~::~ Is It Love ~::~

~::~ Is it love? ~::~


When the best place to be is in someone’s arms

When you’re lost away from all worldly charms

When an intense look gives tummy a somersault

When all emotions seem to be locked up in a vault

Is it love??


When a single touch sends across shock waves

When togetherness is all your heart craves

When everything loses colour in their absence

When even the sanest things, lose out on sense

Is it love??         


When the eyes are giddy and mind is numb

Even to minor pleasures your will succumbs

When Music becomes the best friend & lyrics all true

When mind is reeling with feelings blue

Is it love?


When nature’s beauty seem like mediocre scenes

When only a feeling of emptiness reigns

When interaction with others seem middling affair

When yearning in memories is all you care

Is it love?

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~::~Will the Shadows Lift..?? ~::~

Another poetry and this time its POETIC COCKTAIL..

If you are wondering what it means… well its simple… My friend Nithy and me have come up with this COLLABORATIVE POETRY…

where in each have contributed 8LINES….which i have demarcated using different colours…

I hope you guys like this… 😀


Will the shadows lift…??


I live a life where am not happy

I have a feeling which says you are losing out

We don’t talk, we don’t converse

We exist far apart

Life moves on but i linger

Hoping one day I’ll get what i want from you

I can’t force you neither can i beg

All i can do is wait… that i do on a bed of arrows

I fall down but i don’t break

The hope in me doesn’t flicker

The yearning eyes keep the fire burning

And my life moves by the ticker

I may move on but the dream doesn’t die

Standing by the shores yet another sunset

Awaiting for the dawn break in my life

Sunrays streaming brightening lonely nights



Do lemme know your thoughts on this… 🙂


Thats it from Megzone for now..!!!

Keep Smiling..! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen: