~::~ Daffodils ~::~

Bitten  by the acrostic bug..

but here’s a poem i had written a long while back 😀

~::~ Daffodils ~::~

Dancing with the light breeze

All in a rhythm, your mind’s at peace

Flowers during the beautiful spring

Flawless splendor to nature, they bring

Over the hills, valleys and vales

Divine scent, tranquility prevails

Influencing many a poet to write

Lovers seek their moments of quiet

Swaying, they greet you with their sunshine



This is my acceptance poem for Thursday Poets Rally Week 40 Perfect poet Award


My nominees are Jingle and Leo

11 thoughts on “~::~ Daffodils ~::~

  1. alphs says:

    LOvely! lovely how the last line tells it all- the beauty of those blossoms beholding the sunshine…

    B’ful one Megs

  2. Chloe says:

    Beautiful words for such stunning flowers. I love daffodils (I also wrote a poem about them recently) and I think we all love Spring! 😀 This is a GOOD time of year, huh?

    Chloe xx

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