55 Fiction ~ Struggle

After a loooooonnngg time i have dabbled in 55 Fiction…

this might.. jsut might not gel well with many.. so pardon me if it seems a tad over the top… with creativity there is no boundaries…




Her clothes strewn across the room, she lay in bed..

Besieged.. Trying to breath but senses defied her..

He was still holding her.. She tried to scream but voice failed her..

She tried to struggle her way out..

But he wasn’t yielding.. He pushed and clutched her hands..

At last she bit her lips & breathed.. Orgasm..


That’s it from MEGZONE for now..

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging…!!!

Cheerios..!!! :mrgreen:

40 thoughts on “55 Fiction ~ Struggle

  1. Megzone…?
    Are you old enough to be writing stories like this?
    Excellent 55 My Dear
    Make sure that you post your next 55 by 8:00PM Thursday night, then come leave me a comment on MY 55 post…Thanks

  2. Garfy Boy says:

    Awesome dear……… try posting it in ch1 and see the replies…
    really hot 🙂 and nice twist 🙂

    and sorry for late comment 😦

    • errrmmm….. thanks is all i can manage to say 🙂
      cos i like the commendable part but the use of audacious along with ur errmmm.. makes me a tad wary 😳
      thankiiesss dear 🙂

    • oieee
      ye AISA/YE ka matlab kyaa hia o_O
      its just a 55 er
      doosri baat if u are a writer u must experiment everything..
      and most importantly be open minded…

      • Its not the question of being open-minded rather it’s about where actually lascivious write-ups could be appreciated 🙂

        I never denied for you being a wonderful writer and this too is simply a master piece, but then as i have already discussed with ya where it looks better 🙂

        N yup a writer should experiment everything + should know where to trumpet about it 🙂

        “Opinion differs and so do WE” 😀

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