Darling I Wish You Were Here….!!


Darling I wish you were here..??

Sky spattered with wispy clouds

My aching psyche, wails aloud

Evening glorious scented breeze

Dusking Sun makes my body freeze

Moon looks benign and near

Darling I wish you were here…

Chirpy birds returning to nest

Equivocal soul feeling depressed

Stars popping shining bright

Pandemonium amidst silent twilight

Demons of Darkness driving a fear

Darling I wish you were here

Tranquility spreads icy gloom

Melancholy steers towards his tomb

I stand pondering at divine conspiracies

Staring yonder, reliving our memories

Bleeding heart mutely trickles a tear

Darling I wish you were here…


I hope you guys liked this one…

Do let me know your thoughts…!!

Thats all from Megzone for now…!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..! :mrgreen: