Incoherent Love Of An Incoherent Mind..!!

Here’s another form of love… from yet another shade… a person.. whose thoughts are muddled… whose mind’s not addled… The person is soooo in love.. that cant think of anything but LOVE>..!!!


Incoherent Love of an Incoherent Mind…!!

Nowadays I am breathing with a depth

Living with a sense

Is it because I am in love

Its intoxicating dear..

To know that I know you ..

To know that you are there ..

If not for me ..

For us ..

Sometimes its insensible ..

This love ..

Sometimes its illogical ..

This love..

Some times ..its ..stupid love..

But it gives me strength to believe ..

It give me strength becos it .s ..

Cos I feel like .. I ..wish were with me …

But ..just once ….

I really wish you were here ..

With me now ..

To share the moments of my life..

When there is love ..

Like right now ..

Like when I am the balcony..

Seeing the world outside …

8 floors from above ..

Like its night here ..

Lights ..


Like its cool here now ..

I wish I was with you ..

Or you were with me ..

Then I understand its a greed ..

My selfishness..

To want you ..

To need you ..

And worse of all…

To let you know ..

Yet ..

I long …

I wish ..

You were here with me my love..


I Hope you liked it….. πŸ™‚

Do let me know your thoughts… cos they are valuable to me… πŸ™‚

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!!

Cheerios…!!!! :mrgreen:

NOTE – Β Destiny is surely in my favor cos I have been recently mentioned in the BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday πŸ™‚

and the best part is the poem was the same that i had submitted for the Thursday Poets Rally ~ The Dramaqueen

25 thoughts on “Incoherent Love Of An Incoherent Mind..!!

  1. Certainly love must be one of the most difficult subjects to write about; as its such an intense feeling which can only be a combination of several emotions, fused together like atoms to create something larger and more well-known.

    Yet in this poem you have described the tortured anguish and the longing of love very well.

    • aawww…thanks John… well i did try my best to try and portray how a muddled mind would react/express love… πŸ™‚
      m glad you could relate to it and u liked it..
      Do keep visiting πŸ™‚

  2. I think you’ve captured that feeling of missing someone who is far away and that you love…I would suspect that their are many arms services husbands and wives that feel this way.

    • awww….thank you…
      well i actually wasnt penning them for someone whose missing his/her love but more of a mind in love with love… glad you liked it but..
      do keep visiting πŸ™‚

  3. Love is good as long as it remains in poetry and in people s word ! Love has lost it s meaning and depth , Actually career is more important than love for most people ! Love is charming , when it remains in fiction and till it inspires to read and write poetry ! But that love which remains in the imagination of poets is a lifeless love , The one which does not travel or venture out of ordinary mortal sane living !
    It s like , this , when you have love , You dont write about it ! You cry and let a sigh ..That it is misunderstood ..and taken for granted !

    • oohh jeeezzz… those were too harsh words to be used.. Suresh…
      love is love.. nothing can make or break it..
      there are times in ur life.. wen u tend to think with ur head rather than follow your heart.. and moreover i think career/love is sumthing which is a personal choice.. and that can neither be influenced nor convinced…
      sorry abt watever u have gone thru… but then thats love..

  4. somehow I have lost my trust in poets ! They are hypocrites and people who are utterly shallow ! They are even glorified liars ! Why do people write in things they are not capable of ..! Like why do virgins write about sex ..or bachelors write about marriage ..or poets write about love !

    • good one… go argue with everyone from Shakespeare to any of the latest poets.. or lyricists… and if i am not mistaken u write poetry too.. so does that mean ur a liar too…

  5. I find this poem very eerie as It speaks almost what is happening with me ! and I live in the eighth floor ! and I feel like jumping from it ..which I soon will do! If you write such charming poem which will make these longings all the more painful ! and more sarcastic ! and even stupid !

    • gawwdd… ur totally insane.. thats all i can say.. and pls dont jump off from ur balcony.. i dont want ppl to blame me for anything..

  6. Dishit says:

    hey another beautiful one!
    btw pretty heavy discussion going on here! πŸ™‚
    //Destiny is surely in my favor cos I have been recently mentioned in the BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday //
    its not destiny re – you really deserve that!

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