Incoherent Love Of An Incoherent Mind..!!

Here’s another form of love… from yet another shade… a person.. whose thoughts are muddled… whose mind’s not addled… The person is soooo in love.. that cant think of anything but LOVE>..!!!


Incoherent Love of an Incoherent Mind…!!

Nowadays I am breathing with a depth

Living with a sense

Is it because I am in love

Its intoxicating dear..

To know that I know you ..

To know that you are there ..

If not for me ..

For us ..

Sometimes its insensible ..

This love ..

Sometimes its illogical ..

This love..

Some times ..its ..stupid love..

But it gives me strength to believe ..

It give me strength becos it .s ..

Cos I feel like .. I ..wish were with me …

But ..just once ….

I really wish you were here ..

With me now ..

To share the moments of my life..

When there is love ..

Like right now ..

Like when I am the balcony..

Seeing the world outside …

8 floors from above ..

Like its night here ..

Lights ..


Like its cool here now ..

I wish I was with you ..

Or you were with me ..

Then I understand its a greed ..

My selfishness..

To want you ..

To need you ..

And worse of all…

To let you know ..

Yet ..

I long …

I wish ..

You were here with me my love..


I Hope you liked it….. 🙂

Do let me know your thoughts… cos they are valuable to me… 🙂

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerios…!!!! :mrgreen:

NOTE –  Destiny is surely in my favor cos I have been recently mentioned in the BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday 🙂

and the best part is the poem was the same that i had submitted for the Thursday Poets Rally ~ The Dramaqueen

ShaSha-Shayari ~ Happy Birthday Shahid..!!

oiiiii… Its my darling….sweetypie… Cutiepiee… Shahid’s birthday..

The Ruler of my Heart…

The King of my Dreams…

The Charmer of my Desires

And my Knight Supreme…..!!! 😀


Here are some lines for you…. 🙂


Mere jame huye ehsaas ek barf si pighalne lagi..

Aaj main tere baaho mein aake ek shama se jalne lagi..

Tere pyar bhare nigahon ne mera saara dard pee liye..

Main aaj ek naye armano ke jazbat se mehekne lagi..

Chu liya jab tune mere badan ko garm saanso se..

Mere dil mein tujhe pane ki chahat se jagne lagi..

Chandni bhi aaj lehek ke chand ke daaman se lipat gayi..

Mere labo ki pyaas aaj tere labo ki saaye mein pighalne lagi..

Ho gaya poora har armaan meri chahat ka..

Meri rooh bhi tutke tujhe pyar karneko machalne lagi..

Khamosh ho gya ye dekhke saara sama..

Meri preet jo tere aagosh mein simatne lagi..



Choom lungi tere aankho ko chupkese..

Tere saare sapne apna bana lungi..

Tere labo pe hai jo ankahi baatei..

Unhe apne labo se aaj chura loongi..

Kho jayega jab tu meri zulfo tale..

Ek meheka sa saawan barsa doongi..

Teri tez hoti in saanson mein sanam..

Main apni saanson ki sargam mila doongi..

Kar dungi tere kaano me kuch aisi sargoshiya…

Tere dil ki dhadkano ko main aaj badda doongi..

Kass lega jab tu apni baaho ke  ghere mein ..

Apne daaman se main bhi tujhko lipta loongi..



Teri aankho mein nazar aayi hai wo jannat mujhe..

Meri jannat teri aankho ke siwa kahi nahi..

Chahti hoo behena in aankho ke meikhaane mein..

Jo nasha hai teri aankho mein wo sharab mein bhi nahi..

Gulabi in labo pe tere dil mera bhi aaya hai..

Nazakat aur khusbu aisi tho gulab mein bhi nahi..

Bheegi barsaat mein yu tera mujhe dekhna ..

Jo kashish hai in nigaho mein badlo mein bhi nahi..

Tadpane aur tarsane ki ye ada kaha se sikhe tumne..

Ye teri jo hai shokiya wo tho chand mein bhi nahi..


Happy happy happy Birthday to my Dearest Sweetest Darling Shahid 😀

Love you lots.. muaah muaah muaah…

Shades of Love

Another poem.. wherein I have tried to capture all shades and forms of love…

hope you like it 😀


Shades of LOVE

Love is mush

Love is fear

Love sometimes

Even give you tears

Love is passion

Love is anger

Love can happen

Even with a stranger

Love is forgiveness

Love is to move on

Love is tender

It evens out, all frowns

Love is good

And love is bad

Love is in this

And even in that

What are u waiting for?

Come let’s spread love

It’s the only nectar

Sent from heavens above


Thats it from Megzone now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking…!!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

No Time For Love…!!

V-Day Carnival again…!!! 😀

This time a completely different shade of Love..!!!

For people who are absolutely busy with life to have time to wait for love to happen.. or to let love happen 😉


read on 😀


No time for love

Weekdays spent in Meetings Galore

Weekends running aisles of grocery store

Routine Life, Spelled out ”Bore”

I got no time for love


Lost in things practical

My mind ceases to be logical

Mundane-ism aint that Magical

I got no Time for love


Peak hour traffic, trudging along

Swear words becoming daily song

After a hard day’s toil to be home I long

I got no time for love


Love- the word so mythical

Makes people irrational

Not that’s it despicable

I got no Time for love


I hope you liked it 🙂

do lemme know your thoughts 😛

Keep Smiling…!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!!! :mrgreen:

My Open Heart

I kinda know you all are tired of my Love Poems tagged [V-Day Carnival]

aahh… but this is just the same..

Only this also ensures my participation in the Thursday Poets Rally hosted by Jingle…

It was mighty swell of you Jingle to give me a chance to participate and introduce to me many other poets too..

Thank you very much…

and as for you my readers.. Here’s my poem


My Open Heart…

I feel a magic in the air

As breeze plays with my hair

A name it whispers in the ear

His voice calling me near


My instincts seem to overdrive

Luring dreams, stills come alive

Drawing me closer to a silhouette

Hazy and misty his vignette


The fog spreads its icy wings

With it, a shadowed gloom it brings

Dispersing a veil, as if disguising

My clouded thoughts, condensing


Yet I feel a fervor rise

Drifting into darkness, my eyes

A picture clears yet afar

Leaving my heart’s door ajar..


So here’s to all those poets and lovers out there….. 🙂

All you poets put on our poetic caps and take part in the Thursday Poets Rally….

and most of all thank you the opportunity….

[V-Day Carnival] In-Difference In-Love

/*UPDATED ~ 17th Feb 10.40PM = Do Check the HE-PART of the poem*/

I told yaa… I’m gonnaa keep posting.. so stop fretting and fuming over the post alerts…. 😈

aaahhh… but this time a completely difference shade of LOVE… especially and completely dedicated to those in the Oldy Hearts Club…

Oh you’re wondering what.. well.. this poem is dedicated to those who have been in LOVE for years on end…

Those who met.. married… fell in love and are still very much in Love.. Tolerating each other’s idiosyncrasies.. making fun of each other… damaging each other,.. and yet STILL IN LOVE with each other 🙂

yes this poem dedicated to all those old people in LOVE..

Me and a Friend-blogger, Sree of mine decided we would write it in 2 parts..

He would write the HE-version of the poem.. while I write the SHE-Version…

/updated/So finally Mr-I-was-caught-up-in-work puts up his post  do read the HE-PART 😀

Here we go….!!


In-Difference In-Love

Long have treaded the years
Even some hearing loss to his ears
And yet he never does change
His habits are still a pain
The bell rings and phone trings
Never does he answer
Our mornings and evenings
Same or sane, they are never
Gone are the days
When he would say
He loves me more than ever
But even today
In my heart it plays
His voice in a soft murmur
It was the V-day, our kids had planned
And arranged for us a date
And yet he lay, leaving the bed unmade
As usual he is late
I dressed in red, his favorite shade
But never would I admit
If asked, would’ve said “I didn’t find jade”
And let him sulk over it.
He adjusted his tie, made his hair
Which, is bereft of most tendrils
Off the handle I fly, for being late I can’t bear
I calmed myself off by the window sill
As he stepped out I glided towards him
He sang our age old song
“Lady in red is dancing with me cheek to cheek”
He looks bright but the lights seem dim
Striding with him I hummed along
While our kids stood cheering as they took a peek
50 glorious years yet the spark lingers
As we strolled in the moonlight
Whispering nothings and entwining fingers
Reliving memories we walked into the night


I hope you do read the other part of the poem on Sree’s blog

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

[V-Day Carnival] Do you

aaahhh….. now that I have presented many shades of love…

we’ve covered yearning… dreaming… despair… ofcourse the mushy moments too 😉

I thought what next…

How about some funk and attitude my mind said….

welll.. who said you cant have attitude in love 😉

Love has no reasons.. love has no seasons.. its just LOVE.. doesnt matter which emotion you express.. as far as you express LOVE 🙂

Love need not always me mushy.. or despair/pathos filled… it could be fun and zingy….

it could be attitude and funky 😀

Hell..Ya..!! Why not…?? 😉

So here we go an attitude filled poem 😉

Hope you guys like this 😀


Do you..??

You say

You like me

Adore me

But baby do you love me

You say

You need me

Want me

But baby do you love me


You should never

Cheat me

Betray me

And never ever lie to me

You should always

Pamper me

Treasure me

And always express your Love to me

So temme baby do you love me..


You need to

Charm me

Woo me

Make me go weak in my knees

Caress me

Cherish me

Convince me ur the one for me

Now baby temme do you love me


You say

You like me

Love me

But baby do you love me

You say

You need me

Want me

But baby do you love me


So that another of my humble offering to the world of LOVE 😀

[V-Day Carnival] Teri Sada

Phew..!! V-Day Came and went…. I hope you all enjoyed it….. and had fun.. 😛

The doubles with their beloved… and the singles enjoyin their independence 😉

yeaa… prefer independence day over lonely hearts club rite…??? 😀

Sigh..!! I know V-Day’s over…but does that stop us from Loving 😉

or spreading LOVE….??? Or more still…. Writing about LOVE 😛

naaahhh….right 😉

Well….. I plan to continue my V-Day Carnival till the end of this month..

With as much of LOVE and thoughts of LOVE as I can 😀

so here we go again… This Time its HINDI so pardon me O Ye Non-Hindi Peepls 😥


Teri Sada

Agosh mein panaah de

Chahe tho meri jaan le

Par hoon main teri sada

Bas teri rahungi sada


Dil se tere dil tak

Ka faasla ye kab talak

Na reh paaoongi tujse juda

Bas teri rahungi sada

Hai yeh meri dastaan

Chahti hoon tujhe jaanejaan

Ke tu hi meri ada

Bas teri rahungi sada


Aa muje choo le

Mere labon ko choomle

Dhadkan ki yehi hai sada

Bas teri rahungi sada

Tere baahon mein hi mera basera

Teri aankho mein hi mera savera

Hai tujse mera yeh waada

Bas teri rahungi sada


Na dekh nazro ke teer se

Dekhle ye dil cheer ke

Has tasavvur bas tera

Main teri rahungi sada

Teri ungliyo se sehla de

Ek baar tu khudse mila de

Tu hi hai ishq mera

Bas teri rahungi sada


Agosh mein panaah de

Chahe tho meri jaan le

Par hoon main teri sada

Bas teri rahungi sada


Bringing down the tone from yesterday’s Mush-o-meter… 😉

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

[V-Day Carnival] Twilight Ecstasy

Atlast the day dawns…… everything mellow…… hearts all around….. birds chirping indelight… hearts meet in mellow sublime… fingers intertwined……chocolates overflow.. red and pink hearts….ballooons…..

sigh…!! well… keeping up my tradition that i have been following this month.. here’s my offering to the V-Day Carnival….


Twilight Ecstasy…


We sat there, at the balcony

Chatting Nonsense, sipping Tea

Basking in the Orange Hues

Giving way to purpled blues

Sinking with the dusking Sun

Enjoying sweet WE moments



As we fought over last sips

A drop trickles down my lips

You reach across to lick it up

My pulse quickens, eyes rebuff

You claim my lips sending shivers

A moan escapes, mouth quivers



Immersed in each other

Passion raging storm

Entranced groaning murmurs

Burst to smithereens in arms



Twilight melts into night

We lay there ignorant

Fervor rising with every sight

Yet hearts in contentment



Sealed with a kiss, perfect bliss

Euphoric delights in heart exists

Fingers entwined, lost in love

Blessed and Destined, by Angels above



This time a different style…embarking on different pastures…trying my mushiest best… though i think there is always room for better…

Nonetheless… this is my offering..Where’s yours??

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

[V-Day Carnival] Destiny Despairs

Another year…. another day… some heart met.. some drifted away…. some still groping in the dark… searching for their ray of light.. hoping…praying..someday.. someone.. would enter and make everything bright…

Lost in the dreams of solitude.. here I churn another poem…. hoping to reach across to those.. who are still yearning for that funny thing called LOVE…


Moon’s out with clouds over cast

Curtains askew, wind’s icy blast

Into dreams I waft along

Heart humming a silent love song

Thoughts of yonder delight me

Up in the sky I feel so free

Unleashing my inner zeal

Secrets lay for me to unveil

Through the mazes I amble around

Earnestly waiting for an unknown sound

Beguiling me towards the end

Fear amplifies with every bend

Spell breaks, I’m rendered all alone

Awakened stunned, chilled to the bones

He was so near and yet so far

Destiny plays games bizarre

Still bereft of the love I need

Only dreams remain to feed


This time a different style…in search of love in myriad hues…waiting for that light to shine upon me ant sweep me off with it…

lonely hearts dont fret.. they pray…they hope..

for better brighter tomorrows… else

they dream… they dream in despair….they dream with about their pair…

Funny that dreamers are the most hopelessly romantic souls

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!