DON’T impress ME MUCH… the music yes.. It makes its mark.. Lines are catchy.. But siddharth’s voice personally seems to be a letdown to me.. Just for YSR this is CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Cham Cham ~ Sonu –  I don’t need any more reason to like this song J Sonu is enough for me to make it a must listen.. But making an unbiased opinion (YO! ME SAINT ME) this is one of the best songs in this album.. The mere sufi-ness in this song and the qawwali-ish feel is more than enough to take an instant liking to this one.. Definitely has to be CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Pia Saanvara ~ Sunidhi Chauhan – a soulful ballad.. Been ages since I heard sunidhi at her best… so used to listening her belting out peppy numbers that forgot she has the capability to croon in a way that makes u swoon… another lovely number in the album.. Super splendiferous number this one.. Hats off Sunidhi….CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Aim Lagaa Rickshaw mix.. I don’t like remixes.. And in some ways I don’t like this one too.. But in some places its so catchy that I can’t stop swaying with it.. So I leave the decision of this number with you.. NO CERTIFICATIONS on this one 😈

That’s about Striker… Some strike the right chords some missed..

Overall not a bad listen…

That’s it from Megzone for now..

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*I’m sure Himanshu is gonna kill me for this.. This is the second time I’ve taken his case in music reviews.. And now that he’s back to pavilion.. I better be a tad careful (megs control kar yaar 😳 )

The laudable warrior….!!!

yuppieee… review of Veer –  the love story of a warrior 😛

Kanha thumri –  Rekha bharadwaj, Shabab Sabri, Toshi and Sharib –  Remember namak isq ka from Omkara… Rekha bharadwaj is back with a soul stirring number on Kanha.. its been a long time since we’ve had a typical classical basednumber in our movies.. last I remember was devdas with its Dhai Shaam rok layi.. so classical fans rejoice.. and yes Rekha has done complete justice to this song.. couldn’t imagine a better person to sing this number… it reminded me of yesteryears Umrao Jaan… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Meherbaniyaan Sonu Nigam – With Sonu crooning do you need any reason to listen to this song…?? I guess not.. a wonderful number I must say.. though I did have my doubts wondering whats a periodic movie doin with a song like this.. this is  a shockingly  peppier number considering that the film is based in the pre-independence era and boasts of it being a love story of a warrior… and then a fast paced groovy number like this… Im def curious… very curious.. 😉 but yes must say ita nice song… its cute typical sonu-ish number… music such that it has u nodding and shakin ur head alongwith thte beats… ahh yes the beats it started with a feeling of being reminiscent of All I wanna is that they don’t realy care about us… or the later recent Boys number based on the same beats of Break the Rules…but in the paragraph areas it reminded me of Khambe Jaisi Khadi hai… I hope you remember that one… how can one even forget a Amir and madhuri movie :D… yes but none theless I still stand by what I say … CERTIFIED LISTENABLE..

Surili Aankhon Wale raahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sunidhi ChauhAn and Suzanne Demello –  this according to me is one of the best numbers in this movie… its nice soft lilting melodious number… the inclusion of English lyrics and western interludes remind me of O re Chore from lagan… and Raahat Fateh Ali at his best after Paap… if I’ve ever loved any song of Raahat it was Mann ki Lagan from Paap.. and this one is def on par with that…infact better than paap I shud say… a soulful ballad-ish number only I wish it had been a solo by raahat Fateh ali.. he is simply a delight to listen to… I am simply out of words to explain what this song is… so you guys just get a listen and let me know how you found it.. to me it’s a CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN.

Taali(Solo) Sukhwinder Singh –  this is a folksy fast number… a typical Sukhwinder-ish number… with a lot of old world hindi lyrics… this is fast sprightly number, the music does comprise a few war-cry-ish feel to it too.. its an okay-ish number to listen to.. nothing too exceptional  about… Sukhwinder sounds monotonous.. the Music Directors have exploited his talent much… just a few high pitched notes nothing great about it… sounds similar to most of Sukhwinder number… only I found the music a lil different and nice… its reminds me of a raga which I have heard but not able to place my finger on it.. its just an okie dokie has certain influences of Baar Baar haan from Lagaan …CERTIFIED MISSABLE SONG

Salaam Aaya –  Roop Kumar rathod, Shreya Ghosal and Suzzanne DeMello – this has already been aired on most music channels and promos so I guess most of you have already heard it… its nice feel good number… it’s a nice one to listen to a couple of times.. after a few listens you tend to lose interest in it.. unlike Surili Ankhiyon Waale song..  so this is not as impressive as it seems for the first few times… Roop Kumar and Shreya perfect justice to the song.. Roop kumar sounds as if he’s tickling you with a feather on your face.. something like the sensuous scene of Mughal E Azam where Dilip Kumar brushes the feather lightly on MadhuBala’s face…yep that’s how the Song sounds… a nice feel good cute song.. Shreya as usual.. I don’t need to say anything about her at all.. CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Surili Ankhon waleRaahat Fateh Ali and Suzanne DeMello–  Looks like Sajid Wajid  heard what I wrote when I heard this song’s earlier version.. you just cant get enough of this song…its just soooooooo fantaboulastically splendid..i’m so in love with this song.. esp this particular version…Rahat is simply amazing… err..ok if you think im exaggerating you can def listen to it and then prove me wrong 😉 CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Taali Sukhwinder,Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, Wajid and neuman Pinto – Ok if that was a solo version by just Sukhwinder this one has 4 singers singing the same song…the same effect nothing much different with this version… errr… to me this version of the song was pretty much or rather I would say for this song.. any one version was pretty sufficient … I think the other version has been added only to steer clear of the remixing of any songs.. yup one album with no remixes.. I;m happy about that but why this version 😦  MISSABLE NUMBER

Spirit of Veer –  this is an instrumental piece.. and no it does not have any soul stirring slow number.. like the usual spirit or theme songs.. this is a quick hippy heppy piece with ample use of the bag piper kinda tune,m whistles and a typical western influenced piece ala the Tap Dance sequence in Titanic.. something similar to that.. nice one.. a different kinda theme for a movie..

Final Verdict..

Overall the album is just about OK.. considering the number of MUST LISTENS & LISTENABLES  that I have given  I would give the over all album a 4/5…Cos except for the Taali piece and its version all the others are pretty much good numbers… I would suggest you listen or download only the Certified MUST LISTEN numbers… the others are pretty much worth a miss…a much required kudos to Sajid Wajid for the effort put in for the songs.. Except for Taali I would say the album is pretty complete… I wish they had either down away with the Talli number on the whole or atleast made that as a better number.. Sigh.. nonetheless the other songs are definitely superb.. Regardless of the fate of the movie, I must say the songs are absolutely a delight to listen to … Surili Ankhon wale ROCKS.. to me it’s the best number in the move… followed by Salaam and Kanha…

Do listen to the songs.. 😀