Deewangi..!! ~ Obsession..!!

Awrighty.. I have gotten into a habit of hindi poetry now.. and glad am I that I have been able to get back to it.. Yes you bet…

but this time thanks to my jugalbandhi  with Arpit on my previous Post Waakif ~ Unaware

So here’s a few lines from there translated for the benefit of non-hindi readers..

so here we go…



Meri deewangi se gar wo wakif hote..

Tho hamare saanso mein apne mehak pirote..

Har lafz har alfaaz har naksh mein unka noor hota..

Itni khushiya milti ke, gham koso meel door hota..

Har savera har shaam unke naam hoti..

Aankho mein aaz, hoton ka jaam hoti…

Ab tho bas khwahishe hi reh gayi hai milan ki…

Bas faasle hi reh gaye hai dilon ki..


And here’s the literal translation in English… pardon me on the rhyme -scheme cos there seems to be no way to string the words in such a way that they appear poetic.. if i had to keep the essence of the poem I had no choice but to forego the rhyme-part… and hence compromising on that.. here’s presenting the English version..



If he was aware of my obsession..

My breath wud carry his fragrance..

Every word, every sentence would carry his beautiful essence…

Receive so much happiness that sorrows wud be miles away…

My Dawn & dusk would be him…

Passionate eyes intoxicating lips…

Now desires of companionship are all that linger…

While distances of hearts remain…


I hope you guys liked it.. Do lemme know.. and yes do do leave your comments cos they are what keep oiling the engine of my blog..

Thats it from Megzone for now..

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Waakif… ~ Unaware…

awright… peeps over here are bored with my sad n bad poems.. so this time im making it a tad mushy with a hint of attitude thrown in.. mind u just a hint..

and ofcourse.. this is yet another Hindi Poem translated into English.. and have somehow managed to capture the essence of the poem as it is.. 😀

So lemme know guys…



In aankho ke nashe se

Madhosh nahi hai wo

In hoton ke garmi se

Gazeedah nahi hai wo

In andhere zulfon ke

Aasir nahi hai wo

Meri har ada se

Abhi anjaan hai wo

Mujmein jo aaz hai

Usse abhi be-soz hai wo

Haan meri deewangi se

Abhi wakif nahi hai wo..!!


And now for the english translation…. I hope I have done justice to it..



The euphoria in these eyes

Haven’t intoxicated him as yet

The heat of these lips

Haven’t stung him as yet

Of these dense dark hair

He isn’t captive, as yet

Of my grace and beauty

He’s unbeknownst as yet

Of my ardor and passion

He isn’t enchanted as yet

Yes, of my obsession

He’s Unaware as yet.


I hope you guys liked it… do lemme know your thoughts…

Thats it from Megzone for now..

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