~::~ Lovelorn B(r)ide ~::~

~::~ Lovelorn B(r)ide ~::~


There’s so much I want to say

There’s so much to convey

But words just elude me

I can’t seem to break free

Chains of reality weighing me down

Distances between us make me frown

Every passing second seem an eternity long

My aching heart hums a silent love song

For all the miles that lay between

A zillion could have, would have, should have been

Without you around, I feel incomplete

Even my rhythmic heart skips a beat

With every moment I yearn for you

Your absence makes me feel all blue

A stabbing pain, a silent tear

Your velvet voice I pine to hear

Slender fingers, contoured face

That losing myself in your embrace

Your silken lips laced in a naughty dimpled smile

Melts my soul into a gooey pile

My darling I stand here by the altar

Awaiting your arrival, my Knight in shining armor!


~::~ V-Day Special ~ DumpBox ~::~

For the past 5 yrs. I have been writing a lot on lou lou and more louuveee!!!

This time thanks to Twitter I came up with something Anti-Valentine 😛

Twitter came up with a hashtag of #WorstValentinesGiftIdeas and in the process of contributing me and our Agony-Dude Tonmoy came up with an interesting break up concept.

On the one side where people are proposing, finding and regaling in love, there are some without any. And then there are those who want to break up ASAP but don’t know how to do it (ala Chandler trying to dump Janice in FRIENDS). So in the process of writing insane gift ideas we came up with a perfect concept of dumping.

An online portal from where people can order some stuff that can be delivered to the said person and address expressing the sender’s feelings of hate, spite and of course saving them the awkwardness of telling in person. Remember how to lose a guy in 10 days, here we give you how lose your beau with 10 things!!! 😛

So here we are, coming up with the most goofy idea on the planet – DumpBox (name inspired by DropBox 😈 )

People can sign up or login via Facebook/Twitter and order A DUMP BOX – which contains some articles which are definitely not to be gifted for valentines provide the name, address of the person they want to send it to, pay the money and poof! There it is shipped off to the person its addressed to thereby notifying the receiver of the breakup 😛 (vile I know but the idea was too insane not to be shared here 😛 )

So what would be the contents of this DumpBox you may ask?

Have a look at the below pic to get an insight of a standard DumpBox!! 😉


The senders would also be given an option to create custom box, additional optional items to choose from would be:


Alright I know this is despicable and heartless it would also bring in a horde of hate mail but then what’s life without a little fun! It’s not that we are really starting the service or something!

So that’s our weirdo idea for Valentines!! What’s yours?? 😉