Thursday Poetry Rally ~Tongue Twister Poetry..!!

Ok now this is something that struck me when I was plundering the cyber lands for some ideas for the next post/poem… I am not sure if this form of poetry is generally available… I just happened to come across tongue twisters in my journey of greener pastures when… Toinnngg…!!! I got a bulb in my head (not the bulby bulb u sillies this is the idea bulb 😛 ) and I thought why not create a new form of poetry called the tongue twister poetry..

Funda is very simple…. The lines should be tongue-twister-ish and ofcourse it should be poetic 😉

So here’s my first experiment at creating a form of poetry in true blue Megzy style… 😀


Rainy Night

Swishy swashy waves washing sea shores..

Splattering spluttering slowly foam scours..

Rumbling rambling whooshing, wave roars..

Cackling clashes cracking rocky cores..

Gushing winds growl, grumbling giddy..

Thumping tumbles every trembling tree..

Slashing splashing rushes rain..

Whizzing whooping plunking on window pane…

Sitting on stairs, staring stars at night..

Melting mellow in murmuring moonlight..


I hope you guys had a lovely time reading this tongue-twister-y poem….. 😀

Do lemme know your thoughts as they are vital to keep me reinventing and motivating to search for better untrodden paths…

This is my entry to Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally.. Albeit a day in advance..  🙂 I felt this was perfect for it 😀

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging…!!!

Cheerios…!! :mrgreen:

73 thoughts on “Thursday Poetry Rally ~Tongue Twister Poetry..!!

    • aaww…. poor you.. 😀
      i dunno i was just surfing the web wondering wat new to write when i happened to come across an old tongue twister and i thot why not 😉
      and well this is my try 😀

  1. Alphs says:

    Wooooooow!! That was super duper Megzzz! 😀
    Loved it… semma ‘Innovative’ 😉
    and the words were also in sync… I mean nothing out of place inspite of the constraints…
    Semma.. 🙂

    • awww…thankkiieee thankkiiee.. 😀

      /and the words were also in sync… I mean nothing out of place inspite of the constraints…/
      yepp tooo muych sweat went into creating this one 😉

  2. anthrdayinparadise says:

    Betty Bought Some Butter..the butter was very she bought some better butter to make the bitter butter better…please repeat in one breath:):)..

    whew..ok..that was just a memory of my school days..

    Great job Megzy as ever..take care..

    • aawwww…. i hope your tongue and fingers are all right now..
      Glad you liked it Nalini..
      Do keep visiting 🙂
      its a pleasure to have you here 😀

    • aawwww…that was sooo very really sweet of you..
      its nice to knwo when people really liked your work and enjoy it..
      thank you sooo much dear 🙂

  3. suzicate says:

    My tongue is all tied up, but this was quite a delight! Loved the picture as well…images in your poem are intriguing!

    • lol…
      i hope your tongue is better now 😀
      i try to match the pics as much as possible..
      sometimes they just fall into place.. :d
      thanks for dropping in and glad you liked it dear…
      Do keep visiting 🙂

  4. shoelessboywonder says:

    Good work, love the rhymes, and I find myself coming back here once every two days it seems and every time I am so far down the list of comments, *sigh* oh well just a matter of time when I catch you right after u posted something. till then I am just hunting for your good works.

  5. I just came by to thank you for the kind words on my poem. and I wanted to say that your poem was delightfully creative, and I thought it certainly achieved what you were aiming for. : )

    • kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:
      aawww… poor you.. i hope your tongue and mind are both better now 🙂
      the words.. well…err.. most of them are onomatopoeic words.. and they are not that difficult to remember 😉

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