Deluge of Awards

Herein are all the awards I have been honoured with…

With every award I win… it motivates and encourages me to better myself… reinvent and recreate myself…

and after a lot of coaxing and hinting from Raji, I have decided to open a new page staging all the awards i receive..

Henceforth all the award acceptances would be added herein.. 😀

so lets get the ball rolling 😀

here are the recent awards i have recieved..

Awards by Jingle 😀

Thank you So much JI 😀


Awards by Bikky Bro 😀

Thursday Poets Rally Week 26 Awards 🙂

as usual sweetestestest Ji is kind and generous to bestow me with some lovely awards 😀

Other Awards from Blogging friends

Both Hoiden and Tasithoughts both brilliant poets themselves have honored me the following awards 🙂

thank you both very much 😀

Thursday Poets Rally Week 23 Awards

Ji the sweeetestest has as usual showered me with some lovely beautiful awards.

Jingle never tires from motivating and encouraging all her bloggers 🙂

Love you Ji.. keep Smiling 😀

Ji has also been sweet enough to honour me with the following awards as Celebrate Poet of May

Thursday Poets Rally week 22 Awards.

Thank you soooo much Ji 😀

Thursday Poets Rally Week 21 Awards

presented by none other than the sweetest Ji 😀

And also the Celebrate bloggers of April Award

The Celebrate Blogger of April Short Stories Runner up Award

Thursday Poets Rally Week 20 Awards

Presented by sweetestestest JI 😀


Awards from JI 🙂

the most beloved poet award

most charming poet award

Thank you soo mcu Ji 😀

Awards from sweet Jingle

These awards were also presented to me by dearest Sweet Viddhi

She has also given me some additional awards which are

Shakira was sweet enough to present me some lovely awards too 🙂

thank you so much Shakira dearest…. 🙂

apart from the above awards.. Shakira has also presented the following beautiful awards

Thank you all for the lovely awards…

I would like to present them to the following fellow blogger-poets (- pick up the ones u havent recieved people)

Firslt the lady herself









Kiera O Brien



27 thoughts on “Deluge of Awards

  1. Oh okay okay.

    But, I’ve become lazy lately. Haven’t updated my blog(s) in a while 😦

    And, writing a poem? 😯 Well, it requires me even a lot of of motivation to write one 😉

  2. Gosh!! Look at the awards!! Lucky indeed!!
    Have been blogging for the last 3 years..not one i received 😦

    Wish u lots and lots of more awards!!!

  3. itna sara award to amitabh ji ke paas bhi nahi hoga!!!
    this is too much, mere paas to ek bhi nahi 😛
    such social inequality..
    damn this democracy!

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