~::~ You ~::~

I am super duper late and almost on the verge of hitting the deadline 😦

but Ji has been superduper-sweet and a complete Angel and has been very considerate and accomodating in accepting my late entry into the Thursday Poets Rally 33


I never wanted to be away but some recent developments had me travelling for over a week.. Leo was kind enough to let me schedule all my poems so i dont miss much on his Z-A in 26 days and thankfully he dint mind me putting haikus, naisaikus and acrostics continuously and that only eased my entries there..

but Thursday Rally has been really special for me.. Cos Ji if you hadnt discovered me i dont think i would have improved so much as a POET (if i can call myself one) with so much exposure to other poets and memes 😀

and hence every poem for the rally is a special composition and this one again is no different..

~::~ You ~::~

I can see my dreams come true..

In the ocean of your eyes..

Like Sapphires they shine so blue

Make me break all wordly ties..


I can see my desires burn bright

In the vastness of your love

As dispels darkness – the sunlight..

You’re my angel from heavens above..


I can feel my pain wash away..

When you take me in your arms

As have vanished cloud covers- grey..

And silenced my internal storms


You are all I want

You are all I need

Your name is what I chant..

Your words are all I heed..




I hope you all like this..

please do lemme know your thoughts..

Thats it from Megzone for now…

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rockin…!! Keep Blogging..!!