~::~ GoodBye.. ~::~

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~::~ Goodbye~::~

Cloudy Dark rainy night

Lonely Star twinkled bright

Caressing zephyr unfurls my mind

In retrospect thoughts unwind

Moments spent together

Talking nonsense, even weather

Sipping tea having fun

Laughing over our lil puns

Rain drenched, jumping puddles

Thunder & lightening made us huddle

Movies, music, senseless jabber

These memories make it even harder

To accept brutal truth’s throes

Harsh reality that life bestows

My feelings I could never convey

One murky night you passed away

Tears always brim my eyes

I never got to say goodbye

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*Note –  This poem is dedicated to a dear friend and colleague who was my partner in crime all the time that I spent in Reliance -DAKC.. He suffered from throat cancer which he never realised and when they did diagnose it was too late to cure.. I never went to meet him at the hospital as I knew I couldnt stand him bedridden with all those tubes thru his body and I knew I would break down… Which he definitely wouldnt approve of… He was the closest buddy I have ever had.. I still feel guilty for not having met him.. and I hope he forgives me…  where ever he is 😥

You will always be missed buddy 😥 and no one I believe can ever take your place pal.. I miss you 😦

Thursday Poets Rally ~::~ Pain Reprise ~::~

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here’s my poem for this week’s rally..


~::~Pain Reprise~::~

Every droplet lingers

Dripping between fingers

Wind whistling like singers

Dark clouds play harbingers.. Dark clouds play harbingers…


Heart aches and yearns

Throbbing pain returns

Like a storm it churns

But my mind spurns… But my mind spurns


Raindrops tickle my skin

Slipping down my chin

Lips flaunt a grin

A roaring sting within… A roaring sting within..


My hurt I suppress

Without much success

No matter how much I digress

Life’s a mess.. Life’s a mess…


Under darkened skies

There exist no lies

Silently sobbing eyes

Pain reprise.. Pain reprise


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