Typo Terrors…!!

Imagine you wanted to call someone as “Ma Devi” and ended up typing “MuDevi”… 😳

And you realize only after you get the reaction from the other side…

Especially in this age of touch-phones, iphones, and inbuilt spellcheckers…  the blunders that can be committed are innumerable and infinite…

Now I completely agree with mouli’s one liner that says “Ecstasy and guilt follow one after the other.. Only I would like to make it Ecstasy and Embarrassment… oh welll.. In the ecstasy of pulling someone’s leg you write something.. only to later be embarrassed at what the word/sentence went out at…

Sigh..!!! yeaaa.. That’s what typos do..

Not just TouchPhones even mails/OCS or any means of communication for that matter…

So here are some real-life incidents that made the writer (not me you sillies… but those who wrote them) blush a deep beetroot red with embarrassment..


>     OCS GOOF UP ~

A good friend and colleague of mine is a huge huge fan of twilight and she wanted to gimme a tidbit about the movie and said “ Rob Pattinson was about to quit his movie career before he AUCTIONED for Twilight” and she got a RAISED EYEBROW look from me.. and thats when she realised she made a typo….well…. She wanted to say “Auditioned” and I knw she’s gonna kick me wen she sees this post….  sorry gal 😛


Now this happened with your’s truly 😳 … I was in a super laughter riot chain mail with 2 fellow friend-bloggers and I wrote “your current state expires me to pen a poem” Gulp..!!! I meant to write “your current state inspires me to pen a poem”.. Darn..!! the glories of multi-tasking… 🙄


The other day  yours truly(well a wise one once told me.. you can’t damage others unless you damage urself n laugh abt it.. ur words – my rule mate 😛 )  was busy replying to a friend (a guy)on sms.. I typed in “hows the skit shaping up” and sent only to recv a msg “what do you mean -hows the skirt shaping up… I was like jeeeezzzzz…. 😳


Imagine my plight…. I sent a mail to my frn… which was actually my latest concoction of a song.. That I now prefer to call a poetry.. So I just pinged him n told him ive sent him a poem jus lemme knw ur thots.. He asked “why is it a poem” my reply “well actually it sarong “and he gave me K  I was like “shitt…soweeee… I meant it’s a song” 😳


Awrighty… this happened over the OCS… I was chatting with this friend of mine… and she told me it was raining in Chennai… and I said ”wish it was training in mumbai too…” and I got a biiigg bulby for that….. 😳


The other day I was on gmail chatting with frn of mine… and he told me sum secret.. and being a true blue harry potter fan he said sumthing like..  “By the law of Unbreakable Vow your sworn to sexy…” and I was like 😯 and he was like.. “shitt shitt  I mean secy…secrecy


The other day I was catching up with an old college friend of mine.. and I was just asking her wat she is doing… and she replied Company Sorcery… I was like 😯 and she was like jeezz… I meant Company Secretary… and I was like 😆


So much for typo terrors… hope you guys enjoyed my damaging session…………

Keep Smiling…!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging…!!!

Cheerios..!!!  :mrgreen: