Colour Your Life…!!!

Picture this..

you get up a lil earlier than you usually do.. so you decide to take a nice walk around..

You walk down to the garden nearby.. and u feel small droplets on ur feet.. so u decide to step out of your slippers and place ur naked feet on the ground.. u feel the dewdrops wet ur feet.. and u smile..

u walk a lil longer.. and u see flowers blooming.. you smile..

you reach home to get ready for the day.. u see an empty toothpaste tube.. and u smile.. shake ur head at ur lack of sense and change the tube…

You happen to glance out of the window.. jus to see the sun rise.. and u smile..

Your shoes aint polished.. so u smile and get down to get it done…

and the end result is.. anyone you meet… anything happens you smile…

Ever wondered how simplest of things can make you smile..???

Imagine this..

as soon as u get out of bed.. you stub ย ur feet at the bedside table..

DARN IT..!! and there’s a frown on ur face.. u notice the sun rise.. and all u do is frown..

u hear the birds chirping and u get irritated

u see the empty toothpaste tube and u frown..

the shoe aint polished.. and u have a frown lines plastered all across ur face..

end result…… the whole day you frown at anyone and anything…

All becos of a single thought… see how just a single thought can even spoil your day…??

Inorder to enjoy life… we must look at life positively…

In our quest for bigger things.. we often overlook the smaller joys of life.. Celebrating life and bringing colours into our lives is the Colour Magazine..

The link to the color magazine was sent to me by a friend.. and since then I have been following them….

They have a new CONTEST in their magazine.. do check it out.. you never know you can win too ๐Ÿ˜€

Its a year long contest.. But conducted on a monthly basis…where you are asked to submit your best post for the month.. this is a monthly contest.. and they would chose the best blog of the month

so you get to win every month..Not only this.. but at the end of the year they would select the best blogfor the year..

All it needs is a post on the contest and one of your best blogs in the month of January…

so what are you waiting for… get down and get writing ๐Ÿ˜€

16 thoughts on “Colour Your Life…!!!

  1. see this was pretty cool…..weaving the words so that you promote something with no only talking about the product or contest……

    started reading…it felt good….and till the middle….was like…i want to read more….and then i saw the contest….and said…wow….even i should try doing it….

    you shld join in for copywriting….

    • //weaving the words so that you promote something with no only talking about the product or contestโ€ฆโ€ฆ//
      koshish karring yaare…

      //and then i saw the contestโ€ฆ.and saidโ€ฆwowโ€ฆ.even i should try doing itโ€ฆ.//
      aereeee… even u can do it.. its open til feb 15th.. only u need to publish a post on the contest and comment it in the link given there alongwith wat u feel is ur best post of Jan

    • hey you can too..
      all you need to do is write a promotional post like i did.. giving the link of the contest details.. and finally go to the contest page and enter the link of ur promo post and whichever u think is ur best post in the month of jan

  2. I have come across this mag and its too good. One of my blogger friends, Aniket Thakkar, had submitted his posts there. He is a truly gifted writer!

    Nice post!

    • deeps..thanks dear.. i too was introduced by a friend cum fellow blogger.. she won the 55 fiction story thru the site.. i too submitted my post for january.. lets see wt happens ๐Ÿ™‚
      thanks for visiting dear ๐Ÿ™‚

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