Poetic Resonance..!!

Poetic Resonance


The higher I go

The farther I see

I see sumthin glitter

And my heart says “gee!!”

I try to reach it

With my hands out stretched

The more I get closer

It’s seemingly far fetched

Suddenly its approaching

“I’m nearing” I exclaim

I see it shining bright

Its mine afterall I proclaim

With a surge of new optimism

And determination I proceed ahead

I see a smoky phase advancing

Oh so carefully I tread

The smoke encapsulates me

Making me shiver to bones

A fuzzy feeling grows over

And my head groans..


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Thank you Trisha…!!


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Passion+Creativity+oodles of Fun = 2yrs and 200posts

I have recently completed 2 years in my Organisation and also my 200th post on corporate blogs.. On this festive occasion this was another reason to celebrate.. so here’s an extract from my corporate blogs – expressing my feelings..!!

Warning: this is a long post.. so make sure you have enough time to read through it :mrgreen:

As the 24th day of December dawns

I wake up with excitement and yawn

Atlast the day has come to light

And yes the future shines bright

Around 2 years back on this very date

I had met with an exciting fate

An offer letter I had accepted

From my home town though I was intercepted

The journey since then has been an exhilarating ride

Lessons learnt, ideas explored and creativity betide

As my path unfurled along

A new passion, a spark trundled along

Sometimes even evanescing into a deep silence

I slowly realized and explored my manifold talents

As I sounded off to people my ideas galore

Encouragement and compliments become furor

Every post and poem became an instant hit

Oh I so loved the adulation every bit

But there’s Miles to go before I sleep

As rants, randomness and poems fall as heap

Yes this is the day to celebrate and rejoice

As I post my 200th poem and post with poise

2 years of fun, rants, poems and romance

2 years of learnings and taking a chance

Its been 2 years already with destiny its my date

To this day I experiment and try to innovate

Thank you all for your love, support and comments

I hope the New Year rings in more such moments…!!


200 here I come 😀

Unlike last time when I hit 175 and never realized it.. this time I was more cautious enough to keep a track of my Dashboard..

And Lo Behold..!!! my 200th post…

Seems like yesterday when I started blogging and its 2 years already..

It’s hardly a month I celebrated my 175th and now I’m back with my 200th..

2 years.. 200 posts.. and still counting..

To me it’s the greatest achievement of all times… in these 2 years I have even managed to creep into Sukumar’s and Meenaks’ posts..(which was my secret dream from the day I set my baby feet into blogging)

Thank you all for all the support, encouragement, motivation and most of all comments..

Meenaks said…comments is what keeps you going.. and yes I agree to that..

Every comment counts,… every advice counts.. every point, every nuance, every teeny weeny bit of opinion someone says about blogs count..

Cos if it dint it would have been a gazillion years before I completed my 200th post..

Like every year this one too had its highs and lows..

And the only year where when I was in hibernation for a great long time…almost eternity.. I thought I would never be able to get back…

I slept.. I died.. and I was reborn again..

With me, my blog did the same..

It’s nostalgic to think of these past 2 years..it’s been wonderful rollercoaster ride…

I would take this post to specially and specifically thank everyone who have stood by me right from when I wasn’t posting a single word till today, when I hardly run out of ideas…

A mighty huge thanks to Sukumar and Meenaks.. Former for giving me the platform to hone and explore my passion for writing and the latter for pure inspiration… if not for them my blog wud be deadwood…

Sree, Nive, Vivs, Nandhu and Suji,… my oldy bloggy mates.. Who have commented on each of my shayari posts.. That was the birth of Megzone.. And if not for their comments I’m sure I wouldn’t have reached where I have today..

Himanshu, Mohan, Kay, Srini, sudhi and Roy… another set of older fellow bloggers.. who have encouraged me with their constant comments (though comments from Kay and Roy died down somewhere in between)

The not so newbie regulars Raji, Raj, Suresh and R3 who constantly keep my bantering on blogs running… if not on blogs on the OCS

The brand new loyal commentors Roh, Sangee, karthi, kari, MJ, Pri, Appy and Garfy boy

Special thanks

To Swetha and Soundarya to have sometimes helped me out with which post goes on which day… and for bearing my brunt daily on OCS

Swetha especially cos being my teamie she bears the most of my insanity 😀

Sree too for helping me out with my titles and translation and being my sounding board for ideas

Shriram for making sure he comments on each and every post of mine even though he’s onsite even if its jus a kudos, cheers or nice one.. it counts buddy.. thanks a ton…

RJ/Story-teller Ashu, for constantly encouraging me over the OCS to strive, to think out of the box and do something different..

A few other regular readers who are better left anonymous cos they prefer to be so.. But I mention them here cos they have continuously supported me and encouraged me with my posts..Provided me with their inputs, criticisms, compliments personally over the OCS.

To all the 109 followers (which includes the above names too) that have subscribed to this insanity and have still managed to be sane.. 😛

And to all those innumerable readers who may have glanced through my posts but never commented…thanks to you too… 😀

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerrios…!! :mrgreen: